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Also known as Attribute Bonus Ratio

- "Attribute Bonus Ratio" is a hidden modifier present on a variety of spells, items, and skills. It will modify any sources of personal bonus damage/healing/shields/whatever else, based on its multiplier.

Now, this scaling can be seen within parentheses after most numbers seen in descriptions. For example, 15 (1.0) magical damage means this hit has 100% Attribute Bonus Ratio (Scaling).

What does this include?

  • Power Bonus (Magical and Physical)
  • Magical Damage (From Spellbooks, Staves, and Crystal Balls)
  • Divine Strike's special Physical Damage buff
  • Additional Damage (Magical and Physical)
  • True Damage (Magical and Physical)
  • Weapon Damage (There is currently nothing implemented in the game with Attribute Bonus Ratio that can also benefit from standard Weapon Damage)
  • Physical/Magical Healing Add

What does this not include?

This can be summarized as Attribute Bonus Ratio affects all flat bonuses, as well as Power Bonus (Physical and Magical).

- Here's an example using default Warlock's Curse of Pain damage over time (not the direct hit). Curse of Pain has a base of 10 damage over 8 seconds, the default Magic Staff grants 5 Magical Damage, and Warlock's default Magic Power Bonus is 24%.

- Without Attribute Bonus Ratio, the damage calculation would look as follows:

( 10 + 5 ) * (1 + 0.24) = 18.6 dmg over 8s

- However, with Attribute Bonus Ratio of 50%, we must halve the +5 Magical Damage and the 24% Magic Power Bonus.

( 10 + 2.5 ) * (1 + 0.12) = 14 dmg over 8s

- 14 damage over 8 seconds then equates to 1.75 damage dealt every second.

What sources of damage are affected by this?

All attribute bonus scalars can now be found in the class/unique specific pages.