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There are a few forms of Silence in Dark and Darker which currently seem to exhibit inconsistent/unsolved qualities.

Silences that currently exist include:

  • Rogue's Cut Throat skill
  • Bard's Dissonance skill
  • Bard's Song of Silence song
  • Druid's Panther's Neck Bite when Frenzied after Wild Rush

Silence does not seem to act consistently across the above sources.

See the extensive notes below on specifically Cut Throat testing, feel free to include any community-tested notes here.

Cut Throat

When you successfully hit a target, silence them and disable the target skills/spells/performance abilities.
Additionally Cut Throat removes all Skill-sourced buffs that apply an effect on-hit, like Blow of Corruption, Smite, other Cut-Throats, Blood Exchange, etc. It also purges some other specific buffs, which do not fit the previously mentioned criteria.

Cutthroat removes the effect buff of the following effects, which were performed after the activation animation had completely finished:

Extra purges that don't already meet the mentioned criteria Barbarian: War Sacrifice, Reckless Attack

Cleric: Divine Protection

Fighter: Adrenaline Rush, Perfect Block

Rogue: Hide

Ranger: Penetrating Shot, Forceful Shot

Wizard: Intense Focus

Cutthroat does not remove: Rage, Warcry, Arcane Shield, Sprint, Second Wind, Taunt, Quick Fire, True Shot, any of Bard's buffs

Weird interactions: Quickshot and Multishot get their cooldown refunded so its effectively a buff. Rations have their animation go off, have the skill go on cooldown but the heal does not go through.


Song of Silence

Frenzied Neck Bite