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Fellow travelers offering their goods and services to braves adventures. They sell weapons, armors, healing items and many more items that could aid players in the dungeons. Some offer crafting recipes for players as a favor for completing quests.

All merchants restock every 30 minutes. (12:00, 12:30, 01:00, etc.)

Weapons, armors, accessories, and utiliti items can be sold to Alchemist, Armourer, Leathersmith, Surgeon, Tailor, Weaponsmith, and Woodsman.
Misc items, like treasures found it the dunegon, can be sold to The Collector.

Travelers and Merchants

Special Event Travelers and Merchants


Affinity Friendly Armourer.png

"It's remarkable how much one person can inspire another. Your influence has set me on a path of self-discovery and growth . Thank you for being that guiding light."

Positives of Affinity

Players can gain affinity be completing quests for merchants. With each affinity threshold (25, 50, 75, etc.) new and more items will be offered by the merchants.

After gaining 75 Affinity with a merchant, they become Friendly towards you and offer a 10% discount.
After gaining 150 Affinity with a merchant, they become Loved by you and offer a 20% discount.


Merchants offer crafts after you've achieved a certain level of affinity.

The Alchemist, Armourer, Leathersmith, Tailor, and Weaponsmith each offer crafting services.
The Treasurer offers crafting services, but does not have any items to craft yet.

Sell Prices

Merchants will buy your weapons, armor, and cloaks (but not jewelry) at the following gold rates: 0 | 2 | 3 | 6 | 10 | 20 | 30 gold, multiplied by the number of slots the item takes up.

For example, an Uncommon Leather Cap (2x2) would sell to a merchant for 3 x (2x2) = 12g total.

Note that this is specifically for Weapons and Armor. Other Equipment, Miscellaneous and Treasure items are priced differently.

Traders Guild

Trade Master.png

"Welcome to the Trade Post. We hope you find what you are looking for. You can link an item in the trade chat by holding SHIFT and clicking on an item in your inventory. You can right click on an item linked by another trader to request a trade."

How to Trade

Instead of selling your items to Merchants or Travelers for low gold, you can sell/trade your high tier items in the Trader's Guild with other players.
Squire Status allows players to buy items from the Marketplace, while upgrading to Legendary Status allows to sell them and grants access to the Trading Post.
However, before you are allowed to trade, you need to meet the requirements given by Trade Master.


  • Minimum Level: 20
  • Initiation Fee: 25 Gold
  • Trading Post Cost per trade: 15 Gold
  • Marketplace Cost per trade: 5% of the Selling Price or 15g, whichever value is higher.
    • Items will be listed for 7 days before expiring.
    • After a listing is successfully sold or it expires, you have 7 days to collect your gold or items.


Merchants offer quests which on completion instantly give you rewards, ranging from weapons, armors, and utility items to in games races and emotes. See the quest page to check what challenges they bring.

Quest items can only be turned in if they are looted.

Some quests are currently unavailable in-game, as they are for an out of rotation seasonal merchant. There is no information about if this questline will come back, but it can be viewed on the past quests page.

Click All to see all quests, or a merchant icon to see quests specific to that merchant!

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  • Monster kills can actually be assists. (player has to be alive and on same team as a person that killed the monster)
  • Player kills must be the killing blow.