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'An Astute Hunter'



Rangers in Dark and Darker are wilderness experts, who use their knowledge of nature and keen senses to track down and eliminate their enemies. They are skilled hunters and trappers, able to set deadly traps and ambushes. Rangers are adept at ranged combat, relying on their skills of archery and markmanship to deal most of their damage. Bows and arrows, crossbows and bolts are the favoured weapons of the Ranger. They rely on swords for close range engagements, with the option to equip a spear as well.

Class Info

The Ranger is an excellent survivalist. With a keen eye and quick hands, the Ranger tracks his enemies, sets traps and ambushes unsuspecting prey.

Weapon of choice - Any long-ranged weapons

  • Pros
    • Quick with the bow.
    • Track enemy players. (Chase perk)
    • Set traps.
    • Quickly start a campfire. (Camping Mastery perk)
    • High burst healing. (Field Ration skill)
  • Cons
    • Cannot equip most melee weapons.
    • Low damage with melee weapons.

You can equip an additional perk every 5 levels.
Currently maxed out at Level 15, so a total of 4 perks can be equipped.

Name Description Scaling
Camping Mastery
Gain 50% Regular Interaction Speed while setting up Campfires and increases the duration to 1.3x. -
Perk Tracking.png
Detect recent enemy footsteps within 4.5m and can hear enemy footstep sounds from farther away. -
Perk Crippling Shot.png
Crippling Shot
Hitting the target's leg inflicts -40% Move Speed Bonus for 1s. -
Perk Crossbow Mastery.png
Crossbow Mastery
While using a crossbow, gain 5% Physical Power Bonus and an additional 50% Action Speed while reloading. -
Perk Kinesthesia.png
When moving with the bowstring drawn, receive a movement multiplier of 110%. -
Perk Nimble Hands.png
Nimble Hands
When using a bow, increases the animation's base draw speed by 15%. -
Perk Quick Reload.png
Quick Reload
When reloading a bow-type weapon, gain 50% Action Speed. -
Perk Ranged Weapons Expert.png
Ranged Weapons Mastery
When attacking with a ranged (bow/crossbow) weapon, gain 5% Physical Power Bonus. -
Perk Sharpshooter.png
When attacking with a ranged (bow/crossbow) weapon, gain 15% Physical Headshot Hit Location Bonus. -
Perk Spear Proficiency.png
Spear Proficiency
Gain the ability to equip spears. While using a spear, gain 7 Physical Power. -
Perk Trap Expert.png
Trap Mastery
When installing traps, gain 100% Regular Interaction Speed. -

You can equip a total of 2 skills.

Name Description Scaling Cooldown
Skill BackStep.png
Back Step
Quickly retreats 4m in 0.2s. It can also be used in the air. - 10s
Skill Field Ration.png
Field Ration
Forage food and recover 25 Physical Base Healing.
(3 uses, non replenishable)
100% Scaling 24s
Skill Forceful Shot.png
Forceful Shot
When using a bow-type weapon, gain the ability to knock targets 2.5m back for 8s. - 18s
Skill Multishot.png
When using a bow-type weapon, fire 5 arrows at once in cone shaped dispersion.
All 5 arrows deal 100% damage.
- 22s
Skill Penetrating Shot.png
Penetrating Shot
Gain 50% Physical Headshot Penetration and 25% Armor Penetration for 8s.
Limited to ranged (bow/crossbow) weapons.
- 18s
Skill Quick Fire.png
Quick Fire
Gain an additional 50% Action Speed for 8s while using bow-type weapons. - 18s
Skill Quickshot.png
Fire arrows in a quick succession. Each bow-type will fire a different amount of arrows.
(2 for Longbow, 3 for Recurve Bow, 4 for Survival Bow)
- 22s
Skill True Shot.png
True Shot
The next projectile within 8s is no longer affected by gravity and gains 8% Physical Power Bonus. - 18s

Hand/Slot Type Weapons
Main Hand + Two Handed
Main Hand + One Handed
Off Hand

Slot Type Armors

Hand/Slot Type Weapons
Main Hand + Two Handed
Main Hand + One Handed
Off Hand

Slot Type Armors

These Stats do not include starting armor.

Stat Name Base Stats
Strength 10
Vigor 10
Agility 20
Dexterity 18
Will 10
Knowledge 12
Resourcefulness 25
Health 105
Memory Capacity 6
Utility Effectiveness 0
Luck 0
Health Recovery Bonus -15%
Spell Recovery Bonus 61%
Move Speed 303.75 ( 101.25% )
Action Speed 3.5%
Manual Dexterity 9%
Spell Casting Speed -9%
Equip Speed 15%
Regular Interaction Speed 53%
Magical Interaction Speed -25%
Persuasiveness 25
Buff Duration -11%
Debuff Duration 12.4%
Armor Penetration 0%
Magic Penetration 0%
Headshot Reduction 0%
Projectile Damage Reduction 0%
Physical Damage Reduction -22%
        From Armor Rating 0 ( -22% )
        From Bonuses 0%
Magic Resistance 2.5%
        From Resist Rating 15 ( 2.5% )
        From Bonuses 0%
Physical Power Bonus -11%
        From Physical Power 10 ( -11% )
        From Bonuses 0%
Magic Power Bonus -25%
        From Magic Power 10 ( -25% )
        From Bonuses 0%
Primary Weapon 0
Secondary Weapon 0
Impact Power 0
        Primary Weapon Impact Power 0
        Secondary Weapon Impact Power 0

- You excel in group fights, if you have a front line to distract enemies and protect you.

- Remember to retrieve arrows from enemy corpses.

- Quickshot and Multishot allow you to partially replenish your quiver. Activate the ability, then cancel it before firing for an "instant reload".

- You can hide bear traps under environmental traps, inside corpses and preferably in low lit areas.

- Use door windows to shoot at unsuspecting enemies on the other side of the door.

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