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Hotfix 51

Patch Notes

  • Added the free-to-play feature. Upgrading to Legendary Status will be locked for a few days as we ready the new season.
  • Accounts that purchased the Standard Edition and Founders Edition have automatically been upgraded to Legendary Status.
  • Added Shared Stash exclusively for Legendary Status.
  • New session rules and escape methods have been added to the Goblin Caves.
  • Numerous item balance changes.
  • Minor class balance changes.

Undocumented Changes

  • Stat curves for Magic damage reduction, magic resistance, max health, move speed, regular interaction speed, spell casting speed. This affects both players, and monsters. Specifics below
  • All monsters indirectly gained 15 Max Health and Magical Damage Reduction changed from 8.9% to 5%.
  • Minor miscellaneous Monster changes, specifics here [link between HF50 and HF51]

Stat Curve Changes

Magic Damage Reduction

Magic Resistance governs your Magical Damage Reduction.

Hotfix 50

-300 Magic Resistance starts at -595% Magical Damage Reduction.

  • -300 -> -595%
  • -300 to -15 = 2% each, up to -25%
  • -15 to 10 = 1% each, up to 0%
  • 10 to 19 = 0.5% each, up to 4.5%
  • 19 to 30 = 0.4% each, up to 8.9%
  • 30 to 40 = 0.3% each, up to 11.9%
  • 40 to 50 = 0.2% each, up to 13.9%
  • 50 to 100 = 0.1% each, up to 18.9%
  • 100 to 150 = 0.2% each, up to 28.9%
  • 150 to 250 = 0.3% each, up to 58.9%
  • 250 to 350 = 0.2% each, up to 78.9%
  • 350 to 500 = 0.1% each, up to 93.9%
Hotfix 51

-300 Magic Resistance starts at -595% Magical Damage Reduction.

  • -300 -> -595%
  • -300 to -15 = 2% each, up to -25%
  • -15 to 10 = 1% each, up to 0%
  • 10 to 250 = 0.25% each, up to 60%
  • 250 to 350 = 0.2% each, up to 80%
  • 350 to 500 = 0.1% each, up to 95%

Magic Resistance

Will governs your Magic Resistance.

Hotfix 50

0 Will starts at -20 Magic Resistance.

  • 0 -> -20
  • 0 to 5 = 4 each, up to 0
  • 5 to 35 = 3 each, up to 90
  • 35 to 55 = 2 each, up to 130
  • 55 to 66 = 1 each, up to 141
  • 66 to 80 = alternates between 0 and 1, up to 148
  • 80 to 82 = 0 each, up to 148
  • 82 to 91 = alternates between 1 and 0, up to 153
  • 91 to 92 = -1 each, up to 152
  • 92 to 94 = 1 each, up to 154
  • 94 to 100 = alternates between 0 and 1, up to 157
Hotfix 51

0 Will starts at -20 Magic Resistance.

  • 0 -> -20
  • 0 to 5 = 4 each, up to 0
  • 5 to 15 = 3 each, up to 30
  • 15 to 20 = 4 each, up to 50
  • 20 to 28 = 5 each, up to 90
  • 28 to 38 = 4 each, up to 130
  • 38 to 48 = 3 each, up to 160
  • 48 to 58 = 2 each, up to 180
  • 58 to 100 = 1 each, up to 222

Max Health

Strength and Vigor governs your Max Health.

Strength has 25% scaling, and Vigor has 75% scaling, which then get combined into a Sum and translated into MaxHealth.

Sum = Strength * 0.25 + Vigor * 0.75

Hotfix 50

0 Sum starts at 60 Max Health.

  • 0 -> 60
  • 0 to 10 = 3 each, up to 90
  • 10 to 50 = 2 each, up to 170
  • 50 to 75 = 1 each, up to 195
  • 75 to 100 = 0.5 each, up to 207.5
Hotfix 51

0 Sum starts at 75 Max Health.

  • 0 -> 75
  • 0 to 10 = 3 each, up to 105
  • 10 to 50 = 2 each, up to 185
  • 50 to 75 = 1 each, up to 210
  • 75 to 100 = 0.5 each, up to 222.5

Move Speed

Agility governs your Move Speed.

Hotfix 50

0 Agility starts at -30 Move Speed.

  • 0 -> -30
  • 0 to 15 = 2 each, up to 0
  • 15 to 45 = 1 each, up to 30
  • 45 to 65 = alternates between 0 and 1, up to 40
  • 65 to 67 = 0 each, up to 40
  • 67 to 68 = 1 each, up to 41
  • 68 to 70 = 0 each, up to 41
  • 70 to 71 = 1 each, up to 42
  • 71 to 73 = 0 each, up to 42
  • 73 to 74 = 1 each, up to 43
  • 74 to 76 = 0 each, up to 43
  • 76 to 77 = 1 each, up to 44
  • 77 to 79 = 0 each, up to 44
  • 79 to 80 = 1 each, up to 45
  • 80 to 82 = 0 each, up to 45
  • 82 to 83 = 1 each, up to 46
  • 83 to 85 = 0 each, up to 46
  • 85 to 86 = 1 each, up to 47
  • 86 to 88 = 0 each, up to 47
  • 88 to 89 = 1 each, up to 48
  • 89 to 91 = 0 each, up to 48
  • 91 to 92 = 1 each, up to 49
  • 92 to 94 = 0 each, up to 49
  • 94 to 95 = 1 each, up to 50
  • 95 to 97 = 0 each, up to 50
  • 97 to 98 = 1 each, up to 51
  • 98 to 100 = 0 each, up to 51
Hotfix 51

0 Agility starts at -7.5 Move Speed.

  • 0 -> -7.5
  • 0 to 100 = 0.5 each, up to 42.5

Regular Interaction Speed

Agility and Resourcefulness governs your Regular Interaction Speed.

Agility has 40% scaling, and Resourcefulness has 60% scaling, which then get combined into a Sum and translated into RegularInteractionSpeed.

Sum = Agility * 0.4 + Resourcefulness * 0.6

Hotfix 50

0 Sum starts at -55% Regular Interaction Speed.

  • 0 -> -55%
  • 0 to 5 = 5% each, up to -30%
  • 5 to 15 = 3% each, up to 0%
  • 15 to 25 = 7% each, up to 70%
  • 25 to 35 = 5% each, up to 120%
  • 35 to 84 = 2% each, up to 218%
  • 84 to 85 = 1% each, up to 219%
  • 85 to 86 = 3% each, up to 222%
  • 86 to 100 = 2% each, up to 250%
Hotfix 51

0 Sum starts at -26% Regular Interaction Speed.

  • 0 -> -26%
  • 0 to 7 = 2% each, up to -12%
  • 7 to 15 = 1.5% each, up to 0%
  • 15 to 20 = 7% each, up to 35%
  • 20 to 25 = 6% each, up to 65%
  • 25 to 30 = 5% each, up to 90%
  • 30 to 35 = 4% each, up to 110%
  • 35 to 40 = 3% each, up to 125%
  • 40 to 45 = 2% each, up to 135%
  • 45 to 100 = 1% each, up to 190%

Spell Casting Speed

Hotfix 50

Knowledge governs your Spell Casting Speed.

0 Knowledge starts at -93% Spell Casting Speed.

  • 0 -> -93%
  • 0 to 1 = 0% each, up to -93%
  • 1 to 19 = 5% each, up to -3%
  • 19 to 25 = 3% each, up to 15%
  • 25 to 55 = 2.5% each, up to 90%
  • 55 to 85 = 2% each, up to 150%
  • 85 to 100 = 1.5% each, up to 172.5%
Hotfix 51

Knowledge governs your Spell Casting Speed.

0 Knowledge starts at -60% Spell Casting Speed.

  • 0 -> -60%
  • 0 to 5 = 5% each, up to -35%
  • 5 to 10 = 4% each, up to -15%
  • 10 to 20 = 3% each, up to 15%
  • 20 to 50 = 2.5% each, up to 90%
  • 50 to 80 = 2% each, up to 150%
  • 80 to 100 = 1.5% each, up to 180%
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Developer Comments

We are proud to announce Free-to-Play accounts for Dark and Darker. Free-to-Play accounts allow players to create one character and play Normals on all maps, complete quests, and build a stash of loot! Players who enjoy their time with their free account and want to experience everything the game has to offer can upgrade their accounts to ‘Legendary’ status in a few days with the start of the new season.

We hope that this free version will give players a chance to experience some of what Dark and Darker has to offer, and to give players who have not played since the playtests a chance to see what's new before they dive in and become a ‘Legendary’ adventurer.

In addition to the Free-to-Play accounts, we have added several upcoming updates for a quick check before we start the new season. Our goal with the changes is to make the game a little more forgiving during the learning stages and make unwinnable situations less frequent for the new season. In matching this spirit, we have begun removing the circle from the maps, starting with the Goblin Caves. Additionally, we have started adding some quality of life and better onboarding features as we prepare for the new wipe.

One of the big changes is the reduction in the power gap for items. We have now removed all ‘Junk’ and unnamed ‘Unique’ items. Named ‘Unique’ grade weapons still appear but they now share the same stats and rolls as their ‘Legendary’ counterpart with only difference being the addition of their unique passive. We have also reduced the damage and armor rating values for all weapons and equipment at the upper end to make them less overbearing. We have removed random modifiers that were too valuable such as the +all attribute rolls and have lowered and tightened the gap for the remaining rolls. We have also diminished the movement speed penalty gap on armors to reduce the heavy reliance on move speed. Finally, we have added a flat HP boost to all classes to slightly improve survivability in battles. Please note that many of the perks, skills spells, and class balance remain to be tuned with this new philosophy in mind and will be adjusted in the future.

With only a few more days until the start of the new season, we hope these updates give a small preview of the many changes we have in store for the upcoming wipe. We thank you for holding the line with us. See you in the dungeons!

Hotfix 50

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed an issue where the rogue’s pickpocket ability would not work.
  • Fixed an issue with crossbow bolts that had too many bolts.
  • Fixed an issue where Ale could disappear from your loot when escaping.
  • Fixed a crash issue when clicking on certain merchants.
  • Fixed a bug with the Life after Death unique passive.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t move items around when resting.
  • Fixed an issue where the balance changes to the Staff Mastery and Ironwill from the previous hotfix were not implemented.
  • Modified the creep system to allow for more tactical decision making. Normal movement has the footstep sound range set to completely fall off at 2000 units (~20M). Moving while crouching has the footstep sound range set to completely fall off at 1500 units (~15M). Finally walking has the sound range set to completely fall off at 1000 units (~10M). The only way to completely turn off the footstep sound within these ranges is for a rogue to utilize a perk allowing them to crouch-move in silence.

Developer Comments: This hotfix fixes some pesky bugs to ensure a smooth final week of the leaderboards. The new inventory system gives us renewed confidence as we shift gears on preparing for the next season. We have been working hard on the new wipe which will start a new chapter for Dark and Darker. It will be the start of the vision where instead of bouncing back and forth between trying to find an identity as a competitive PvP game versus a full-on looter RPG we will finally embrace the challenge of creating our own unique experience that combines both. As one of the first changes in this direction we have fully reworked the creep system. Instead of trying to replicate a competitive PvP game by forcing the silent creep, we have updated the system to give players multiple tools to adapt to unique situations that occur in our dungeons. We will continue to release more changes like this including a drastic balance test next week to give a taste of the new path. We thank you for your patience as we endured this growing stage. Finally, we plan to remove the Hold the Line package at the start of the season so get it while you can. See you in the dungeons!

Hotfix 49

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed an issue where players could steal items from other players under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where Bard was unable to play instruments whenever Bard was wearing equipment.
  • Fixed an issue where the apply button was not visible in the in-game menu.
  • Barbarian's Iron Will again ignores knockback. (not implemented till Hotfix 50)
  • Wizard's Staff Mastery magical weapon damage has been changed from 3 → 1. (not implemented till Hotfix 50)
  • Wizard's Magic Missile damage scaling has been changed from 100% → 75%.
  • Wizard's Magic lock duration has been changed from 20s → 8s.
  • Cleric's Blunt Weapon Mastery physical damage bonus changed from 10% to 15%.
  • Cleric's Smite damage scaling has been changed from 50% → 100%.
  • The purchase price of all stashes this season has been changed to 50 gold.
  • The final weekly quest no longer requires completion of other prerequisite quests.
  • The completion conditions for the last weekly quest have been slightly relaxed.
  • The AP entrance fee for each dungeon has been slightly reduced.
  • To provide a little fun for players who have been waiting for a long time, reward points have been charged by 10.

Undocumented changes:

  • Warlock's Blow of Corruption attribute bonus ratio has been changed from 50% to 75%

Developer Comments: We are extremely sorry for the extended downtime and interruption of service over the last week. The inventory refactoring was one of the biggest technical challenges we have faced thus far. It was an overly ambitious project, trying to clean up years of complex functionality in a single swoop, and caused many unforeseen issues. However, we are finally starting to see the light at the end of this tunnel. We foresee these troubles paying off for the future with more solid features like the quiver and backpack systems down the road.

Speaking of the future, although this season was tough, with many setback and lessons learned, we are extremely excited for what the future holds. We are going all in with the next wipe on June 7 and have been preparing our biggest update yet. We ask you to hang in there just a tiny bit longer as we have several major announcements just around the corner.

Finally, in order to salvage what remains of this current season, we have made a few changes to make the remaining time a little more bearable. We have updated the new quests that reward cosmetics so they are no longer locked behind any of the previous quest lines. We have also updated the AP entrance fees so the upper ranks on the leaderboards are a little more forgiving. Additionally, to make the final farming task a little easier, we've made all stashes unlockable for 50 gold. Thank you once again for your patience and see you in the dungeons.

Hotfix 48

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed several issues that could cause crashes.
  • Fixed an issue where taking debuff damage with Protection from Evil could cause instant death.
  • Fixed an issue where Superior Dexterity did not work properly.
  • Fixed an issue where Warlock's demon form may not be released properly
  • Fixed an issue where ammo for ranged weapons could be automatically refilled.
  • Fixed an issue where training dummies had damage that could not be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where monsters moved unnaturally.
  • Fixed an issue where the Frost Skeleton Archer could still function after death.
  • Fixed an issue where the radial UI for selecting spell or music could conflict with the chat UI.
  • Fixed an issue where there was a slight delay when clicking in the lobby inventory.

Hotfix 47-1

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed inventory logic that could cause client crashes.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not perform any actions after respawning in the dungeon.
  • Fixed an issue where the Warlock's hitbox would not work properly when transformed into demon form.
  • Fixed an issue where Gold Keys would not be consumed upon use.
  • Fixed an issue where the price increased as the merchant's affinity increased.
  • Fixed an issue where stackable utility items could increase to their maximum quantity when split and placed into a utility slot.
  • The drop rate of Wendigo Claws has been slightly increased.

Hotfix 47

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed several issues that could cause client crashes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Stiletto Dagger could sometimes not deal damage.
  • Fixed an issue where melee attacks would sometimes not deal damage to targets hit at the last moment.
  • The FSR option has been temporarily disabled for testing purposes.
  • Attribute ratio bonus is displayed in the tooltip.
  • The training dummy has been reworked based on the character.
  • The inventory system has been completely refactored.
  • Items other than equipment will no longer have their Lootstate changed when looted from enemies.
  • Gearscore will now appear wherever it can be displayed.
  • In-game chat has been added.
  • A whisper feature has been added to chat.
  • Leaderboards now display end times and rewards.
  • Dungeon recovery service has been added to Goblin Merchant.
  • Now you can expand your stash further and it's a little cheaper.
  • The final weekly quest has been added.

Developer Comments: We apologize for the lack of updates over the last week. This season was challenging, and we are currently working on improving our internal processes to ensure that the next season is done right. For this hotfix, we want to round out the current season on a strong note with some important quality of life and critical changes that we believe will reward current players and lay the groundwork for the future.

For the remaining duration of this season, we’d still like to offer proper goals to work towards. This hotfix adds the rewards for the leaderboards along with some account-bound cosmetic rewards for the quests. This season’s leaderboard will be active until May 31st. Afterwards, we will have a 1 week pre-season period in preparation for the next season which will commence on June 7.

This hotfix also brings a few critical features we want to get tested before the start of the next season. We have completely overhauled the inventory system to be more robust for future upgrades. Due to the scale of this refactoring, we foresee inventory bugs which we want to stomp out in time for the next season. We have also implemented in-game chat and the Dungeon Recovery system to make it a little easier to communicate and make dying in the game less punishing.

We understand that it was tough this season, but as we reflect on all that we’ve learned from the experience, and look forwards to everything in store, we have very high hopes for the future. We hope to share more information regarding the upcoming season in a couple weeks. We thank you for your patience and understanding. See you in the dungeons!

Hotfix 46

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed an issue where rubber banding could occur when hitting objects with a two-handed weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where the quest to escape without taking damage was not counted when receiving the effect of the 'Over Healing'.
  • Fixed an issue where quest progress could not be updated properly.
  • Now, if you acquire an item from an enemy player in a dungeon, even a Handled item will be changed to Looted and you can gain AP.
  • Multiclass is disabled.
  • Gear score is now displayed around your inventory.
  • GBMM is now calculated based on the party's highest gear score.
  • GBMM can now be turned off in regions with too few players.

Gear Score changes: Rules:

  • Head, Hands, and Foot's Junk/Poor/Common changed from 4/6/8 to 1/2/4
  • Chest, Legs, and Back Junk/Poor/Common changed from 5/7/10 to 1/2/5
  • 2H Weapons Junk/Poor/Common changed from 15/22/30 to 3/6/10
  • 1H Main-Hand Weapons Junk/Poor/Common changed from 9/13/18 to 2/3/9
  • 1H Off-Hand Weapons Junk/Poor/Common changed from 7/10/14 to 1/3/7


  • Throwables no longer follow the Utility rule, but also neither the Weapon rule, and are now in the list of Exceptions, costing much more Gear Score
  • The few previous exceptions which were craftables are no longer exceptions and follow the current rules, costing much less Gear Score
  • As noted in the Patch notes, instead of averaging across the team, its now based on the highest between the team

Developer Comments: We’d like to thank everyone for helping us with our multiclass test. In accordance with our previous announcement, we have now removed the multiclass system. Although the experiment was crazy and chaotic, we learned a lot from the test, especially under the hood. We will put what we learned into building a better more traditional training and multiclass system in the future. We’ll let you know more about that system when we have the details ready.

We have made an update to how loot state is handled within the dungeon. In order to reward PvP battles within the dungeons, “handled” items now change to “looted” status when taken from an enemy. These “looted” status items give Adventure Points when taken out from a High-Roller dungeon. This change is motivated to give more weight to PvP fights in High-Roller matches as the loot from highly geared foes can now serve as a legitimate way to rank up the leaderboards in addition to earning gold.

We have also updated the gear-based matchmaking (GBMM) logic. When matching with a party, GBMM no longer uses an average party Gear Score but rather matches based on the highest Gear Score in the party. The Gear Score of some lower grade items have been modified and the total Gear Score is now displayed in the inventory menu. We have also removed GBMM for some of the lower populated regions and have tightened up the ping lock for these regions to prevent abusers from taking advantage of the new ‘looted’ system for the leaderboard.

With the return to the traditional class system, we plan to do a minor balance pass to improve the power curve of low-end skills and spells. One of the tools we plan to utilize more widely is the attribute bonus ratio. In the past we used this sparingly and only used easily recognizable values since this value was not displayed to the user. We have updated the tooltips to better display the effects of the attribute bonus ratio in anticipation of utilizing more custom values.

Finally, we apologize for the delay in the reveal of the season rewards. We are working on a better ‘themed’ reward set and hope to have them announced soon. We hope these rewards will serve as proper motivation to grind the leaderboards once they are revealed.

Thank you and see you in the dungeons!

Hotfix 45-1

No patch notes provided

Hotfix 45

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed an issue where players could not loot after defeating the Ghost King.
  • Fixed an issue where the High Roller Warlord’s rewards were not appropriate.
  • Warlock's Dark Reflection attribute bonus ratio changed from 100% → 50%
  • Warlock's Blow of Corruption attribute bonus ratio changed from 100% → 50%
  • Explosive Bottle damage changed from 3 to 1 and no longer scales.
  • The area accessible by double jumping in the Ice Cavern has been limited.
  • The High Roller name tag appears again.
  • Map rotation is back for all party types.
  • Mindwipe now has no time limits.

Developer Comments: We would like to thank everyone who helped us with our multiclass experiment. We learned a ton from this system and from your feedback. Here are our thoughts we’d like to share.

Why did we do the multiclass experiment in this manner? We had limited development resources to work on large systems this season since we were already falling behind schedule on content delivery. We saw good engagement with grind-based systems like the Adventure Leaderboard and Quest system in the previous season. We thought that having to do that grind again, even with changes would not be engaging enough so we wanted to try and give another long-term goal players could work towards that could be implemented with less investment from the design team who were focused on content for the next major push. We knew that character building is a core motivation for many users, and we thought that the multiclass system would be a powerful incentive for these players to flex their creative muscles.

The other motivation for testing this multiclass system was our desire to finally start designing the class progression system since it had been shown in the “coming soon” status for far too long. We had wanted to incorporate a “multiclass” concept into the class progression system early on. As we quickly added lots of perks and skills to the game, things got a bit unwieldy under the hood, making it more daunting for us to start the design work. The multiclass system was a way for us to leverage the creativity and curiosity of the fanbase, fusing crazy combinations to uncover the less-than-ideal bits of code and help us tidy up our implementation. In this aspect the experiment was a success as the underlying execution of the perks and skills have been greatly improved.

What did we learn? We see the multiclass system as a success when it comes to helping us improve the technical state of the game and reigning in unintended interactions. This will help us greatly when we start to build the next class progression system for a future season.

However, when it comes to improving the overall game experience, we fell short. We learned a lot from this test due to the wide diversity of builds built by players, but also learned about going too far in diluting class identity. In the future we’ll do better by maintaining class identity while still enabling options to explore less traditional character builds.

We also learned that too much RNG for a core component such as class progression, especially gated behind a long grind, is a recipe for disaster. The reward for long-term investments should be more deterministic to allow for strategic planning. If there is high volatility in a core reward that locks players into a limited playstyle, then the opportunity to earn it should not be limited by excessive time commitments. What will we do? Since we feel that the current implementation is counter to our vision going forward, we plan to remove multiclassing. However, for one week, as a final farewell to this system we will remove the timer restrictions on mindwipes so players can create their wildest creations for a limited time.

After the week, we will completely remove the multiclass system and return to our original class system. We are working on ideas for a newer class progression system and will announce details once we have something more concrete to share. At least for now, we’ll have the traditional class system until the next season. Thank you.

Updates on the Map Selection System We’d also like to share our thoughts on the current matchmaking and map system. Although we had originally promised the return of map selection for the solo queue, we are sorry to announce that we will not be able to fulfill that promise at this time. The original intention behind giving players the choice to select their map was to improve gameplay variety, which is still part of our goal.

Unfortunately, based on our current matchmaking data we realized that splitting the player pools for the solo matchmaking would be unsustainable due to player flow at off-peak times, even in high population regions. Our goal is to get players into good quality matches in a quick manner while offering map variety, and this has led us to consider a complete overhaul of the matchmaking system which we will share with you soon.

This was also the reason why we implemented several “rat-play” mechanics to test the viability of solo players in party lobbies in consideration for combining player pools. Although the tests are ongoing, based on current feedback, we believe that improving support of multiple queue types rather than combining pools is the more realistic option, even though this presents a difficult design challenge for us.

While we work on renewing the matchmaking to better support multiple queues, we still want to offer players more map diversity in the interim. Although we are aware of issues with the previous map rotation system, we believe this system is the best available solution to offer map variety within the limitations of the current population and matchmaking system. To ease issues of non-agency we will implement map rotations with an extremely short rotation timer to make it easier to wait it out if a map you dislike is active. We are aware of the side effects of the short timers but believe the pros outweigh the cons until the fully renewed matchmaking system is launched. Thank you.

Hotfix 44

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes TSR video options could not be changed to other options.
  • Fixed an issue where changing items through Squire while in a party was not reflected in the lobby character.
  • Fixed an issue where Francisca Axe and Throwing Knife could not be used when Weapon Mastery was used by another class.
  • Fixed an issue where the Crossbow could be reloaded while using Warlock's Phantomize.
  • Fixed an issue where certain areas of Goblin Cave could be accessed through fireball jump.
  • Fixed an issue where the Goblin Mage's staff animation looked strange when he died.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ghost King's clothes looked unnatural when the cloth simulation option was turned off.
  • The curve of Spell Casting Speed ​​has been adjusted.
  • The curve for Regular Interaction Speed ​​has been adjusted.
  • Fighter's Victory Strike are now limited to all melee and ranged physical attacks and bladed thrown items.
  • Barbarian's Reckless Attack now only works with melee physical attacks.
  • Barbarian's Achilles Strike are now limited to all melee and ranged physical attacks and bladed thrown items.
  • Rogue's Ambush, Weakpoint Attack now only works on melee physical attacks.
  • Rogue's Poisoned Weapons, Rupture, Cut Throat are now limited to all melee and ranged physical attacks and bladed thrown items.
  • Cleric’s Faithfulness now slows targets hit by Divine attacks.
  • Cleric's Smite can now only be used in melee physical attacks and has an Attribute Bonus Ratio of 50%.
  • Warlock's Blow of Corruption now only works on melee physical attacks.
  • Adjusted difficulty in obtaining learning tokens.
  • Mindwipe now resets daily.
  • As an experiment, party members' names will no longer be displayed in High Roller.

Developer Comments: We thank you for your patience as we continue this adventure with multi-classing experiment. We are collecting great data and are speed running the discovery of perks and skills that are functioning outside our scope that need to be fixed.

We are trying to find a good balance of incentivizing enough play to make the system feel like you are being rewarded for progress without making it feel like an excessive grind. We have decided to make it much easier to accrue learning tokens. You will now be able to collect the maximum 13 learning tokens for your character by reaching level 70 instead of 270. Our internal data shows us that the average player can reach this maximum learning token level in approximately 2 weeks, playing around 2 hours a day.

To assist us in testing more combinations we have also updated the Mindwipe feature so it resets daily. We plan to continue fixing newly discovered broken combinations and improve the balance of perks and skills as we collect this data.

Please know that we hear your concerns about the loss of class identity with the current implementation of the multi-class system. With the lessons we are learning from this system we are working on building a more fleshed out but limited multi-class system for a future season that we believe will address this issue. We will reveal more details in the future.

We’ve also improved some of the formulas for knowledge and regular interaction speed to make it less frustrating for starting characters and certain classes.

High-Roller parties will now need to be more organized and careful in who they target in the dungeons. As an experiment to make the High-Roller experience truly high risk, we are testing a system where party member names are no longer displayed to allies. Thank you and see you in the dungeons!

Hotfix 43


  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when the client exited.
  • Fixed an issue where other classes equipped with the Fighter's Weapon Mastery would also receive a penalty when using the class' default available weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where poison damage could not be removed when hit by an enemy using the Poisoned Weapon, Over Healing and the Shadow Touch perk.
  • Fixed an issue where Rogue's Pickpocket would work in basecamps.
  • Fixed an issue where characters could fall through gaps in certain spots in the Goblin Cave.
  • Fixed an issue where players could retain items if they were resurrected through the Altar of Sacrifice in a dungeon.
  • Fixed an issue where quests that required escaping from a dungeon after using an item could be completed without escaping.

Developer Comments: We realized that in order to properly expand the bag and implement the quiver we talked about a long time ago, we would have to rework the inventory system that was hastily implemented to meet the Alpha Playtest schedule. And we've been working on it for a while and were trying to get it done in May. Because of that side effect, today's problem arose.

We will work harder to prevent these problems from occurring. Once this rework is completed, we expect to be able to provide more expanded features more reliably and quickly in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience caused due to this issue.

Lastly, in order to deliver even a little joy to players, we plan to provide 3 Bluestone Shards to all players along with this maintenance. Thank you.

Hotfix 42

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed an issue where function key binding did not work properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the inventory would sometimes not close properly when looting a chest.
  • Fixed an issue where fighters could wear plate armor and the Slayer perk at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where Mystic Vestments were displayed as Oracle Robe when dropped on the floor.
  • Fixed issue where potion liquid was displayed strangely.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gold Chest was not locked.
  • Fixed an issue where tar traps had strange light reflections in certain directions.
  • Cloth Simulation ON/OFF option has been added.
  • The maximum movement speed cap has been changed from 350 → 330.
  • The exp required to level up a character has been significantly reduced. The levels of existing characters will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Barbarian's Iron Will no longer ignores knockback.
  • Rogue's Rupture cooldown changed from 18s → 24s.
  • Cleric's Divine Protection physical damage reduction changed from 50% → 30%.
  • Cleric's Smite no longer scales.
  • Reduced hit slow penalty for Rondel Dagger, Stiletto Dagger, and Kris Dagger.
  • Kris Dagger's weapon damage has been reduced.
  • Now all classes can play an instrument.
  • Weapon damage of each rarity for all instruments has been adjusted.
  • The movement speed of all robes has been changed to -10.
  • The attributes of some crafted items have been changed.
  • The gear scores of some (5 rare) crafted items have been changed.
  • The Rubysilver Leather Cap can now be worn by all classes.
  • Rubysilver and Gold ore spawns have been slightly increased.
  • The entry limit for High-Roller and Trade is level 20.
  • Now, when the Squire gives out supply items, if you unlock a higher grade item among Junk/Poor/Common, the lower grade item will not be given out.
  • You can now multi-select random attribute filters in the Marketplace.
  • The multiclass system has been added.

Developer Comments: Hi Adventurers! The multiclass system has now been added to the live servers. The level up table has been adjusted to make it a little easier to reach the 'Master Class' level and to earn the early learning tokens. All character levels have been automatically adjusted to the new higher levels and any additional learning/reward tokens have been automatically credited to the character. We have also limited the maximum number of learning tokens per character to 13, meaning no additional learning tokens are earned after level 270. The Fortune Teller’s reset timer for her Mindwipe service has also been increased and is available to re-roll your learning tokens once every Tuesday and Friday.

As we’ve noted multiple times, we are looking at this multiclass test as a true experiment for this season. Please note that there is a very good chance that the multiclass system will substantially evolve for the next season or may even be removed based on the response from the community. Finally, barring any surprises, the current season, including the preseason prior to the next wipe, is scheduled to end in early June. Thank you!

Hotfix 41

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed several issues that could have caused server crashes.
  • Fixed an issue where the spectating a target could be frozen for a long time if the target was not accessible.
  • Fixed an issue where using UEVR could give an unfair advantage.
  • Fixed an issue where Ornate Jazerant and Heavy Gambeson could not be equipped when using Fighter’s Slayer.
  • Fixed an issue where the effect of the Ranger's Penetrating Shot was also applied to melee weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fighter's Breakthrough was not removing the Cyclops' slow.
  • Fixed an issue where the continuous escape quest was completed without having to escape continuously.
  • Added real-time control of the cloth simulation option to track the most frequent crashes.
  • The attenuation range of footstep sounds has been slightly reduced.
  • Moving while crounching will now make footstep sounds again. Please note that footsteps for walking has not been changed and no footstep sounds will be made while walking (except for plate shoes.)
  • Movement speed when crouching has been increased from 45% → 65%.
  • Movement speed when walking has been slowed from 45% → 40%.
  • Resourcefulness now affects the cooldown timers on skills and perks.
  • Fighter's Breakthrough duration has been changed from 5s → 8s, and knockback immunity has been added.
  • Fighter's Perfect Block cooldown time changed from 18s → 10s.
  • Fighter's Shield Slam cooldown time changed from 15s → 10s.
  • Fighter's Victory Strike health recovery amount changed from 5% → 15%.
  • Rogue's Creep no longer makes footstep sounds when crouching and its movement speed bonus has been removed.
  • Cleric 's Will changed from 25 → 23 and Resourcefulness changed from 10 → 12.
  • Bard's Acelerando is no longer affected by Persuasiveness and is now fixed at 8s.
  • Bard's Allegro is no longer affected by Persuasiveness and is now fixed at 8s.
  • Warlock's Strength changed from 13 → 11 and Resourcefulness changed from 12 → 14.
  • The maximum values of most random modifiers have been reduced. This modification reduces the gear gap compared to before.
  • Items placed in the various Vault will appear in Marvelous Chests for a while.
  • Gearscore based matchmaking has been added for testing. This replaces High Roller's ranked-based matchmaking.

Developer Comments: This hotfix aims to reduce the gear gap and adjust balance in preparation for the excessive synergies brought about by the upcoming multiclass system. We will also be running Test #3 on the test server. Test #3 includes the initial test of the multiclass system. The mulitclass test on the test server will have the maximum test character level restricted to level 150. Additionally, to facilitate testing, the required amount of experience needed to level up has been greatly reduced allowing for quick progression. Please note that some features of the multiclass system on the test server are currently incomplete such as the ability to redeem reward tokens. We've also made several attempts to fix the significant increase in crashes since the engine update, and we'll be monitoring these logs in real time. We will do our best to fix these technical issues. Thank you and see you in the dungeon!

Hotfix 40

Undocumented changes:

  • Windlass Crossbow damage reduced by ~8% (52 -> 48 at Common)
  • Survival Bow damage range increased 1, increased by 2 at Legend: (19 to 20 at Common -> 20 to 21 at Common)

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed multiple performance issues.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple keys could active simultaneously after updating keybind settings.
  • Fixed an issue where a character could be deleted automatically without the confirmation popup when moving to the character selection screen and quickly clicking the delete button.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cleric's Brewmaster was increasing strength more than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where Warlocks sometimes failed to transform into Demon form when using Bloodpact.
  • Fixed an issue where the Warlock’s Life Drain and Wizard’s Magic Lock aim collider was too small.
  • Fixed an issue where certain hunting loots could not be sold to merchants.
  • Fixed an issue where the bonus damage to ‘Undead’ modifiers did not work properly.
  • Various minor bug fixes.
  • Movement speed reduction penalty received while walking or crouched changed from -40% → -55%.
  • Rogue's Creep movement speed bonus increased from 5% → 30%.
  • Ranger's Crippling Shot movement speed penalty changed from -35% → -40% and duration changed from 2s → 1s.
  • Ranger's Spear Proficiency additional physical power changed from 10 → 7.
  • Ranger's True Shot physical damage bonus changed from 5% → 8%.
  • Ranger's Backstep cooldown changed from 14s → 10s.
  • Warlock's Shadow Touch true magical damage changed from 3 → 2, magical heal base changed from 3 → 2.
  • Warlock's Blow of Corruption cooldown has been changed from 18s → 24s, magic damage base changed from 15 → 10, and recovery reduction penalty changed from -70% → -80%.
  • Warlock's Dark Offering duration changed from 12s → 15s.
  • Warlock's Bloodstained Blade additional weapon damage changed from 7 → 5.
  • Heavy Gambeson, Ornate Jazerant changed from Plate to Cloth.
  • The Weapon damage has been slightly increased for the following legendary and unique rarity weapons: Arming Sword, Bardiche, Battle Axe, Double Axe, Felling Axe, Halberd, Morning Star, Quarterstaff, Rapier, Recurve Bow, Dagger, Spear, War Hammer, Wizard Staff.
  • Francisca Axe weapon damage has been reduced. The movement speed penalty applied to the target has been increased from -25% → -35%.
  • Throwing Knife weapon damage has been reduced. The movement speed penalty applied to the target has been increased from -20% → -25%.
  • Club weapon damage has been slightly reduced.
  • Hand Crossbow weapon damage has been slightly reduced.
  • Hatchet weapon damage has been increased.
  • Horseman's Axe weapon damage has been increased.
  • You can now unlock 2 more additional stashes for gold.
  • Class filters have been added to the Marketplace.
  • Removed the ‘dungeon’ requirements from the Character Kill quests.
  • Developer Comments:
  • The previous hotfix introduced instabilities to the game that caused a decrease in performance and a large uptick in crashes. We have worked hard to address many of these issues to return the game to a more highly performant and stable level.

We have also updated changes to the Creep mechanic along with minor balance changes as we start preparations for the multi-class system. Finally, we have added several QoL changes including the ability to unlock 2 additional stashes for your character. We hope you continue your journey in the dungeons as we roll out the multi-class system in the upcoming weeks. Thank you and see you in the dungeons!

Unfortunately, we are still tracking down the most frequently occurring crashes. If a crash occurs during the main menu or character selection scene, please share the video and report it.

Hotfix 39

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed a crash that could have occurred due to a compatibility issue with the PSO cache due to changes in Unreal Engine version.
  • Fixed an issue where there was a delay until the item tooltip was displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where the item drop rate in the High-Roller Goblin Caves central vault was set to the previous season's balance.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dark Magic Library area quest was sometimes not completed.
  • Barbarian's Savage Roar physical damage reduction changed from -50% → -40%.
  • Cleric's Holy Strike indicator size changed from 80 → 100.
  • Warlock's Demon Armor casting speed penalty has been changed from -50% → -10%.
  • Warlock's Hydra health changed back from 125 → 150.
  • Warlock's Blood Pact's HP consumption per second has been changed from 1.5% → 1.0%.
  • Bard's Rapier Mastery weapon damage increase has been changed from 3 → 2.
  • Bard's Accelerando movement speed increase has been changed from 3/5/7 → 1/3/5.
  • Bard's Lament of Languor movement speed reduction has been changed from -20 → -10.
  • The Magical Healing of each level of Occultist Hood has slightly increased.
  • The Hoard in the central vault of Goblin Caves has been removed.

Developer Comments: We have prepared an emergency hotfix to resolve multiple crash issues caused by the engine update. Additionally, it has been confirmed that a performance issue occurs when using the -dx11 option, so we are currently resolving the issue. Additionally, several bugs related to key bindings have been reported and are being tracked. We will strive to quickly resolve the problem and resolve any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.

Hotfix 38

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed an issue where pressing the interaction key(F) while holding down the Shift key did not work properly.
  • Fixed an issue where certain sounds could loop indefinitely when watching a death cam.
  • Fixed an issue where the Entrance Fee could be displayed twice.
  • Fixed an issue where the descriptions for Ranger's Ranged Weapon Mastery and Sharpshooter incorrectly stated that they only apply to bow types.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cleric's Judgment could be canceled while in range.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bard's Dissonance and Partymaker were missing sound and range indicators.
  • Fixed an issue where the Warlock's Abyssal Flame could not be dispelled.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not escape if you jumped in front of the escape hatch when riding a raft in Ice Cavern.
  • Fixed an issue where Zombies' Poison Smoke could continue to glow.
  • Fixed an issue where the Skeleton Crossbowman could sometimes shoot bolts through walls.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rock, Paper, Scissors emote did not actually play very randomly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Marketplace and Squire did not reflect changed item modifiers.
  • All classes now enter a creep state 0.5 seconds after walking or crouching and do not emit footsteps. Exceptions are made when stepping on pebbles, bones, etc. or are wearing Plate Boots.
  • When the character walks or crawls, the movement speed change has been changed from -35% → -40%.
  • Headshot damage bonus changed from 1.5 → 2.0. (not actually implemented)
  • The increase rate of the spell casting speed curve according to knowledge has been slightly reduced.
  • Barbarian's Potion Chugger status icon has been changed.
  • Barbarian's Rage physical damage reduction penalty has been changed from -20% → -25% and the movespeed bonus has been changed from 10% → 12%.
  • Rogue's Creep increases movement speed by 5% while in creep mode.
  • Ranger's Quickfire sound has been adjusted.
  • Wizard's Spell Overload memory capacity penalty has been changed from -70% → -60%, and the spell count bonus has been changed from 100% → 60%.
  • Wizard's Lightning Strike circle size has been changed from 75 → 80.
  • Wizard's Chain Lightning spell count has been changed from 3 → 2.
  • Wizard's Chain Lightning no longer transfers from dead body.
  • Cleric's Holy Strike circle size changed from 150 → 80.
  • Cleric's Bless each attribute bonus changed from 5 → 3.
  • Warlock's Dark Reflection now consumes Darkness Shards when activated.
  • Warlock's Hydra health changed from 150 → 125.
  • Warlock's Hydra has a slight delay after attacking 3 times.
  • Special appearances for various crafted items have been added.
  • From now on, The Goblin Caves will be tested as 5x5.
  • The normal version of the 5x5 Goblin Caves also offers dual bosses and special rewards.
  • The grade of treasures dropped from normal dungeons has been significantly improved.
  • Ore now spawns twice as much in all dungeons.
  • AP for some categories has been changed to be split equally between teams. Unfortunately, AP for acquiring items and treasures is still earned individually.
  • Now EXP is divided equally among team members.
  • Entrance Fee for High-Roller has been slightly reduced.
  • Changed to no longer show the selected server region.
  • The 3rd week quests will open at 00:00 UTC on March 29th.
  • The experience point requirement up to level 20 has been slightly reduced. Previously achieved levels may be increased and points will be paid retroactively.

Developer Comments: We've updated Unreal Engine version to 5.3 and fixed several known bugs to migrate to a better development environment. We hope this will allow us to develop more efficiently in the future environment.

We've adjusted several key aspects of the game, reducing the required experience points for leveling up slightly and increasing the gold acquisition rate in normal gameplay to maintain players' sustained interest. Additionally, to provide more diverse content, we've expanded the Goblin Caves to a 5x5 layout.

Lastly, we plan to test applying a feature similar to Rogue's Creep to all classes, allowing players to utilize various strategies even in unfavorable situations. If this change has too negative of an impact, it may be rolled back in the next hotfix. We appreciate your feedback as we continue to test these adjustments.

Thank you very much for joining us through our various tests and changes. See you in the dungeon!

Hotfix 37

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed an issue where left-click or right-click could sometimes be entered automatically.
  • Fixed an issue where arrow models could remain on screen when canceling a bow reload.
  • Fixed an issue where a revived player's skills would display as the skills of the player who resurrected them.
  • Fixed an issue where Rogue's stealth sound would be heard by third-person targets.
  • Fixed an issue where the stealth status of Rogues who were not party members could be seen while spectating.
  • Fixed an issue where the Warlock's Shadow Touch would also apply when throwing a torch to hit an enemy.
  • Fixed an issue where players could be hit by melee attacks immediately after using the Warlock's Phantomize.
  • Fixed an issue where the cloak skin could come off when restarting the client.
  • Fixed an issue where the effect of a torch falling on the ground was not displayed as a changed effect.
  • Fixed an issue where all attribute options for Chest and Legs armor were fixed to 2.
  • Fixed an issue where Ale wasn't actually inside it.
  • Fixed an issue where the Campfire sound was not output.
  • Fixed an issue in the CaveMaze module where chests and monsters could spawn at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where rewards were set too low relative to the Goblin Caves 01 layout.
  • Fixed an issue where a fixed escape was not displayed on the Goblin Caves minimap.
  • Fixed an issue where the quest objective Prison A did not exist.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get caught in door frames when moving.
  • Fixed an issue where the Frost Giant would bounce too much after dying.
  • Fixed an issue where monsters were sometimes unable to properly track players.
  • Fixed an issue where items other than Fighter weapons from the Squire's supplies could not be set as supplies when the Fighter was equipped with both the Weapon Mastery and Slayer perks.
  • Fixed an issue where the Squire did not provide the Germunbu helmet by default.
  • Fixed an issue where Squires recognized Poor and Common ratings as targets for Stash Above All.
  • Fixed an issue where the Squire's base gear was not set properly when equipped with a Longsword.
  • Fixed an issue where no sound would intermittently occur when pressing the Quest Accept button.
  • Fixed an issue where items received as quest rewards could not be sold.
  • Fixed an issue where the multiclass achievement level was displayed as 100 instead of 30.
  • Fixed an issue where the Coffee Time rest motion would glow in the dark.
  • Barbarian's Reckless Attack armor rating penalty changed from -200 → -85
  • Rogue's Strength, Vigor, Resourcefulness has been changed from 6 → 9, 5 → 6, 25 → 20.
  • Ranger's Backstep cooldown changed from 22 seconds to 14 seconds.
  • Wizard's Spell Overload memory capacity penalty has been changed from -60% → -70%.
  • Cleric's Over Healing health ratio has been changed 25% → 20%.
  • Warlock's Torture Mastery health recovery has been changed from 1 → 2, and the Attribute Ratio Bonus has been changed from 15% → 10%.
  • Warlock's Spell Predation now absorbs all removable magical buffs from the target.
  • The Primary Attribute on cloaks is now locked by rarity.
  • The amount of modifiers related to physical and magic reduction applied to each shield has been reduced.
  • Damage for all Longbows and Recurve Bows has been slightly increased.
  • Damage for all Daggers has been slightly increased.
  • Changed the equipping time of Fransisca Axe and Thowing Knife from 1s → 1.75s.
  • Physical Damage Reduction cap changed from 85% → 75%.
  • Magical Damage Reduction cap changed from 85% → 75%.
  • When swinging a two-handed weapon, the movement speed reduction until the actual attack occurs has been reduced.
  • High-Roller Adventurer Rank Early Access Season #2 begins at 00:00 UTC on March 22nd.
  • The existing Preseason #1 will be changed to Early Access Season #1 to prevent confusion.

Developer Comments: We have prepared Hotfix #37 to fix known issues and make balance adjustments. We would like to push for changes to some marginalized classes in line with strengthening item modifiers. This adjustment will continue for the time being. Additionally, a new High-Roller Adventurer Rank season begins with the adjusted AP balance. It starts on March 22nd (UTC 0). We ask for your participation. See you in the dungeon!

Patch 4

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed an issue where the Kobold's Calling would summon all types of monsters.
  • Fixed an issue where players could attack opponents through walls or floors in certain terrain in the Crypts.
  • Fixed an issue where players could sometimes levitate when using ladders.
  • Improved detection performance and stability of Ironshield.
  • Flame effects for Torch and Roaster have been improved.
  • The way outlines are displayed has changed.
  • Fighter's Breakthrough now ignores most movement blocks and movement slows for 5 seconds.
  • Wizard's new spell Magic Lock has been added.
  • Wizard's new perk Spell Overload has been added.
  • Rogue's Creep no longer makes footsteps when the conditions are met, it also no longer increases movement speed.
  • Rogue's Hand Crossbow Mastery has been removed, allowing Rogues to use Hand Crossbows by default.
  • Rogue's Tumbling animation has been slightly improved.
  • Rogue's Smoke Pot's range has been adjusted.
  • Rogue's Ambush and Shadow Runner are integrated.
  • Rogue's Pickpocket and Hidden Pocket are integrated.
  • Rogue's Lockpick Mastery and Trap Detection are integrated.
  • Rogue's silhouette is now visible when moving in Stealth.
  • Ranger's Chase and Enhanced Hearing are integrated.
  • Ranger's new perk Camping Mastery has been added.
  • Ranger's new skill Backstep has been added.
  • Cleric's Brewmaster now grants an additional 10 Strength.
  • Cleric's new perk Over Healing has been added.
  • Cleric's new perk Holy Water has been added.
  • Cleric's new perk Faithfulness has been added.
  • Bard's Encore cooldown changed from 30s → 4s.
  • Bard's Dissonance range changed from 500 → 600.
  • Bard's new perk Fermata has been added.
  • Bard's new skill, Partymaker, has been added.
  • Warlock's Immortal Lament penalty has been removed.
  • Warlock's new perk, Shadow Touch, has been added.
  • Warlock's new perk, Infernal Pledge, has been added.
  • Warlock's new skill Dark Offering has been added.
  • Various types of new armor have been added.
  • Various types of hunting loots (monster loot) have been added.
  • Legendary grade crafted items have been adjusted to Epic grade.
  • Increased the values of all random modifiers except for a few.
  • You can no longer check for random modifiers before purchasing/crafting items in the store.
  • Solos/Duos/Trios will each be able to play a fixed map.
  • Solos: Goblin Caves 3x3
  • Duos: Frozen Mountain: Ice Cavern
  • Trios: Forgotten Castle: Howling Crypts → Inferno
  • Two new layouts have been added to the Goblin Caves.
  • Some areas in the Goblin Caves where it was difficult to move between floors have been fixed.
  • Two escape stairs from Ice Cavern have been removed.
  • The secret doors in the Crypt have been improved.
  • The Marvelous Chest is no longer locked.
  • The overall item drop rate has changed.
  • Adventure Rank rewards are now given. You can receive it from the leaderboard page.
  • Quests have weekly activations depending on the chapter.
  • Squire has been added to Merchant to help you easily change equipment settings.
  • An experimental version of Training has been added.
  • Training allows players to grow their level beyond 20.
  • By reaching certain levels, players will earn reward tokens and learning tokens.
  • These tokens will be available when the experimental multiclass system is updated in the future.
  • This training and multiclass system is a completely experimental feature just for this season and will change completely in the future.
  • Death Cam, has been added.
  • A new emote, “Blah blah” has been added.
  • A new emote, “Rock, Paper, and Scissors” have been added.
  • The game package gift code system has been updated.
  • For fans who have loved Dark and Darker to date, we will provide Standard Trial Gift Code. You can gift it to your friends.

Developer Comments: Thank you for patiently awaiting Wipe #3. In this update, we've endeavored to enhance the game's systems based on the diverse feedback received from the previous season. The goal for this season, including the preseason, is to last approximately 3 months.

We have tested various dungeon selection systems and have chosen the optimal direction taking into account the current player base and team opinions. We understand that this choice may not satisfy everyone. However, as the team continues to expand and with the increasing number of players, we anticipate being able to select a direction that satisfies everyone.

Normal games have established themselves as a space where early players can enjoy fair competition while also providing a space to practice. To achieve this, we are introducing Squire to help you play smoothly.

In the last season, random modifiers had a negative impact on the game. To address this, we made item acquisition and selection more convenient, but this inadvertently reduced the value of items and diminished the sense of excitement when obtaining top-tier items. We now feel like we have more systems and tools to help with these issues, so we've lowered the dungeon drop rates and strengthened the modifiers a bit.

While it may not be the perfect time to test the multi-class system, we will introduce an experimental training system this season to explore the possibility of offering fully developed multi-classes in the future. We eagerly await your feedback.

To encourage more players to participate in Wipe #3, we are launching a 30% discount on game packages. We have also completed a Gift Code system that allows you to gift packages to friends. We are providing players who have played until Wipe #3 with a Trial Gift Code that allows them to play the Standard Edition for 10 days, so please use it to adventure through the dungeon with your friends!

Finally, We apologize for not always delivering perfection. We promise to continuously improve the game based on your feedback and strive to make it more enjoyable. Thank you so much as always!