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Looted Handled Supplied

All items have one of the following tags, Looted, Handled, or Supplied. Which tag they have can affect whether or not they give Adventure Points (AP)/Experience (XP) or not, as well as turning in quest items.


Supplied items are those that are supplied by the Squire that are created whenever a class dies and is given new starter equipment.


Handled items are those that are traded between players or bought from Merchants. Before Patch:6.4#Hotfix_46, this included items from killed players.

Both entering and extracting from a dungeon converts your equipped items to Handled.

Combining Looted and Handled into the same stack of items converts the whole stack to Handled.


Looted items are those that are created during a dungeon.

Killing a player also converts their items to Looted.

Quests items can only be turned in if they are Looted.


Upon extracting, Adventure Points (AP) and Experience (XP) are rewarded based on the equipped items that are Looted.

  • Entering a mission with a full set of Looted gear will first be converted to Handled, meaning no AP/XP will be rewarded.
  • Killing a player and taking their gear which is converted to Looted (immediately?) will reward AP/XP upon extraction (specifics unknown)