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There are currently 5 types of shrines which each give a specific buff.

The following shrines will regenerate over 3 minutes:

  • Shrine Of Protection: Grants a protective buff of 5% Physical and Magical Damage Resistance for 60s.
  • Fountain Of Speed: Grants a speed buff of extra 10 movement speed for 60s.
  • Shrine Of Health: Restores 100 HP.
  • Shrine Of Power: Grants a damage buff of 15 Physical Power for 60s.

The following shrines are one-time use:

  • Altar of Sacrifice: Allows you to resurrect fallen players at the cost of some of your own health. You will need to equip the Soul Heart of the fallen player to be able to begin the resurrection process.

Using any shrine gives 2 Experience.


Shrine Of Protection


Fountain Of Speed


Shrine Of Health


Shrine Of Power


Altar Of Sacrifice