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'The Brawny Warrior'



Barbarians in Dark and Darker are fierce and savage warriors, who rely on their raw strength and animalistic rage to tear apart their enemies. They are masters of close-quarters combat, using powerful two-handed weapons or even their bare hands to strike their foes with devastating force. Barbarians are also known for their endurance and stamina, allowing them to keep fighting long after other warriors have fallen. Their primal instincts give them an uncanny ability to sense danger and react quickly, making them ideal for surprise attacks or ambushes.

Class Info

Weapon of choice: Anything heavy-duty.

  • Pros
    • Highest base health.
    • High melee damage.
    • Highest base magic resistance when equipping the Iron Will perk.
    • Increased proficiency with axe type melee weapons and thrown axe weapons
    • Can equip a perk that allows breaking unreinforced doors and chests.
    • Fast room clearing ability.
    • Strong buff and debuff skills.
  • Cons
    • Very slow interaction speed, attack speed and base movement speed.
    • Extremely slow Magical Interaction speed, which means extremely slow portal-opening.
    • Limited combat healing.
    • Limited ranged options.

You can equip an additional perk every 5 levels. Currently maxed out at Level 15, so a total of 4 perks can be equipped.

Name Description
Perk Axe Specialization.png
Axe Specialization
Adds +5 Weapon damage to your Axe attacks.
Perk Berserker.png
The lower your remaining HP, the higher your physical power bonus, up to 33.33% at just above 0hp. The benefit is negatively affected by Health Bonus %, like Robust, War Cry, and Blood Exchange, which all add together.
Physical Power Bonus = (1 - CurrentHealth/MaxHealth * (1 + HealthBonus%))/3. The bonus cannot be negative.
Damage Increase Graph
Perk Carnage.png
Armor Rating increases by 75 for 7 seconds when a target is killed.
Perk Executioner.png
Increases headshot Damage with Axes by an additive +10%.
Perk Iron Will.png
Iron Will
Increases Magic Resist by 100 and ignores knockback effects.
Perk Morale Boost.png
Morale Boost
Recovers 12% of Max HP after killing a player.
Perk Potion Chugger.png
Potion Chugger
Alters all Potions to have 50% of their base duration and provide +20% of the effect. Note that base duration implies that the amount of effect received from the total duration is unchanged. For example, Potion of healing's will heal 1.2x the amount in only half the time. See Potion Chugger Example.
Receiving the effects of a Potion of Healing in 50% of the duration is beneficial, but a Protection or Invisibility potion lasting 50% shorter is not beneficial. Additionally, Luck Potions don't have a duration that can be reduced.
Perk Savage.png
Physical Power Bonus increases by +10% when not wearing any chest armor.
Perk Smash.png
Ability to destroy unreinforced doors and sturdy containers. Also increases the Impact Power of your two-handed attacks by 1 to better defeat blocks and parries.
Perk Toughness.png
Increases Max HP Bonus by +15%.
Perk Two Handed Weapon Expert.png
Increases Physical Power Bonus by +5% when attacking with a two-handed weapon.
Perk Treacherous Lungs.png
Treacherous Lungs
Increases base duration of all Shout skills (War Cry, Rage, Savage Roar) by +25%.

You can equip a total of 2 skills.

Name Description Scaling Cooldown
Skill Achilles Strike.png
Achilles Strike
The next hit applies a debuff that lasts 2.5 seconds. During this debuff, the victim's Move Speed Bonus is decreased by -30%, and any step they take will inflict 1 Physical Damage. Initial Damage: 100%
Damage per step: 50%
Skill Blood Exchange.png
Blood Exchange
Reduce Max HP Bonus by 20% for 8 seconds while gaining Lifesteal. Lifesteal: Successful attacks that deal Damage grant the player back 10% of Max HP. (Single use, rechargeable with campfires. Skill Tier 5.) 28s
Skill Life Siphon.png
War Sacrifice
Upon activation gain +5 All Attributes for 8 seconds, but lose 10% of your maximum health as a sacrifice over the same duration. 28s
Skill Rage.png
Strength and Vigor is increased by +10 and Movement Speed is increased multiplicatively by 10%, while Physical Damage Reduction is additively reduced by 20% for 6 seconds. 28s
Skill Reckless Attack.png
Reckless Attack
The next hit has 85% armor penetration. Your aggressiveness results in a -200 armor rating. The buff is consumed when an attack hits an object or a target. 24s
Skill Savage Roar.png
Savage Roar
Frightens all enemies within a 7.5m range radius, decreasing players Physical Power Bonus by -50% for 6 seconds and forcing monsters to walk away from you for 3 seconds. 28s
Skill War Cry.png
War Cry
Grants +25% increased Max HP Bonus of self and allies within 7.5m for 7 seconds. 24s

Hand Type Weapons
2-Handed Axe of RighteousnessBardicheBattle AxeDivine AxeDivine StaffDouble AxeFelling AxeQuarterstaffStaff of RighteousnessSterling StaffTorchTroll's BaneWar MaulZweihander
1-Handed HatchetHorsemans AxeViking Sword

Slot Type Armors
Head Barbuta HelmCobalt Viking HelmCopperlight Straw HatGjermundbuGolden GjermundbuLeather CapRubysilver Barbuta HelmViking Helm
Chest Adventurer TunicCobalt Regal GambesonCopperlight TunicGolden Padded TunicNorthern Full TunicPadded TunicRegal GambesonTri-Pelt DoubletTri-Pelt Northern Full Tunic
Legs Cloth PantsCobalt TrousersCopperlight LeggingsDemonclad LeggingsGolden ChaussesGolden LeggingsHeavy Leather LeggingsLeather ChaussesLeather LeggingsLoose TrousersPadded LeggingsRubysilver LeggingsWolf Hunter Leggings
Hands Cobalt Leather GlovesCopperlight Riveted GlovesDemon Grip GlovesGloves of UtilityGolden GlovesGravewolf GlovesLeather GlovesRawhide GlovesReinforced GlovesRiveted GlovesRubysilver Rawhide Gloves
Feet Adventurer BootsCobalt Lightfoot BootsCopperlight Lightfoot BootsFoul BootsGolden BootsHeavy BootsLaced TurnshoeLightfoot BootsOld ShoesRubysilver Adventurer BootsRugged BootsShoes of Darkness
Back Adventurer CloakCloak of DarknessGolden CloakMercurial CloakRadiant CloakSplendid CloakTattered CloakVigilant CloakWatchman Cloak

These stats do not include the starting armor

Stat Name Base Stats
Strength 25
Vigor 25
Agility 13
Dexterity 12
Will 18
Knowledge 5
Resourcefulness 7
Health 120
Spell Memory 0
Move Speed 292 (97.33%)
Action Speed -6%
Spell Casting Speed -68%
Equip Speed -28%
Regular Interaction Speed -23%
Magical Interaction Speed -45%
Buff Duration 3%
Debuff Duration -2.9%
Armor Penetration 0%
Magic Penetration 0%
Headshot Reduction 0%
Projectile Damage Reduction 0%
Physical Damage Reduction -10%
From Armor Rating 0 (-10%)
From Bonuses 0%
Magic Resist 11.6%
From Resist Rating 39 (11.6%)
From Bonuses 0%
Physical Power Bonus 15%
From Physical Power 30 (15%)
From Bonuses 0%
Magic Power Bonus 9%
From Magic Power 18 (9%)
From Bonuses 0%
Primary Weapon 0
Attack 1 (0) + 0(Blunt)
Attack 2 (0) + 0(Blunt)
Secondary Weapon 0
Impact Power 0
Primary Weapon Impact Power 0
Secondary Weapon Impact Power 0

- Do not open chests or doors the regular way, just break them with the Smash perk. Your interaction speed is too slow. (However, breaking them will not grant EXP.)

- Your ranged options are limited, try to force enemies into close quarters where you excel. Cornering and ambushing are valuable strategies.

- Try not to fight faster classes while using Two-Handed weapons, their swing speed is very slow, allowing swift opponents to bait your attack and punish you during the recovery time. Have either a Hatchet or a Horseman's Axe as a secondary to deal with them. If you don't have such a secondary, press X to take out your fists.

- Francisca Axes deal a lot of damage combined with the Axe Specialization Perk. Don't underestimate the Francisca Axes, they deliver a powerful slow effect, enabling you to close the gap or outright 2-3 shot low health classes like the Wizard.

- Use your ability to smash through doors to make aggressive plays and surprise enemy players.

- Utilize Move Speed buffs such as Rage, Wizard's Haste, or Bard's Accelerando to mitigate your slow movement speed.

2024/02/22 Early Access Hotfix#33

  • Barbarian receives a Treacherous Lungs.
  • Barbarian's Axe specialization weapon damage increase changed from 3 → 5.

2024/02/08 Early Access Hotfix#31

  • Barbarian's base Strength decreased from 25 → 20, and Resourcefulness increased from 7 → 12.
  • Barbarian can now equip the Round Shield.
  • Barbarian's Rage skill Strength gain decreased from 15 → 10, movement speed bonus decreased from 15% → 10%.
  • Barbarian's Potion Chugger potion duration has change from -20% → -50%.
  • Barbarian's Savage Roar duration changed from 8s → 6s.
  • Barbarian's Reckless Attack armor penetration increased from 75% → 85% while the armor rating penalty has also been increased from -35 → -200.

2024/02/01 Early Access Hotfix #30

  • Fixed an issue where Crush could be applied to all Barbarian one-handed weapons.

2024/01/31 Early Access Patch #3

  • Barbarian's Rage vigor changed from 15 → 10.
  • Barbarian's Reckless Attack's defense rating penalty has been changed from -55 → -35.
  • Barbarian's Savage Roar duration changed from 6 → 8s and physical damage bonus changed from -25% → -50%.

2023/11/30 Early Access Hotfix #22

- Barbarian's base Vigor has been reduced from 30 → 25, and base Agility has been increased from 8 → 13.

- Barbarian's 'Iron Will' perk has been updated with the additional magic resistance increased from 60 → 100.

- Barbarian’s ‘Robust’ perk health increase increased from 10% to 15%.

- Barbarian’s 'Rage' skill now temporarily increases Vigor by 15.

- Barbarian's ‘Blood Exchange’ skill’s health penalty reduced from -30% → -20%.

2023/11/09 Early Access Hotfix #20

- Barbarian's Blood Exchange recovery rate per hit has been reduced from 15% → 10%.

- Barbarian's Blood Exchange maximum health reduction rate for 8 seconds has been changed from -25% → -30%.

- Barbarian's Blood Exchange skill tier has been changed from 1 → 5. It will now take longer to recover the skill at a campfire.

- Barbarian's Achilles Strike duration changed from 4s → 2.5s.

2023/11/03 Early Access Hotfix #19

- Barbarian's Carnage now grants +75 Armor Rating for 7 seconds instead of +10 Strength after a target is killed.

- Barbarian's Axe Specialization now increases weapon damage by +3 instead of 10% Physical Damage Bonus.

- Barbarian's Achilles Strike debuff duration on the target increased from 2s → 4s.

- Barbarian's Blood Exchange duration increased from 6 to 8 seconds, and life steal amount increased from 5% to 15%.

- Barbarian's Life Siphon has been renamed to War Sacrifice. Now costs 10% of maximum health as a life sacrifice over 8 seconds and increases all attributes by 4 → 5.

2023/10/05 Early Access Hotfix #15

- Barbarian's Iron Will's additional Magic Resistance has been changed from 100 → 60.

2023/09/12 Early Access Hotfix #11

- Axe Specialization changed from +5 Additional Physical Damage -> +10% Physical Damage Bonus - Achilles Strike's Physical Damage on hit reduced from 10 -> 0 dmg, Damage taken per step decreased from 5 -> 1 dmg - Achilles Strike's Slow debuff increased from -10% -> -30% movespeed

2023/02/13 Alpha Playtest #4 Hotfix #5

- Savage Roar’s fear duration changed from 4 to 3 seconds.

2022/12/22 Alpha Playtest #3 Hotfix #5

- Fixed an issue where the Savage Roar's fear effect would not disappear.

2022/12/19 Alpha Playtest #3 Hotfix #3

- The cooldown of Barbarian's Savage Roar skill has been changed from 24 to 28 seconds.

2022/12/17 Alpha Playtest #3 Hotfix #2

- Barbarian's Reckless Attack : Armor Penetration 70% → 75%, Armor Rating -75 → -55

- Barbarian's Savage : Physical Damage Mod 5% → 10%

- Barbarian's Savage Roar : Physical Damage Mod -20% → -25%