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True Healing

True Magical Healing

Magical Healing is utilized by Cleric's heal spells and Warlock's Torture Mastery as well as Healing Potions and Troll's Blood, Healing Shrines, but not Warlock's Life Drain.

All Magical Healings benefit from both +Magical Healing and Magical Power Bonus enchantments, but at varying Scaling. Cleric’s Advanced Healer perk is counted as +Magical Healing and is affected by scaling. Warlock’s Vampirism perk grants 1.2x Healing which factors after all other bonuses and is not affected by scaling. The +Magical Healing enchantment specifically affects your own healing, not heals received from others. Stacking +Magical Healing on the healing recipient will not cause them to receive more healing. The caster must be the one wearing +Magical Healing in order to benefit.

Note that Sanctuary is not a Heal over time but rather a Channel, therefore it scales per second channeled. Torture Mastery is also not a Heal over time, and simply heals and scales per second that the target receives damage from Curse of Pain / Power of Sacrifice.

Barbarian's Potion Chugger perk alters Healing Potions to heal for 20% more health in a 20% shorter duration.

Scaling info:

  • Lesser Heal = 100% per cast
  • Holy Light = 100% per cast
  • Sanctuary = 50% per second channeled (250% total)
  • Torture Mastery = 10% per second
  • Healing Potions = 50% per drink
  • Troll's Blood = 50% per drink
  • Healing Shrine = 100% once


If Vampirism is active, include it as ".2" for 20% in the formula below.

For instant heals (this also includes Cleric's Sanctuary and Warlock's Torture Mastery)

Total Healing = (Base Heal + Magical Healing * Scaling) * (1 + Magic Power Bonus * Scaling) * (1 + Vampirism)

For Heal over Times (Healing Potions / Troll's Blood):

Total Healing = (Base Heal + Magical Healing * Scaling) * (1 + Magic Power Bonus * Scaling) * (1 + Vampirism) * floor(Duration Base * (1 + Buff Duration))/Duration Base

For Potion Chugger: (note that you cannot have both Vampirism and Potion chugger perks at the same time)

Total Healing = (Base Heal + Magical Healing * Scaling) * (1 + Magic Power Bonus * Scaling) * (1 + Vampirism) * floor(Duration Base * .5 * (1 + Buff Duration))/(Duration Base * .5) * 1.2


Torture Mastery

Torture Mastery (2 base) with +5 Magical Healing, 30% Magical Power Bonus, and the Vampirism perk will heal for

Heal per second = (2 + 5*.1)(1 + .1*.30) * 1.2 = 3.09 HP per second

Healing Potion

For example with a Common Healing Potion, +4 Magical Healing, +6% Buff Duration, 0% Magical Power Bonus, at a base of 15 health over 30 seconds will heal:

Total Healing = (15 + 4/2) * floor(30 * (1 + .06))/(30) * 1.2

= 17 * 31/30

= 17.56 health over 31s

Note that this does in fact heal 21.08 health and not 21 nor 22 as there is decimal HP, although the health display in game always rounds up. See Damage/Healing over Time for more. Also note that the duration actually lasts 31.8s, but only 31s of healing occurs.

Potion Chugger

Using the same example but now with Potion Chugger:

Total Healing = (15 + 4/2) * floor(30 * .5 * (1 + .06))/(30 * .5) * 1.2

= 17 * 15/15 * 1.2

= 20.4 health over 15s Note that the duration actually lasts 15.9s, but only 15s of healing occurs.

True Physical Healing

True Physical Healing is utilized by Campfire Kits, Bard's Jolly Time, Ranger's Field Ration, and Surgical Kits

All True Physical Healing scales with the +Physical Healing enchantment but not with Physical Power Bonus.

Since Campfire Kits are not a Buff, they receive 100% scaling on +Physical Healing per second.

Scaling info:

  • Campfire Kits = 100% per second
  • Bard's Jolly Time = 100% per ale
  • Ranger's Field Ration = 100% per ration
  • Surgical Kit = 0% scaling


Heal per instance = (Base Heal + Physical Healing*Scaling) For Campfire Kits, multiply by the duration which is unaffected by Buff Duration to get the total healing.



Using a Common Campfire with +1 Physical Healing will heal (3+1) HP per second for 21 seconds, unaffected by the Buff Duration stat, totaling to 84 health.

Other Healing

Life Drain

Warlock's Life Drain ability heals the player equal to the damage dealt in a lifesteal fashion. Magical Healing does not affect this, it is only affected by the damage, which has 50% Scaling, as well as the Vampirism perk.

Recoverable HP

Recoverable Health.png

Recoverable Health is left behind when the player takes damage, and is represented by a transparent portion of the player's health bar. Most sources of damage will leave behind 65% of their damage as Recoverable Health. As the name suggests, this health can be recovered by various means. All sources of Recoverable healing have 0% Scaling

Damage/Heal sources have different Conversion Rates that will add a percentage of the incoming amount as recoverable health.

  • Player/Monster Damage: 65%
  • Damage over Times: 65%
  • Death Swarm: 100%
  • Warlock's Spell's Health cost: 100%
  • Bandages -100%
  • Resting -100%
  • Bard's Tranquility -100%

Recoverable Health cannot prevent death on its own, but it can be converted to True Health using Bandages, Resting, and Tranquility. Recoverable Health is tracked separately from normal HP, and can "overflow" above the player's maximum HP. This means that if the player only heals with conventional healing methods, they can "store" some amount of Recoverable Health over the course of a single life.

The Recoverable health pool is increased by a portion of the health change. However, if your recoverable health pool exceeds your missing health afterwards, it instead sets your recoverable health pool equal to your missing health. Note that the recoverable health pool is only updated when you receive damage or use a Bandage/Rest/Tranquility, and not when you are True Healed, Percent Max Health Healed, nor given Temporary Max Health. This can be expressed as:

New Recoverable HP Pool = min(Old Recoverable Pool + Conversion Rate * Damage or Heal Amount, New Missing Health)


When Resting, the player will heal 1 Recoverable Health every two seconds at 0% Scaling. (This is not 0.5/s, it is specifically 1 every 2 seconds.)

As of Hotfix 25, standing up from resting no longer removes your remaining recoverable health, so you can stand up without a worry and continue your resting at a more opportune time.


  • Entering Inferno will set Recoverable HP to 50% (needs further testing) of missing health.
  • Dying will remove all Recoverable HP if later revived.


1. Starting at 80/100 HP with 15 Recoverable HP, Bandaging for 10 will heal you to 90/100 HP, and your recoverable HP will be set to

min(15 + -1*10, (100-90)) = 5

2. Starting at 80/100 with 15 Recoverable, then being true healed to 100/100, you will retain the same 15 recoverable HP. Later, you are damaged for 40 by a monster, down to 60/100 health with a recoverable HP pool of

min(15 + .65*40, (100-60)) = 40

3. Starting at 80/100 with 15 Recoverable, then being true healed to 100/100 with 15 recoverable, and finally being damaged for 70 by a monster. Your new HP is 30/100, with new recoverable HP pool of

min(15 + .65*70, (100-30)) = 60.5

4. Starting at 100/100 with 50 Recoverable, then bandaging for 10 will set your recoverable HP to

min(50 + -1*10, (100-100)) = 0

Percent Max Health Healing

Percent Max Health Healing will heal a percentage of your current maximum health, and never scales with Physical/Magical Healing nor Magical Power Bonus. The current sources of this are Barbarian's Morale Boost & Blood Exchange, Fighter's Victory Strike & Second Wind. Second Wind, however, is in the form of a heal over time, therefore you can receive more healing with longer buff durations. Sources with negative values, like Warlock's Blood Pact, act the same but simply deal damage instead of healing.


Using Second Wind's 40% Percent Max Health Damage/Healing Over a Time of 12s with 10% Buff Duration on a Fighter with 100 Max Health:

Total Duration = 12 * (1 + .1) = 13.2 seconds

Total Heal = .4*100 / 12 * floor(13.2) = 43.33 health

Heal Reduction

Warlock's Blow of Corruption and Wizard's Fire Mastery reduces incoming Physical/Magical healing by 70% and 50% respectively, and Percentage Healing, but not Recoverable healing. If both debuffs are applied, the Heal Reduction value will not be overwritten, but the duration will be overwritten, even if the duration of the second status is shorter.

Goblin Mage's homing orbs and Famine, the Unique axe reduces all types of Healing, also including Recoverable healing, by 100%.

Heal reduction seems to currently be bugged and is not reducing by the amount listed, sometimes more, sometimes less - more testing in progress

Heal Reduction applies after all bonuses are applied to Healing, including +Magical Healing or +Physical Healing Enchantments

Outgoing vs Incoming

All healing sources are applied from an outgoing source, and when the target receives them, they are the incoming target. For example, if a Cleric heals a Warlock, the Cleric is the outgoing source, and the Warlock is the incoming target. If a Warlock heals themselves, they are both the outgoing source and the incoming target. Each heal bonus or heal reduction may be applied to either Outgoing or Incoming. For example, Cleric's Advanced Healer and +Magical Healing enchantment buff specifically outgoing healing. If that Cleric heals another player or themselves it will be buffed by both, since the Cleric is the outgoing source. If the incoming target has the +Magical Healing enchantment, however, they will not receive bonus healing.

Note that since all heals will be either Outgoing or Incoming, all bonuses/reductions will affect a player that is healing themselves as they are both the Outgoing and Incoming target. However, this is before Scaling is taken into account, some heals have 0% Scaling in which case it does not matter regardless.


  • Patch #2 Hotfix 27
    • Surgical Kit is now True Physical Healing instead of Percent Max Healing, and is therefore affected by Heal Reduction
  • Patch #2
    • Healing potions and Troll's blood are Magical now instead of Physical
    • Blow of Corruption and Fire mastery now affect incoming healing instead of outgoing, and also affect Percentage healing.



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