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Ores and mob drops can be used for Crafting. Crafting is done through Traders


Ores can be extracted from ore Deposits located throughout the various maps. Ore Deposits can be mined by equipping a Pickaxe from your quickslots.

Ores in the game:


Herbs can be harvested in the Ruins

Herbs in the game:

Refined Materials

Ores can be crafted into refined materials in game:

Mob Drops

Quest Items

Name Rarity Price Size Price/Size Drops From Chance Drop Table
7-Unique DropTable:Gingerbread Cookie_7
7-Unique DropTable:Candy Cane_7
7-Unique DropTable:Heart Candy_7
3-Uncommon GoblinsDropTable:Goblin Ears_3
5-Epic Golem0.89%DropTable:Firefly's_Abdomen_5
4-Rare Giant Spider2%DropTable:Spider_Silk_4
4-Rare Zombies2%DropTable:Rotten Fluids 4
2-Common 331Skeletons3.3333%DropTable:Bone_2
2-Common 313Archers10.0%DropTable:Bowstring_2
1-Poor 341.33Skeletons3.3333%DropTable:Broken_Skull_2
5-Epic 40140Wisp0.89% DropTable:Captured Mana Flakes 5
5-EpicDemon Centaur DropTable:Centaur Hoof 5
5-Epic 50412.5Demon Centaur0.89% DropTable:Centaur Horn 5
4-Rare 3538.75Demon Centaur2.0% DropTable:Centaur Tail 4
5-Epic 50150Lich0.89% DropTable:Dark Matter 5
5-Epic 50150Demons0.89% DropTable:Demon Blood 5
3-Uncommon 1543.75Skeleton Mage5.0% DropTable:Enchanted Dark Fabric 3
4-Rare 15115Skeletons2.0% DropTable:Golden Teeth 4
3-Uncommon 616Undead5.0% DropTable:Grave Essence 3
3-Uncommon 541.25Skeletons5.0% DropTable:Intact Skull 3
2-Common 313Undead5.0% DropTable:Maggots 2
3-Uncommon 2045Mimics5.0% DropTable:Mimic Tongue 3
2-Common 1226Mimics10.0% DropTable:Mimic Tooth 2
2-Common 321.5Skeletons3.3333% DropTable:Moldy Bread 2
2-Common 541.25 Undead5.0% DropTable:Old Cloth 2
3-Uncommon 52.53Skeletons with Sword5.0% DropTable:Rusty Broken Sword 3
5-Epic 60160Skeleton Champion0.89% DropTable:Token of Honor 5
4-Rare 80420Cave Troll10.0% DropTable:Troll Pelt 4
5-Epic 100812.5Cave Troll0.89% DropTable:Troll's Club 5
4-Rare ?4?Cyclops5.0% DropTable:Cyclops Rags 4
5-Epic ?4?Cyclops0.445% DropTable:Cyclops Eye 5
5-Epic ?8?Cyclops0.445% DropTable:Cyclops Club 5
5-Epic 60160Skeleton Mage0.89% DropTable:Volcanic Ash 5
2-Common 313Wolves3.3333% DropTable:Wolf Claw 2
2-Common 723.5Wolves3.3333% DropTable:Wolf Fang 2
2-Common 1243Wolves3.3333% DropTable:Wolf Pelt 2