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'The Almighty Sorcerer'



Wizards in Dark and Darker are powerful spellcasters, who use their knowledge of arcane magic to bend reality to their will. They can cast a wide variety of spells, ranging from destructive blasts of fire to complex arcane and frost spells. Wizards can also create magical barriers protecting themselves from harm. However, their powers come at a cost - wizards need to meditate and prepare their spells in advance, making them vulnerable to surprise attacks and ambushes.

Class Info

Weapon of choice: Wizard Staff or Spellbook.

  • Pros
    • Access to powerful spells that allow for a versatile play style.
    • High single and multi target magic damage output.
    • Access to utility spells that can slow down enemies or reveal those who are Invisible.
    • Can apply several powerful buffs to themselves or to teammates, increasing damage, movement speed, and providing Invisibility.
    • High Magical Interaction Speed, allowing for fast shrine usage and portal opening.
  • Cons
    • Beginner unfriendly. Spell system is unintuitive to learn, and mistakes are heavily punished.
    • Very low physical damage and limited melee options.
    • Poor movement speed if not buffed. Movement speed is also lowered further during casting.
    • Lowest health in the game, with poor armor options.
    • Limited by the amount of available spell casts. Common restoration methods are Resting or Meditation, both of which leave the Wizard vulnerable and generate a lot of downtime.

You can equip an additional perk every 5 levels. Currently maxed out at Level 15, so a total of 4 perks can be equipped.

Name Description
Perk Arcane Feedback.png
Arcane Feedback
Each time you do damage with an arcane spell your Spell Casting Speed and Magic Power Bonus increase by 2% per stack. Arcane Feedback can stack up to 5 times at once. The bonus duration lasts for 7 seconds and resets with each successful stack.
Perk Arcane Mastery.png
Arcane Mastery
Increases Magic Power Bonus by +5% when using Arcane spells, and reduces the base casting time of Arcane spells by 0.5 seconds.
Perk Fire Mastery.png
Fire Mastery
Increases Magic Power Bonus by +5% when using Fire spells, and increases the duration of the burn effect for Fireball, Ignite, and Zap by 2 seconds. The total damage of the burn remains the same. Additionally, the burn now applies 50% Heal Reduction
Perk Ice Shield.png
Ice Shield
Grants +20 flat Armor Rating, and inflicts Frostbite on melee attackers for 0.5 seconds. Cooldown of 5 seconds in the form of a debuff. Frostbite inflicts -20% decreased Move Speed Bonus and -20% Action Speed.
Perk Mana Surge.png
Mana Surge
Increases Magic Power Bonus by +10%.
Perk Melt.png
If you deal magical fire damage to a target, the target's Physical Damage Reduction is reduced by a flat -10% for 5 seconds.
Perk Quick Chant.png
Quick Chant
Increases Spell Casting Speed by +10%.
Perk Reactive Shield.png
Reactive Shield
Activates an arcane reactive shield that lasts for 3 seconds when you take damage. The arcane shield can absorb 15 total damage, and can absorb both Physical and Magical Damage. The shield can only reactivate after a cooldown of 12s. The shield has 0% Scaling.
Perk Sage.png
Increases Knowledge by +10%.
Perk Staff Mastery.png
Staff Mastery
When using a staff-type weapon, you gain 3 Magic Weapon Damage. (Magic Staff)
Perk Ice Mastery.png
Ice Mastery
Dealing damage with ice magic freezes the target in place for 0.5 seconds.

You can equip a total of 2 skills.

Name Description Scaling Cooldown
Skill Arcane Shield.png
Arcane Shield
Places a Protection#shield around you that absorbs 20 damage from all types for 15 seconds. Upon absorbing all the damage this shield can absorb, it unleashes an Arcane Explosion dealing 5 Magical Damage to targets within 2m. 50% Shield
100% Blast
Skill Intense Focus.png
Intense Focus
Reduce the casting time of the next spell you cast to 0.1 seconds. 18s
Skill Meditation.png
Enter a meditative state and restore Spells at a rate of 34 SP per 1.5 seconds over 24 seconds while also restoring spells from Resting. Regardless of Spell Casting Speed, 17 ticks of restoration will always be acquired. Points recharged per second increase when Memory Capacity increases, and meditative state duration and 1.5s recharge interval is affected by Spell Casting Speed. 45s
Skill Spell Memory.png
Spell Memory
Allows you to memorize spells to use in the dungeon. /
Skill Spell Memory.png
Spell Memory 2
Allows you to memorize spells to use in the dungeon. /

The order in which you select spells will determine their Spell Memory Priority. You can right click spells to "forget" them, and you must drag and drop a spell to memorize it. Spell tiers determine their spell memory cost.

Wizard has default 8 meters range on their spells unless it is a projectile (Magic Missile, Light, Fireball, Ice Bolt)
Spell Types:


Tier 1

Name Description Scaling Casting Time Limit
Spell Zap.png
If hit, deals 20 Magical Damage and burns the target for 1 second, dealing 1 Magical Damage. Initial Damage: 100%
DoT: 50%
1,25s 5 Casts
Spell Light Orb.png
Light Orb
Blows up spheres of floating light to brightly illuminate the surroundings for 40 seconds.
Projectile speed: 3m/s.

Reveals allied and enemy Rogues hidden with "Hide" skill within 5 meters, ignoring walls.
1s 6 Casts

Tier 2

Name Description Scaling Casting Time Limit
Spell Slow.png
Decreases the target's Move Speed Bonus by -40% for 2.5 seconds. 1.25s 5 Casts
Spell Ice Bolt.png
Ice Bolt
Throws an ice bolt that deals 30 Magical Damage and inflicts Frostbite for 1 second.
Projectile speed: 14m/s

Frostbite inflicts -20% decreased Move Speed Bonus and -20% Action Speed.
100% 1.25s 5 Casts
Spell Ignite.png
Set the target's weapon on fire for 15 seconds. When hitting a target with an Ignited weapon, attacks deal another source of damage that deals 5 Magical Damage and burn the target for 1 second, dealing 1 Magical Damage.
Initial Damage: 50%
DoT: 50%
0.75s 10 Casts

Tier 3

Name Description Scaling Casting Time Limit
Spell Magic Missile.png
Magic Missile
Channel and fires up to 10 homing missile that each deal 9 Magical Damage. Stops firing when you move.
Projectile speed: 7m/s

The casting interval between each missile fire is determined by your Spell Casting Speed. Default channeling duration is 3 seconds. Both of these scale with Spell Casting Speed, meaning that there will always be 9 missiles fired at maximum. Magic missiles can pierce shields.
100% per missile 1.25s 5 Casts
Spell Haste.png
Target gains +10% Action Speed and Spell Casting Speed as well as 5% Movement Speed for 8 seconds. Casts to self if no target is found. 0.75s 4 Casts

Tier 4

Name Description Scaling Casting Time Limit
Spell Lightning Strike.png
Lightning Strike
After a brief moment, a bolt of lightning falls in the targeted area, dealing 30 Magical Damage. Targets hit by this shock will have their Move Speed Bonus decreased by -20% for 1 second. Blast radius of 0.75 meters. 100% 2s 5 Casts
Spell Invisibility.png
Target becomes invisible for 4 seconds, and gains an increased +5% Move Speed Bonus. Casts to self if no target is found. Invisibility is NOT broken by movement, but will break if performing an action or attack. 0.75s 4 Casts
Spell Fireball.png
Shoots a fireball that causes 25 direct Magical Damage to a target and 10 splash Magical Damage. Direct hits also apply the splash damage. Nearby targets are knocked back.
Projectile speed: 12m/s

Also applies a burn to damaged targets, deals 3 Magical Damage over 3 seconds
Direct & Splash = 100%
DoT = 50%
2s 4 Casts

Tier 5

Name Description Scaling Casting Time Limit
Explosion spell icon.png
When casted, a sticky bomb sticks to the target which detonates after 3 seconds exploding for 25 Magical Damage and applying burn in a 1m radius. When applying to a target it is in the form of a status debuff which can be affected by the targets debuff duration. Can also stick to walls. When casted on a shield, the bomb instead floats in the air in the location of impact, but can still explode. If the Wizard dies, the sticky bomb status is removed from the target immedietely and deals no damage.

Also applies a burn to damaged targets, dealing 2 Magical Damage over 3 seconds. Instead of Fire Mastery increasing the duration by 2s, it increases the duration by 1s, and increases the base damage by 1.
Initial Damage = 100%
DoT = 50%
1.75s 4 Casts

Tier 6

Name Description Scaling Casting Time Limit
Spell Chain Lightning.png
Chain Lightning
Electrocutes the target, inflicts 35 magic Damage, and fires lightning that is transferred to a being within 8 meters and shocks up to 3 times. Chains deal 5 less damage per chain after the first (35/30/25/20). It does not transfer to the target it was transferred to once, and it transfers to yourself if you are nearby.

Lightning transfer effect also applies to corpses. Targets hit by this shock will have their Move Speed Bonus decreased by -20% for 1 second.
100% 2.5s 3 Casts

Hand Type Weapons
2-Handed CrossbowCrystal SwordDivine StaffMagic StaffQuarterstaffSpellbookStaff of RighteousnessSterling StaffTorchTroll's Bane
1-Handed Crystal BallDagger of RighteousnessDivine DaggerMana SphereRondel DaggerSterling Dagger

Slot Type Armors
Head Cobalt HatCopperlight Straw HatCowl of DarknessGolden Leaf HoodLeather CapRubysilver HoodWizard Hat
Chest Adventurer TunicCobalt FrockCobalt Regal GambesonCopperlight OutfitCopperlight TunicFrockGolden Padded TunicGolden RobeMystic VestmentsOracle RobePadded TunicRegal GambesonRobe of DarknessRubysilver VestmentsTri-Pelt Doublet
Legs Cloth PantsCobalt TrousersCopperlight LeggingsCopperlight PantsDemonclad LeggingsGolden ChaussesGolden LeggingsHeavy Leather LeggingsLeather ChaussesLeather LeggingsLoose TrousersPadded LeggingsRubysilver LeggingsWolf Hunter Leggings
Hands Cobalt Leather GlovesCopperlight Riveted GlovesDemon Grip GlovesGloves of UtilityGolden GlovesGravewolf GlovesLeather GlovesRawhide GlovesReinforced GlovesRiveted GlovesRubysilver Rawhide Gloves
Feet Adventurer BootsCobalt Lightfoot BootsCopperlight Lightfoot BootsFoul BootsGolden BootsHeavy BootsLaced TurnshoeLightfoot BootsOccultist BootsOld ShoesRubysilver Adventurer BootsRugged BootsShoes of DarknessWizard Shoes
Back Adventurer CloakCloak of DarknessGolden CloakMercurial CloakRadiant CloakSplendid CloakTattered CloakVigilant CloakWatchman Cloak

These stats do not include the starting armor

Stat Name Base Stats
Strength 6
Agility 12
Will 20
Knowledge 25
Resourcefulness 12
Health 75
Spell Memory * / 19
Move Speed 294 (98%)
Action Speed -4%
Spell Casting Speed 15%
Equip Speed -21%
Regular Interaction Speed -15%
Magical Interaction Speed 70%
Buff Duration 5%
Debuff Duration -4.8%
Armor Penetration 0%
Magic Penetration 0%
Headshot Reduction 0%
Projectile Damage Reduction 0%
Physical Damage Reduction -10%
From Armor Rating 0 (-10%)
From Bonuses 0%
Magic Resist 12.9%
From Resist Rating 45 (12.9%)
From Bonuses 0%
Physical Power Bonus -25%
From Physical Power 6 (-25%)
From Bonuses 0%
Magic Power Bonus 15%
From Magic Power 20 (15%)
From Bonuses 0%
Primary Weapon 0
Attack 1 (0) + 0(Blunt)
Attack 2 (0) + 0(Blunt)
Secondary Weapon 0
Impact Power 0
Primary Weapon Impact Power 1
Secondary Weapon Impact Power 0

- Use Meditation wisely. It will force your perspective downwards and lock your camera, as well as apply an audio filter to make it more difficult to hear enemies approaching. Try to Meditate on elevated surfaces to increase your field of view.

- Fireball can be used to destroy doors, and its splash damage can hurt enemies on the other side.

- Chain Lightning will use corpses as "hopping" points. Use this to your advantage to hit enemies around corners.

- Light Orb will reveal enemy Rogues, preventing ambushes.

- Use Invisibility to get out of sticky situations and re-position. You can use the Haste ability beforehand to further boost your movement speed.

- You can use Clarity Potions, Campfires, or a Bard on your team to replenish spells, allowing you to forgo Meditation in favor of another Skill.

2024/02/22 Early Access Hotfix #33

  • Wizard receives an Ice Mastery.
  • Wizard's Staff Mastery's magic weapon damage increase has been changed from 5 → 3.
  • Wizard's Ice Shield now has a 5 second cooldown before it can be activated again.

2024/02/11 Early Access Hotfix #32

  • Wizard receives an early version of Staff Mastery.
  • Wizard's Arcane Feedback spell casting speed and arcane magic damage bonuses per stat has been changed from 1% → 2%.
  • Wizard's Reactive Shield protection amount changed from 10 → 15.

Unknown date, undocumented change

  • Wizard's Arcane Shield's duration 15s --> 12s
  • Wizard's Magic Missiles shoots up to 9 --> 10 missiles

2024/02/08 Early Access Hotfix #31

  • The amount of charges for the Wizard’s Ignite spell has increased from 5 → 10.
  • Quarterstaff has been added to the Wizard's basic starting kit.
  • Wizard Meditation skill also gives the benefits of resting (heals recoverable health) when active. The rest is additive when meditating next to a campfire.

2023/12/21 Early Access Hotfix #25

- Wizard’s Lightning Strike damage reduced from 35 → 30.

- Wizard’s Lightning Strike area range reduced from 100 → 75.

- Wizard’s Magic Missile's damage reduced from 12 → 9.

- Wizard’s Magic Missiles can no longer pierce shields.

2023/11/30 Early Access Hotfix #22

- Wizard's ‘Chain Lightning’ spell damage modified from 35/35/35/35 → 35/30/25/20.

- Wizard's ‘Explosion’ spell damage decreased from 35 → 30.

2023/11/22 Early Access Patch #2 - New Wizard spell - Explosion.

- Wizard's Fireball count has been lowered from 5 -> 4.

- Wizard's Magic Missile attribute bonus rate increased from 50% -> 100%

2023/11/09 Early Access Hotfix #20

- Wizard's Fire Mastery now works properly with Zap and Ignite.

- Wizard's Fire Mastery now reduces the amount of healing received by burned enemies by 50%.

- Wizard's Haste now grants 5% movement speed bonus, 10% action speed bonus, and 10% casting speed bonus.

2023/11/03 Early Access Hotfix #19

- Wizard's Haste no longer grants movement speed bonus, but instead increases spell casting speed bonus by 12%.

- Wizard's Invisibility now leaves an afterimage every 1.5 seconds.

2023/09/26 Early Access Patch #1

- Wizard's Fireball damage changed 30/15 -> 25/10.

2023/09/14 Early Access Hotfix #12

- Wizard's invisibility duration has been increased from 3 to 4 seconds. - Wizard's Haste duration has been increased from 6 to 8 seconds.

2023/09/12 Early Access Hotfix #11

- Wizard's Haste duration decreased from 12 -> 6s. - Wizard's Invisibility duration decreased from 5 -> 3s. - Movement speed reduced from 70% -> 65% of base movespeed when casting with a Spellbook. - Movement speed reduced from 70% -> 65% of base movespeed when casting with a Crystal Ball.

2023/09/03 Early Access Hotfix #9

- The attribute bonus ratio for The Wizard's Ignite and Magic Missile spells has been adjusted to 50%.

2023/08/28 Early Access Wipe 1

- Many spells' Attribute Bonus Ratio returned to 100%.

  • Zap:
  • Base: 100%
  • DoT: 50%
  • MM: 100%
  • Fireball:
  • Direct: 100%
  • Splash: 100%
  • DoT: 50%
  • Ignite:
  • Direct: 100%
  • DoT: 50%
  • Ice Bolt: 100%
  • Lightning Strike: 100%
  • Chain Lightning: 100%

2023/08/17 Early Access Hotfix #4

- Invisibility duration changed from 7 seconds to 5 seconds.

2023/08/14 Early Access Hotfix #3

- All Spell Casting Times buffed by 0.25 seconds.

2023/08/07 Early Access Release - Stats redistributed from 5 / 15 / 20 / 20 / 15 to 6 / 12 / 20 / 25 / 12

- Various spell casting times adjusted:

  • Zap: 1.5 to 1.25
  • Light Orb: 1.5 to 1.25
  • Ignite: 1 to 0.75
  • Lightning Strike: 2 to 2.25
  • Fireball: 2 to 2.25
  • Chain Lightning: 2.5 to 2.75

2023/04/14 Alpha Playtest #5

  • Stats changed. -5 AGI, -5 WILL, +10 RES
  • Haste: Effect decreased from 14% to 12% Movespeed and Action Speed. Duration increased from 8 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Invisibility: Move speed bonus decreased from 10% to 5%. Duration increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Mana Surge: Magical Power Bonus increased from 5% to 10%.

13/02/2023 Alpha Playtest #4 Hotfix #5

  • Haste duration changed from 11 to 8 seconds.

2023/02/09 Alpha #4 Playtest Hotfix - #3

  • Wizard Light’s Spell Count 8 -> 6
  • Wizard Ignite’s Spell Count 6 -> 5
  • Wizard Zap’s Spell Count 6 -> 5
  • Wizard Ice Bolt’s Spell Count 6 -> 5
  • Wizard Haste’s Spell Count 5 -> 4
  • Wizard Invisibility’s Spell Count 5 -> 4
  • Wizard Chain Lightning’s Spell Count 4 -> 3
  • Wizard Fireball Splash Damage 20 -> 10

2022/12/22 Alpha Playtest #3 Hotfix #5

  • Fixed an issue where the Savage Roar's fear effect would not disappear.

2022/12/20 Alpha Playtest #3 Hotfix #4

  • Fixed an issue where Ignite could malfunction.

2022/12/16 Alpha Playtest #3 Hotfix #1

  • Wizard's Fireball cast time changed from 1.5 seconds to 1.25 seconds.
  • Wizard's Lightning Strike cast time changed from 1.5 seconds to 1.25 seconds.
  • Wizard's Chain Lightning cast time changed from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
  • Wizard's Magic Missile damage per projectile changed from 10 to 12.

2022/12/16 Alpha Playtest #3 Changelog

New Magic System -

  • All spells have a specific memory cost associated with them.
  • Magic users can customize which spells they wish to memorize through the spell capacity system.
  • Your ‘Knowledge’ determines which spells are at your disposal during the game. The order of the spell memorization is important because if your ‘Knowledge’ or ‘Spell Capacity’ stat dynamically changes during the game, the last memorized spells may become available/unavailable.
  • Lots of new spells added to the game including – Ice bolt, Zap, Lightning Strike, Bind, Cleanse, and more.