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Clarity Potion
Clarity Potion.png

Move Speed -20
Recharge the spell for 17 Spell Points per second
over 2
Utility Type:
Slot Type:
Action Time:
1 second
Action Move Speed
It clears the clouded mind and brings back forgotten memories.


Consumables are items that either recover the user's health over time, or grant temporary buffs. Potions are commonly obtained by looting in the dungeon, killing Monsters, and purchasing from Merchants.


Recharge the spell for 17 Spell Points per second, over 2 | 4 | 6 | 8 | 10 | 12 | 14 | 16 seconds.

SP Restoration

Clarity Potion can be used to restore SP (Skill/Spell Points). Check Spell Restoration to learn more.

Drop Tables

Clarity Potions no longer drop as loot in the dungeons.