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Cosmetics Data is currently up to date for: Patch:6.5#Hotfix 53$green

Name Skin Image Changes from Baseline Status Icon Cost
Orc Skin Character OrcMan S.png Skin Character OrcWoman S.png Agility -1
Strength +1
Icon Race Orc.png 4 Bluestone/Redstone
Elf Elf Man.png Elf Woman.png Agility +1
Strength -1
Icon Race Elf.png 4 Bluestone/Redstone
Frost Walker Skin Character FrostWalker S.png +3 Max Health
-1.5% Action Speed
Icon Race FrostWalker.png Pathfinder reward, Season 2
Skeleton Skeleton Race.png Magic Resistance +10
Armor rating -10
Icon Race Skeleton.png Founder's Edition: Hold The Line
Elite Skeleton Elite Skeleton Race.png Magic Resistance +10
Armor rating -10
Icon Race Skeleton.png 6 Redstone
Nightmare Skeleton Nightmare Skeleton Race.png Armor rating +10
Magic Resistance -10
Icon Race Skeleton.png Pathfinder reward, Season 1
Frost Skeleton Skin Character FrostSkeleton S.png Weapon Damage +1
Move Speed -3
Icon Race Skeleton.png Collector Quest reward, Season 2
Lizardmen Skin Character LizardmenRed S.png Skin Character LizardmenGreen S.png Skin Character LizardmenBlue S.png Armor rating +20
+10 Headshot Damage Reduction
Headgear cannot be worn.
Icon Race Lizardman.png 4 Bluestone/Redstone
Lycan Skin Character LycanBlack S.png Skin Character LycanBrown S.png Skin Character LycanWhite S.png +4 Vigor
+10 Headshot Damage Reduction
Headgear cannot be worn.
Icon Race Lycan.png Brown - 5 Bluestone/Redstone
White and Black - 5 Redstone

Name Item Type Image Cost
Blue Torch Torch Blue Torch.png Founder's Edition: Hold The Line
Froststone Torch Torch Froststone Torch.png 4 Redstone
Frozen Bottle Potions Skin Item FrozenPotions.png Demigod reward, Season 2
Frozen Torch Torch Frozen Torch.png Voyager reward, Season 2
Ice Flame Campfire Skin Item Campfire Frozen.png Exemplar reward, Season 2
Kettle Campfire Skin Item Campfire Kettle.png 4 Bluestone/Redstone
Moonlight Cloak Cloak Moonlight Mercurial Cloak.png Demigod reward, Season 1
Moonlight Campfire Campfire Campfire Moonlight.png Exemplar reward, Season 1
Roasted Rabbit Campfire Skin Item Campfire RoastedRabbit.png 4 Redstone

Name Icon Cost
Surrender Icon Emotion Surrender.png Free
Blah Blah Icon Emotion BlahBlah.png 2 Bluestone/Redstone
Bow 1 Icon Emotion Bow.png 3 Bluestone/Redstone
Bow 2 Icon Emotion Bow2.png 3 Bluestone/Redstone
Bring It Icon Emotion BringIt.png 2 Bluestone/Redstone
Coin Tossing Icon Emotion CoinTossing.png Goblin Merchant Quest, Season 2
Curtsy Icon Emotion Curtsy.png 3 Redstone
Cutthroat Icon Emotion CutThroat.png 2 Bluestone/Redstone
Finger Guns Icon Emotion FingerGun.png 2 Bluestone/Redstone
Frantic Applause Icon Emotion FranticApplause.png 2 Bluestone/Redstone
Hand Heart Icon Emotion HandHeart.png 2 Bluestone/Redstone
Hold the Line Icon Emotion HoldTheLine.png Founder's Edition: Hold The Line
I Don't Know Icon Emotion IDontKnow.png 2 Bluestone/Redstone
Kicking Ground Icon Emotion KickingGround.png 2 Bluestone/Redstone
Knightly Kneel Icon Emotion KnightlyKneel.png 2 Bluestone/Redstone
Loser Icon Emotion Loser.png 2 Bluestone/Redstone
Money Money Money Icon Emotion MoneyMoneyMoney.png 3 Redstone
Mystic Horn Icon Emotion Horn.png 3 Redstone
Noob Icon Emotion Noob.png 2 Bluestone/Redstone
Pointing Icon Emotion Pointing.png 2 Bluestone/Redstone
Pourin One Out Icon Emotion PourinOneOut.png Madrinas Coffee Bundle
Power Flex Icon Emotion PowerFlex.png 2 Redstone
Praying Hands Icon Emotion PrayingHands.png 2 Bluestone/Redstone
Rock, Paper, Scissors Icon Emotion RockPaperScissors.png 2 Bluestone/Redstone
Salute Icon Emotion Salute.png 1 Bluestone/Redstone
Shh Icon Emotion Shhh.png 2 Bluestone/Redstone
The Carole Icon Emotion TheCarole.png 4 Redstone
Thumbs Down Icon Emotion ThumbsDown.png 1 Bluestone/Redstone
Thumbs Up Icon Emotion ThumbsUp.png 1 Bluestone/Redstone
You Crazy Icon Emotion YouCrazy.png 3 Redstone

Name Icon Cost
Thumbs Up Skin Item LobbyPose ThumbsUp.png 2 Bluestone/Redstone
Cheers Skin Item LobbyPose Ale.png 3 Bluestone/Redstone
We Want Food! Skin Item LobbyPose WeWantFood.png 3 Redstone
Defeat Skin Item LobbyPose Defeat.png 2 Bluestone/Redstone
T he Perfect Brew Skin Item LobbyPose CoffeeBrewing.png Madrinas Coffee Bundle

Name Action Type Image Cost
Coffee Time Resting Skin Rest CupOfCoffee.png Madrinas Coffee Bundle
Hard Earned Ale Resting Skin Rest HardEarnedAle.png Tavern Master Quest reward, Season 2
Skewered food Resting Skin Rest SkeweredFood.png 3 Redstone
Sleeping Bag Resting Sleeping Bag Cosmetic.png Voyager reward, Season 1

Redstone Shard.png

Redstone is used to buy cosmetics in the in-game shop.
All Redstone prices are based off USD and are not localized to other regions, if you pay in other currencies it is relative to the exchange rate in that currency to USD.
You can buy Redstone here.

Image Redstone1.png Redstone2.png Redstone3.png Redstone4.png Redstone5.png
Amount 1 2 5 10 15
Cost $2.00 USD $4.00 USD $10.00 USD $20.00 USD $30.00 USD

Bluestone Shard.png

Bluestone is used to buy cosmetics in the in-game shop.
Bluestone can be earned by raising your Triumph Level.