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What are Skill/Spell Points?

- Spells (as well as some skills) can be recharged in several ways, where higher tier spells take longer to recharge.

- Skill/Spell Points, or (SP), refers to how long it will take to recharge which depends solely on the tier.

Recharge Cost (SP) = 100 * Tier

- For example, Zap is a Tier 1 spell, and as such costs 100 SP to restore each cast. Fireball is a Tier 5 and costs 500 SP per cast. 

Recharging Skills/Spells

- Wizard's Meditation, Campfires, Resting, Clarity Potions, and Bard's Chorale of Clarity are currently the only ways to recharge SP.

- When you recharge spells it recharges the base amount listed on the tooltip which can be increased by your Spell Recovery. Note that Memory Capacity no longer increases this as of Patch #2:

SP Recharge per tick (SP/tick) = floor(Base Recharge * (1 + Spell Recovery Bonus))

- For example, Meditation recharges a base of 34SP and Wizard has a base Spell Recovery of 80.5%. This will recharge 61 per tick, or 2 ticks to restore 1 cast of a 100 SP Zap.

- Some skills can also be recharged, currently this only includes Fighter's Second Wind (tier 5, 500 SP) and Barbarian's Blood Exchange (tier 5, 500 SP). However, they can only be regenerated from Campfires (not regular sitting, clarity potions, nor chorale of clarity. Additionally, their recharge does not benefit from Spell Recovery(?).

Sources of Skill/Spell Points


  • Recovers base 34 SP per tick
  • Lasts base of 24s and is sped up by Spell Casting Speed
  • Each tick takes 1.5s, and is sped up by Spell Casting Speed
  • Can restore SP from sitting at the same time

Modified Duration (s) = 24s/(1 + Spell Casting Speed)

  • Always has 17 ticks split across the duration. 16 ticks come from Duration/Tick Interval, and 1 Tick comes from the "instant tick" (see Notes).


  • Recovers base 34 SP per tick
  • Lasts 15 | 18 | 21 | 24 | 27 | 30 | 33 | 36 seconds, independent of Buff Duration
  • Ticks initially and every 1s. Setting up a campfire and then sitting down will cost about 2 ticks.
  • Overwrites SP gained from Sitting/Resting, even though the Healing is not overwritten.


  • Recovers base 17 SP per tick
  • Lasts as long as you remain sitting
  • Ticks initially and every 2s

Clarity Potions

  • Recovers base 17 SP per tick
  • Lasts 2 | 4 | 6 | 8 | 10 | 12 | 14 | 16 seconds and is increased by your Buff Duration

Modified Duration (s) = Base Duration * (1 + Buff Duration)

  • Ticks initially and every 1s

Number of ticks (ticks) = 1 + floor(Base Duration * (1 + Buff Duration))

Bard's Chorale of Clarity

  • Recovers base 8 SP per tick
  • Lasts 8/16/24 (s) at 20 Persuasiveness (on the Bard) based on song quality and is increased by receiver's Buff Duration

Modified Duration (s) = Base Duration * (1 + Receivers Buff Duration)

  • Ticks when initially played and every 2s

Number of ticks (ticks) = 1 + floor(Base Duration * ( 1 + Receivers Buff Duration)/2)


  • When initiating any form of Restoration, there is one guaranteed "instant tick" granted, before any ticks are counted down. This can be seen with Meditation, which should give 16 ticks when dividing total duration by tick interval, but actually grants 17, as a tick is granted before any time has passed.
  • When a full cast is recharged, excess SP will be added towards recharging the next cast.
  • Placing campfires yourself will often lose at least 1 tick due to the sitting animation.
  • Some ticks are sporadic and aren't exactly every 1s / 3s, although the total recharge is consistent regardless.


Using a base kit Cleric with 73% Spell Recovery and 10% Buff Duration. Additionally, the Bard singing Chorale of Clarity has 23 Persuasiveness

SP recharged per tick

This recharges 58 SP per tick from Campfire, 29 from Sitting, 29 from Clarity Potions, and 13 from Bard's Chorale of Clarity.

Number of ticks

Common Campfires would have 22 ticks, Sitting may have 10 ticks (assuming sitting for 19s), common Clarity potion would have 7 ticks, and a perfectly played Chorale of Clarity would have 16 ticks.

Total SP recharged

Total amount of recharge (SP) = Recharge per tick * Number of ticks

This would recharge a total of 1276 SP for a common Campfire, 290 SP for Sitting for 19s, 203 SP for a common Clarity Potion, and 208 SP for Chorale of Clarity.

Total casts recharged

Since Lesser Heal is tier 3 and costs 300 SP, common Campfire would recharge 4.25 casts, Sitting for 19s would recharge 0.97 casts, common Clarity Potion 0.68 casts, and Chorale of Clarity 0.69 casts.

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