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I recommend using "Edit Source" as Visual Edit doesn't work well.


When making an edit with the intention of bring it up to date with a hotfix/patch release, specify that the page is up to date and change the status color from red/orange to green in TODO.


Tabber extension allows content to be created under tabs. Unfortunately, doesn't support visual edit

Here is your content 1
Spells here etc.


Here is your content 1

Spells here etc.


The data for items are pulled from templates:

also planning to add monster data(actively WIP) and jewelry data. Also could combine every item on Item Data, that might not be good for load times tho.

Infobox Templates:

Weapon Templates

Templates for Individual Weapon pages:

Templates for class pages:

Info Templates:

Armor Templates

Info Templates:

Craft Templates

Monster Templates

Race Templates

Class Templates

  • Template:Class_Data
    • Currently only holds attribute data for each Class. Used in Class infoboxes that display their attributes.
  • Template:ListWeaponsForClass
    • Generate list of Weapons that a Class can equip. Categorizes the weapons by hand types: One Handed, Two Handed.
  • Template:ListArmorsForClass
    • Generate list of Armors that a Class can equip. Categorizes the armors by slot types: Head, Chest, Legs, Foot, Hands, Back.

Drops Templates

Utility Templates

  • Redirect
    • Not a template - upon entering source page user is redirected to another page
  • Template:Transclude
    • Pastes all content from a section of a given page
  • TODO
    • Not a template - shows last patch a page was manually entered as up-to-date for