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Gear Score is currently up to date for: Patch:6.4#Hotfix 46Last updated on the current Patch/Hotfix. Information is up to date.


Each item in your team's inventory is worth a particular Gear Score value. The highest Gear Score across your whole team is then used to place you into 1 of 3 brackets used for Match Making.

Items in your inventory that aren't equipped also contribute to this Gear Score, even excess consumables.

Item's Gear Score

Different Items provide different Gear Scores.

Note: Stacks of items count gear score for each item in the stack. For example, a stack of 3x Poor Potions will contribute 3x3=9 gear score.


Rarity Gear Score
Junk 3
Poor 6
Common 15
Uncommon 45
Rare 60
Epic 90
Legendary 120
Unique 175
Primary Weapon
Rarity Gear Score
Junk 2
Poor 3
Common 9
Uncommon 27
Rare 36
Epic 54
Legendary 72
Unique 125
Secondary Weapon
Rarity Gear Score
Junk 1
Poor 3
Common 7
Uncommon 21
Rare 28
Epic 42
Legendary 56
Unique 100
One-Handed, Primary Weapon.png


Head, Hands, Foot
Rarity Gear Score
Junk 1
Poor 2
Common 4
Uncommon 12
Rare 16
Epic 24
Legendary 32
Unique 40
Chest, Legs, Back
Rarity Gear Score
Junk 1
Poor 2
Common 5
Uncommon 15
Rare 20
Epic 30
Legendary 40
Unique 50


Necklace, Ring
Rarity Gear Score
Uncommon 9
Rare 12
Epic 18
Legendary 24
Unique 30


Rarity Gear Score
Junk 2
Poor 3
Common 4
Uncommon 6
Rare 8
Epic 12
Legendary 16
Unique 20

Note: Items that are both Weapons and Utilities follow the Utility rule, not the Weapon rule


The following are exceptions to the above mentioned rules. They are only exceptions if listed below.
If an item is not listed below it follows the above Gear Score conventions.

Name GS
Junk Explosive Bottle 5
Poor Explosive Bottle 6
Common Explosive Bottle 7
Uncommon Explosive Bottle 8
Rare Explosive Bottle 10
Junk Francisca Axe 5
Poor Francisca Axe 6
Common Francisca Axe 7
Uncommon Francisca Axe 8
Rare Francisca Axe 10
Junk Throwing Knife 5
Poor Throwing Knife 6
Common Throwing Knife 7
Uncommon Throwing Knife 8
Rare Throwing Knife 10


Misc items do not have any Gear score.

Example Misc Items:

SlotTypeInvalid Bolts.png
SlotTypeInvalid Gold Coin Purse.png

Misc are any items that cannot be equipped by anyone such as Coin Purses, Arrows, Bolts, Treasure, Hunting Loots, etc.


Ironmace can change this very easily due to matchmaking being server sided , so this information can easily get out of date.

Currently there appear to be 2 brackets.

Those brackets are:

  • Low Gear Bracket(0-299)
  • High Gear Bracket 300+

Game will take the gear score of the highest player and put you in that bracket.

Verified Calculator

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Other Calculators

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  • Hotfix 46: Junk/Poor/Common Gear score decreased significantly for Weapons and Armor (specifics at the patch note page)
  • Patch ?: Brackets changed from 1-199, 200-399, 400+ to 1-299 and 300+
  • Patch ?: Gear Score mechanic released