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Class Info

Weapon of choice: A mixture of magic weapons (orbs, books, etc...) and/or melee, depending on the build.

  • Pros
    • Spells cost health, not charges, allowing for nearly unlimited casts.
    • Has access to anti-healing
    • High melee burst damage, with a variety of strong melee options.
    • Extreme PvE capabilities, being able to heal off of NPCs or damage them through walls.
    • Variety of strong gear options, such as the Shadow Mask.
  • Cons
    • Spells are usually weaker than other classes' spells
    • Highly susceptible to rangers
    • Teammates can kill your targets early before your able to heal with Torture Mastery
    • Weapons, while highly damaging, tend to be on the slower side

You can equip an additional perk every 5 levels. Currently maxed out at Level 15, so a total of 4 perks can be equipped.

Name Description
Perk Antimagic.png
Your magic damage reduction is increased additively by 25% except against divine and curse magic. Does not display in details page as it is specific to some damage types.
Perk Curse Mastery.png
Curse Mastery
Your curses (Curse of Pain, Curse of Weakness, and Power of Sacrifice) use a new status effect which are altered to have 30% longer base durations. 10.4s for Curse of Pain, 13s for Curse of Weakness, 15.6s for Power of Sacrifice. This allows a Curse without Curse Mastery to be active on a target at the same time as a Curse that uses Curse Mastery. Curse of Pain's total damage remains constant, lowering the damage per tick, but increasing the number of ticks. Power of Sacrifice's damage per tick, however, always remains the same, increasing the number of ticks and the total damage.
Perk Dark Enhancement.png
Dark Enhancement
Grants +10% Magic Power Bonus for Dark Magic.
Perk Dark Reflection.png
Dark Reflection
When you receive melee damage, reflect 10 dark magic Damage to the attacker. 15 seconds cooldown in the form of a debuff. 100% Scaling.
Perk Demon Armor.png
Demon Armor
Gain ability to wear plate armor at the cost of -50% Spell Casting Speed.
Perk Immortal Lament.png
Immortal Lament
Casting spells will not take you below 1 health, but your Magic Power Bonus is decreased by -5%.
Perk Malice.png
Will is increased by 10%.
Perk Soul Collector.png
Soul Collector
When dealing the final blow to an enemy, one dark shard is collected. Each collected shard increases Magic Power Bonus for Dark Magic by 10%, up to a maximum of 10 souls, lasting until and including the next Dark Magic spell is casted. When a spell consumes the effect, the entire spell's damage is affected by the bonus. Note that Dark Reflection is Dark Magic but Blow of Corruption is Evil Magic.
Perk Torture Mastery.png
Torture Mastery
When Curse of Pain or Power of Sacrifice are active on a target, any instance of Magical Damage Over Time from Curse of Pain or Power of Sacrifice dealt to the target will heal the Warlock for 1 Magical Healing. This healing is increased by the Magical Healing stat and the Warlock's Magic Power Bonus. This healing has 15% Attribute Bonus Ratio. Also doubles the health cost of spells.
Perk Vampirism.png
Grants a 1.2x multiplier to all Magical Healing. This multiplier is separate from Magic Power Bonus. Although Life Drain heals only based off of damage dealt, Vampirism does affect it.

You can equip a total of 2 skills.

Name Description Cooldown
Skill Blow of Corruption.png
Blow of Corruption
The next physical attack deals a separate instance of 15 Evil Magical Damage to the target and reduces outgoing healing performed by them by 70% for 12 seconds. If no attack is successful, Blow of Corruption will only remain active for 8 seconds before deactivating and entering cooldown. (Damage scales with 100% of Magical Damage)

If an attack is blocked by a shield, it will consume the skill buff without dealing damage. If the weapon is blocked at the hilt, no damage will be dealt but the buff will not be consumed.
Skill Phantomize.png
For 6 seconds become untargetable, phasing through melee attacks, projectiles, and hitcan Magic (Zap, Lesser Heal, etc.). During this period you can only move and do not collide with other players or monsters, but are still vulnerable to AoE damage. During this state, Move Speed Bonus increases by 10%, and Magic Resistance is reduced by a flat -50%. 28s
Skill Blood Pact.png
Blood Pact
Assimilates the contracted demon after casting for 1s, gaining an additional 50 Temporary Max Health, 50 Armor Rating, and 50 Magic Resistance. Your entire body is covered in Abyssal Flame, taking 1.5% Max Health damage per second and dealing 2 Magical Damage per second to nearby enemies. Duration ends when Blood Pact is re-casted. Additionally, by consuming Darkness Shards, you gain +1 All Attributes effects for each Darkness Shard consumed.
When you become a demon your other skill is replaced with Exploitation Strike and you cannot equip weapons. Instead, Left-Click: Bare handed attack that deals 10 damage x 200% Combo damage on every hit and slows the target by 20% for 1s. Slowed by 20% while attacking. Perform up to 4 combo attacks using both hands. Right-Click: Fire a bolt of darkness. (costs 3hp)
Skill Exploitation Strike.png
Exploitation Strike
When using Blood Pact, this skill replaces the other equipped skill. Cannot be used outside of Blood Pact. Deal an additional 4 Magical Damage to all enemies hit with a physical attack within 4 seconds and heal the caster by 5% of the target's Max Health 28s
Skill Spell Memory.png
Spell Memory
Allows you to memorize spells to use in the dungeon. /
Skill Spell Memory.png
Spell Memory 2
Allows you to memorize spells to use in the dungeon. /

The order in which you select spells will determine their Spell Memory priority. You can right click spells to "forget" them, and you must drag and drop a spell to memorize it. Spell tiers determine their spell memory cost. Warlock spells cost health to cast.

Warlock spells have 7.5 meters range except for projectile spells (Hellfire)

Spell Types:



Name Tier Description Range Scaling Casting Time Cost
Spell Power of Sacrifice.png
Power of Sacrifice
1 Curses the target with sacrifice, taking 3 Magical Curse Damage per second but increasing Strength and Vigor by +15 over 12 seconds. This counts as a debuff, and so is affected by the target's Debuff Duration. 7.5 meters 0% 1s 3 hp
Spell Curse of Weakness.png
Curse of Weakness
1 Weakens the target for 10 seconds.
Weaken: Reduces all attribute stats by 25%.
7.5 meters N/A 1s 3 hp
Spell Bolt of Darkness.png
Bolt of Darkness
1 Fires a projectile bolt that inflicts 20 Dark Magical Damage to the target. Infinite 100% 1s 3 hp
Spell Curse of Pain.png
Curse of Pain
2 Instantly deals 10 magic damage to the target and curses them with Agony.
Agony: Receive a total of 10 Magical Damage as Damage over Time over 8 seconds.
7 meters Initial Damage: 100%
DoT: 50%
1s 3 hp
Spell Bloodstained Blade.png
Bloodstained Blade
2 Places the target in bloodlust for 20 seconds. The target's base "Buff" Weapon Damage increases by 7, and each time they swing their weapon, the target takes 3 Magical Damage. 8.25 meters 0% 0.75s 3 hp
Spell Evil Eye.png
Evil Eye
3 Channel, Summons a pilotable "Evil Eye" that the player controls. While controlling the Evil Eye, the caster is left standing still and vulnerable. Effectively acts as a remote flying camera. Can be cancelled at any time. The Evil Eye has 150 HP and can be killed. Channel time: 10s. N/A 0% 1s 1 hp
Spell Ray of Darkness.png
Ray of Darkness
4 Channel for up to 5 seconds, projecting a dark beam dealing 12 Magical Damage per second (not as Damage over Time) to any target it touches, in .1s ticks. You can aim and move while channeling the beam. 7 meters 100% 1s 4 hp
Spell Life Drain.png
Life Drain
4 Channel for up to 6 seconds, Concentrating your mind to deal 3 Magical Damage to the target per second for 6 seconds and converts 100% of it into the caster's life force. Cancelled if the Warlock moves. The healing is determined by the damage dealt, and is not affected by +Magical Healing, but is affected by Vampirism. 7 meters 50% 1.5s 4 hp
Spell Hellfire.png
4 Summons eternal hellfire and blasts it towards the aiming point, traveling at 1.5m/s. The hellfire does not dissipate when it reaches the target, burning them for 60 Magical Damage per second (divided into 0.1s ticks). This hellfire can travel through walls and destroy obstacles. 50 meters 50% per second 2s 4 hp
Spell Flame Walker.png
Flame Walker
5 For 6 seconds, each step the Warlock takes leaves a trail of Hellfire that lasts for 4 seconds. Any target touched by this flame will take 5 Magical Damage per second, divided by 0.2s ticks. N/A 100% per second 1.25s 5 hp
Spell Eldritch Shield.png
Eldritch Shield
5 Grants the target a shield that protects against 25 Magical Damage for 15 seconds. When this shield absorbs all damage and is destroyed, the absorbed damage is converted to increase the Magic Power Bonus of the next dark spell cast within 4 seconds by 20%. 7 meters 0% (Shield) 0.75s 5 hp
Spell Summon Hydra.png
Summon Hydra
6 Summon a Hydra that fires fireballs at hostile targets. The Hydra also detects hidden targets. The Hydra has 150 HP and its fireballs deal 10 Magical Fire Damage. The Hydra will leave after 10 seconds. 7.5 meters 100% 1s 10 hp
Spell Spell Predation.png
Spell Predation
3 Consume up to 3 removable magical buffs from the target and gain 1 Darkness Shard for each one. Darkness Shard: Each Darkness Shard grants 10% Dark Magic Power Bonus and can store up to 10. The shards are lost when casting a dark spell. 8 meters 1s 3 hp

Hand Type Weapons
2-Handed BardicheBlade of RighteousnessCrystal SwordDivine BladeDivine StaffHalberdLongswordMagic StaffQuarterstaffSpellbookStaff of RighteousnessSterling BladeSterling StaffTorchTroll's BaneVoid BladeZweihander
1-Handed Crystal BallFalchion of HonorFalchionMana Sphere

Slot Type Armors
Head Cobalt HatCopperlight Shadow HoodGolden Leaf HoodLeather CapOccultist HoodRubysilver HoodShadow HoodShadow MaskWizard Hat
Chest Adventurer TunicCobalt FrockCobalt Regal GambesonCobalt Templar ArmorCopperlight OutfitCopperlight TunicFrockGolden Padded TunicGolden RobeMarauder OutfitMystic VestmentsOccultist RobeOccultist TunicOracle RobePadded TunicRegal GambesonRobe of DarknessRubysilver VestmentsTri-Pelt DoubletWarden Outfit
Legs Cloth PantsCobalt TrousersCopperlight LeggingsCopperlight PantsDemonclad LeggingsGolden ChaussesGolden LeggingsHeavy Leather LeggingsLeather ChaussesLeather LeggingsLoose TrousersOccultist PantsPadded LeggingsRubysilver LeggingsWolf Hunter Leggings
Hands Cobalt Leather GlovesCopperlight Riveted GlovesDemon Grip GlovesGloves of UtilityGolden GlovesGravewolf GlovesLeather GlovesRawhide GlovesReinforced GlovesRiveted GlovesRubysilver Rawhide Gloves
Feet Adventurer BootsCobalt Lightfoot BootsCopperlight Lightfoot BootsFoul BootsGolden BootsHeavy BootsLaced TurnshoeLightfoot BootsOccultist BootsOld ShoesRubysilver Adventurer BootsRugged BootsShoes of DarknessWizard Shoes
Back Adventurer CloakCloak of DarknessGolden CloakMercurial CloakRadiant CloakSplendid CloakTattered CloakVigilant CloakWatchman Cloak

These stats do not include the starting armor

Stat Name Base Stats
Strength 13
Vigor 14
Agility 14
Dexterity 15
Will 22
Knowledge 15
Resourcefulness 12
Health 96
Spell Memory * / 9
Move Speed +0%
Action Speed TBA
Spell Casting Speed -25%
Equip Speed +0%
Regular Interaction Speed TBA
Magical Interaction Speed +0%
Buff Duration +8%
Debuff Duration -7%
Armor Penetration 0%
Magic Penetration 0%
Headshot Reduction 0%
Projectile Damage Reduction 0%
Physical Damage Reduction TBA
From Armor Rating TBA
From Bonuses TBA
Magic Resist 14.3%
From Resist Rating TBA
From Bonuses TBA
Physical Power Bonus -6%
From Physical Power TBA
From Bonuses TBA
Magic Power Bonus 24%
From Magic Power TBA
From Bonuses TBA
Primary Weapon 0
Attack 1 (0) + 0(Blunt)
Attack 2 (0) + 0(Blunt)
Secondary Weapon 0
Impact Power 0
Primary Weapon Impact Power 1
Secondary Weapon Impact Power 0

- Warlocks don't rely on spell slots and instead cast spells by paying a fixed amount of health depending on the spell. Health management will play a bigger role for this class than for others.

- Any health spent to cast spells will leave behind Recoverable Health, allowing for restoration via Resting, Bandages, or a friendly Bard.

- Torture Mastery will heal you when dealing damage with Curse of Pain and Power of Sacrifice, and will benefit from Magical Healing on your gear.

- Power of Sacrifice can be used as a party buff or as a damage-dealer. Be wary that granting enemies additional Strength will give them more max HP as well, mitigating some damage dealt.

- Blow of Corruption is very powerful in both PvP and PvE. In PvP, it can be used to prevent enemies from burst-healing.

- Phantomize will protect you from most sources of damage, however floor traps, AoE spells (Holy Strike, Fireball, Lightning Strike), Zombie poison clouds, and any linger DoTs will still hurt you.

- If Hellfire is cast again whilst the Warlock's first Hellfire effect is still active, the first Hellfire will be deleted after the second one has finished casting.

2024/02/22 Early Access Hotfix #33

  • Warlock's Blow of Corruption cooldown changed from 15s → 18s.

2024/02/08 Early Access Hotfix #31

  • Warlock's Torture Mastery attribute bonus ratio has been changed from 25% → 15%.
  • Warlock's Bolt of Darkness health cost in demon form increased from 2 → 3.

2024/02/03 Early Access Patch #3

  • Soul Collector stacks up to 10 times instead of 6
  • A new Warlock skill has been added: Blood Pact
  • A new Warlock spell has been added: Spell Predation.
  • Warlock's Demon Armor now has a -50% spellcasting speed penalty instead of other penalties.

2024/01/24 Early Access Hotfix #29

  • Warlock can now use Spell Memory II
  • Warlocks can now use the Heater Shield.
  • Warlock's Demon Armor has been changed from -75% reduction in magic healing bonus to a -50% reduction. The perk also reduces Will by -50%.

2023/11/30 Early Access Hotfix #22

- Warlocks now start with a Falchion and Crystal Ball as default weapons.

- Warlock's ‘Power of Sacrifice’ spell also increases Vigor by 15.

- Warlock's ‘Bloodstained Blade’ spell’s weapon damage increase improved from 5 → 7.

- Warlock's ‘Bolt of Darkness’ spell damage increased from 15 → 20.

- Warlock's ‘Curse of Weakness’ spell's reduction of all attributes improved from -20% → -25%.

- Warlock's ‘Ray of Darkness’ spell damage per second increased from 6 to 12.

- Warlock's ‘Soul Collector’ perk’s dark magic damage increase per stack increased from 5% → 10%.

- Warlock's ‘Antimagic' perk’s magic resistance improved from 15% → 25%

2023/11/09 Early Access Hotfix #20

- Warlock's Evil Eye cost changed from 3 → 1.

- Warlock's Hellfire cost changed from 10 → 4.

- Warlock's Life Drain cost changed from 5 → 4.

- Warlock's Curse of Pain cost changed from 5 → 3.

- Warlock's Ray of Darkness cost changed from 5 → 4.

- Warlock's Ray of Darkness damage per second changed from 7 → 6.

- Warlock's Ray of Darkness damage tick cycle changed from 0.2s → 0.1s.

- Warlock's Ray of Darkness attribute ratio bonus changed from 0.5 → 1.0.

- Bloodstained Blade self-damage scaling 100% --> 0%

2023/11/03 Early Access Hotfix #19

- The cost of all spells used by the Warlock has been reduced.

- Warlock's Torture Mastery now doubles the cost of the spell.

2023/10/26 Early Access Hotfix #18

- Blow of Corruption's duration after activation has been reduced from 12 → 8 seconds.

- Blow of Corruption’s additional magic damage reduced from 20 → 15.

2023/10/05 Early Access Hotfix #15

- Warlock's Torture Mastery healing's Attribute Ratio Bonus has been changed from 50% → 25%.

- Warlock's Eldritch Shield's magic damage absorption changed from 40 → 25, dark magic damage bonus changed from 40% → 20%, and cost changed from 5 → 10.

- Warlock's Hydra cost changed from 15 → 20.

- Warlock's Ray of Darness's dark magic damage has been changed from 3 → 7, and the cost has been changed from 5 → 10.

2023/09/26 Early Access Patch #1"

- Torture Mastery now only heals from DoT damage dealt by Curse of Pain or Power of Sacrifice, and no longer works with other Magical Damage sources.

- Curse of Pain, Curse of Weakness, and Power of Sacrifice cost changed to 5 HP.

- Hellfire cost changed to 10 HP.

- Warlock's Curse of Pain now has a slightly more generous aim.

- 2 new perks have been added to Warlocks: Curse Mastery, Vampirism.

- 8 new spells have been added to Warlocks: Bolt of Darkness, Evil Eye, Bloodstained Blade, Flame Walker, Life Drain, Ray of Darkness, Eldritch Shield, Summon Hydra.

2023/08/28 Early Access Wipe 1

- Many spells' Attribute Bonus Ratio returned to 100%.

  • Curse of Pain:
  • Direct: 100%
  • DoT: 50%
  • Torture Mastery Heal: 50%

2023/08/14 Early Access Hotfix #3

- Cast time on Curse of Pain and Power of Sacrifice buffed from 1.25s to 1s.

2023/08/07 Early Access Launch

- Warlock Added

2023/07/11 Warlock First Look