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Troll's Blood
Troll's Blood.png

Move Speed -20
Grants a recovery effect of 1 per second for 100 seconds.
Utility Type:
Slot Type:
Action Time:
1 second
Action Move Speed
Blood essence obtained from a Cave Troll, you will gain extraordinary healing capabilities with this!


Consumables are items that either recover the user's health over time, or grant temporary buffs. Potions are commonly obtained by looting in the dungeon, killing Monsters, and purchasing from Merchants.


Heals 1 hp per second for 100 seconds. It is only obtainable through killing Cave Troll.


  • Try using Troll's Blood before an encounter to maximize its use.
  • Physical Healing only increases the total healing done. For example, 4 Physical Healing would make Troll's Blood heal 102 in 100 seconds. (50% scaling)

Dropped By

Drop Tables last updated for Patch:6.4#Hotfix 42Last updated on a previous Patch/Hotfix, but information is up to date.

Drop Table
Name Type Count Chance
Cave Troll Monster 1 10.0%
Cave Troll#Elite Monster 1 18.0%
Cyclops Monster 1 10.0%