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Potion of Healing
Healing Potion.png
Heals 15 HP over 22.5 / 20 / 17.5 / 15 / 12.5 / 10 / 7.5 / 5 seconds.
Utility Type:
Slot Type:
Action Time:
1 second
Action Move Speed
Potion used to recover a bit of health.


Consumables are items that either recover the user's health over time, or grant temporary buffs. Potions are commonly obtained by looting in the dungeon, killing Monsters, and purchasing from Merchants.


Heals 15 HP over a long duration, with the duration depending on rarity. Purchasable from Alchemist.
Heals 15 HP over 22.5 | 20 | 17.5 | 15 | 12.5 | 10 | 7.5 | 5 seconds. This counts as Magical Healing (50% scaling), and the duration is affected by Buff Duration stat.


  • Potions are affected by buff duration. As they heal a certain amount per tick, longer duration equals to more healing.
    • Potions are suboptimal for Rogues as they have negative buff duration.

Dropped By

Drop Tables last updated for Patch:6.4#Hotfix 53

Drop Table
Potion N0Loose Loot120.0%
Potion NLoose Loot115.0%
Potion#CryptLoose Loot115.0%
Potion#RuinsLoose Loot110.0%
Potion#InfernoLoose Loot17.5%
Potion HRLoose Loot15.0%
Potion#Goblin Cave HRLoose Loot15.0%
Heavy Ornate Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers12.8333%
Heavy Ornate Chest-CryptContainers12.8333%
Heavy Ornate Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers12.8333%
Bronze Ornate Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers12.8333%
Bronze Ornate Chest-CryptContainers12.8333%
Bronze Ornate Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers12.8333%
Large Oak Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers12.8333%
Large Oak Chest-CryptContainers12.8333%
Large Oak Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers12.8333%
Oak Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers12.8333%
Oak Chest-CryptContainers12.8333%
Oak Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers12.8333%
Small Oak Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers12.8333%
Small Oak Chest-CryptContainers12.8333%
Small Oak Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers12.8333%
Potion#Crypt HRLoose Loot12.5%
Large Reinforced Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers12.4167%
Large Reinforced Chest-CryptContainers12.4167%
Large Reinforced Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers12.4167%
Reinforced Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers12.4167%
Reinforced Chest-CryptContainers12.4167%
Reinforced Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers12.4167%
Small Reinforced Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers12.4167%
Small Reinforced Chest-CryptContainers12.4167%
Small Reinforced Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers12.4167%
Flat Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers12.0%
Flat Chest-CryptContainers12.0%
Flat Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers12.0%
Stone Tomb-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers11.75%
Stone Tomb-CryptContainers11.75%
Stone Tomb-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers11.75%
Skeleton Corpse-GlobalContainers11.5%
Skeleton Corpse-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers11.5%
Ground N0Loose Loot11.3333%
Trinkets N0Loose Loot11.2903%
Royal Coffin-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers11.1667%
Royal Coffin-CryptContainers11.1667%
Royal Coffin-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers11.1667%
Golden Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers11.1667%
Golden Chest-CryptContainers11.1667%
Golden Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers11.1667%
Marvelous Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers11.1667%
Marvelous Chest-CryptContainers11.1667%
Marvelous Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers11.1667%
Lion's Head Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers11.1667%
Lion's Head Chest-CryptContainers11.1667%
Lion's Head Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers11.1667%
Skeleton Corpse-CryptContainers11.1667%
Ground NLoose Loot11.0%
Ground#CryptLoose Loot11.0%
Trinkets NLoose Loot10.9677%
Trinkets#CryptLoose Loot10.9677%
Bookshelf NLoose Loot10.8333%
Pot-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers10.7812%
Skeleton Corpse-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers10.6667%
Ground#RuinsLoose Loot10.6667%
Trinkets#RuinsLoose Loot10.6452%
Skeleton Corpse-Global#HRContainers10.5%
Ground#InfernoLoose Loot10.5%
Trinkets#InfernoLoose Loot10.4839%
Bookshelf N0Loose Loot10.4444%
Bookshelf#CryptLoose Loot10.3889%
Wood Barrel-GlobalContainers10.3425%
Skeleton Corpse-Crypt#HRContainers10.3333%
Ground HRLoose Loot10.3333%
Ground#Goblin Cave HRLoose Loot10.3333%
Trinkets HRLoose Loot10.3226%
Trinkets#Goblin Cave HRLoose Loot10.3226%
Pot-Inferno/Ice Abyss#HRContainers10.3125%
Bookshelf#RuinsLoose Loot10.3056%
Royal Coffin-GlobalContainers10.2857%
Bookshelf HRLoose Loot10.2778%
Wood Barrel-Global#HRContainers10.274%
Bookshelf#InfernoLoose Loot10.25%
Skeleton Corpse-Inferno/Ice Abyss#HRContainers10.1667%
Ground#Crypt HRLoose Loot10.1667%
Trinkets#Crypt HRLoose Loot10.1613%