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Currently, there are five dungeons in Dark and Darker. The Goblin Cave, Ice Cavern, Ice Abyss, The Howling Crypt and Inferno. They all have unique layouts and mobs.

All the dungeons can be played in Solos, Duos and Trios.

Normal (N) Dungeons:

The Goblin Caves - "A newly discovered cave system found near the tavern. What dangers lurk below?"

Ice Cavern - "A vast network of subzero caves and mines home to icy terrors."

Ice Abyss - Only accessible by jumping into the void when the red aurora appears.

The Howling Crypts - "Test your adventuring skills in a dangerous dungeon filled with evil monters."

Inferno - Only accessible through the red portals found in The Howling Crypts.

High-Roller (HR) Dungeons:

These are higher difficulty versions of the dungeons. Players will face Elite and Nightmare grade monsters. In return, they contain better drop rates for high quality gear. They have 100 gold entry fee and require 20(+) level character.

The Goblin Caves HR - "This dungeon is for the elite adventurer. Pay a steep fee simply to enter this unforgiving network of caves. The goblins do not take kindly to uninvited guests. If you make it out alive, your name will be written in the annals of history!"

Ice Cavern HR - "An imposing snowy peak formed around an ancient crater known as a portal to the unknown abyss. The bitter and relentless cold proves challenging even to the hardiest adventurers."

Ice Abyss HR - Only accessible by jumping into the void when the red aurora appears.

The Howling Crypts HR - "This dungeon is not for the faint of heart. Pay a steep fee simply to enter this unforgiving dungeon. The monsters are unrelenting and the exit portals are few. If you make it out alive your fame will be known across the lands!"

Inferno HR - Only accessible through the red portals found in The Howling Crypts.

Currently inaccessible dungeons:

The Ruins - "The remains of an impenetrable fortress besieged by a disturbing area".

The Ruins HR - "Hidden within a shadowy forest, the ruins of a massive castle hold deep mysteries. Fantastic creatures and terrifying monsters await unlucky adventurers looking for untold treasures. If you make it out alive your renown will be endless!".

Goblin Cave

The Goblin Caves is a single layer map, unlike the Ruins of Forgotten Castle and the Frost Mountain.

Common monsters:

Uniqe monsters:



To learn more about monsters, check the main Monsters page.

Ice Cavern

Ice Cavern is the first floor of the Frost Mountain.

The map features many Frost variants of the typical Skeleton monsters as well as Kobolds.

Common monsters:


Ice Abyss

Ice Abyss is the second floor of the Frost Mountain.

Like the Ice Cavern, the Ice Abyss features many monsters who inflict frost debuffs. Unlike Ice Cavern, the monsters in the Ice Abyss feature attack patterns not seen on other maps. Venture slowly and carefully when first entering the map.

Common monsters:




The Ruins is the starting floor of the Forgotten Castle. Curently inaccessible.

Common monsters:



The Howling Crypts is the first floor of the Ruins of Forgotten Castle.

Common monsters:



Inferno is the second floor of the Ruins of Forgotten Castle.
It is one of the more difficult dungeons in the game, featuring some dangerous monsters, mini-bosses and bosses that can't be found anywhere else.
It can only be reached by using the static down portal from the The Howling Crypts.

Common monsters:

Uniqe monsters:




Watch your step, the dungeons are riddled with traps in order to protect it's valuable treasures. You will encounter 3 kinds of traps during your adventures, wall spikes, swinging axe traps and floor spike traps.

  • Swinging Axe Traps does 25 True Damage
  • Wall Spikes Traps does 20 True Damage
  • Floor Spikes Traps does 20 True Damage
Swinging Axe Traps.png

Swinging Axe Traps

Wall Spikes Traps.png

Wall Spikes Traps

Floor Spikes Traps.png

Floor Spikes Traps

As opposed to it's dormant spiky brethren, axe traps are always active. Take your time to navigate through axe traps, if you are not in a hurry, it's better to wait for the right moment to traverse instead of risking to take avoidable damage.

Wall spike traps are difficult to detect, as only a small hole is visible on the wall. Some of them are depicted on the mini-map, but you will take some unavoidable deaths while you learn the locations of the hidden ones. They are positioned at head level and spring into action when something get's too close. Simply crouch down to avoid them. Some sneaky wall spike traps are at knee height, however, these are only found in the maze.

Floor spikes are usually easy to spot, they can sometimes be hidden in dak areas, but generally it's easy to navigate around them. Alternatively, you can throw a torch onto them to activate the mechanism and wait for the moment the spikes go back down. There is a brief recharge time after the spikes have fully retracted before they can spring out again, use this downtime to walk over them for a short distance and leap away to safety before the spikes come out again.

Use these traps to your advantage to eliminate monsters or unsuspecting players.


Escaping is possible when a player either moves through an activated Escape Portal, activates an Escape Rope, or uses a Static Extract.

When a player escapes they will keep everything in their inventory and additionally they will get Adventure Points for their Adventure Rank depending on how many Monsters they have killed, items that were looted, players killed, and other factors. Also, you will keep 100% of the Experience that you have earned.

In case you die, you will only get rewarded 50% of the Experience you have earned and will lose all Adventure Points collected. Furthermore, you will lose all equipment including your tools and inventory. If some loot remains on your body when the match timer expires, the Goblin Merchant has a chance to recover some of your lost items; the process by which saved items are selected, however, is random.

Going Down

Go down to Inferno by entering Red Static Down's in the Howling Crypts, or go down to the Ice Abyss by jumping into the void in Ice Cavern's after red particle effects appear in the void.


There are currently 5 types of shrines which each give a specific buff.

The following shrines will regenerate over 3 minutes:

  • Shrine Of Protection: Grants a protective buff of 5% Physical and Magical Damage Resistance for 60s.
  • Fountain Of Speed: Grants a speed buff of extra 10 movement speed for 60s.
  • Shrine Of Health: Restores 100 HP.
  • Shrine Of Power: Grants a damage buff of 15 Physical Power for 60s.

The following shrines are one-time use:

  • Altar of Sacrifice: Allows you to resurrect fallen players at the cost of some of your own health. You will need to equip the Soul Heart of the fallen player to be able to begin the resurrection process.

Using any shrine gives 2 Experience.


Shrine Of Protection


Fountain Of Speed


Shrine Of Health


Shrine Of Power


Altar Of Sacrifice


Skeleton Footman.png

There is a vast variety of monsters you will encounter depending on the room you enter and map you get into.

The lower level the dungeon, the harder the monsters become and different types of monsters start to appear.

Monsters also have 3 different variants:

  • Common
  • Elite
  • Nightmare

With each variety increase, the enemy gets stronger, tougher and faster. Furthermore, some Nightmare difficulty monsters can use new moves!

Nightmare monsters have an extremely low spawn chance on normal difficulty dungeons.


During your adventures you will come across a vast variety of treasures of varying sizes and value. These treasures can be sold to The Collector in exchange for gold coins. As of now, larger treasures take up a lot of inventory space, but have poor gold value per inventory slot. Try picking up single slot treasures if possible, since these occupy the least amount of inventory space and therefore have the highest gold value per inventory slot.

Pickaxes can be used for mining.

If you want to check out the individual values, you can check the Misc page, which catalogues all of the Misc items in the game. Treasures, aka "Gems", are but one type of Misc items; other items include Hunting Loot, Ore, Ingots, Powders, and Gold Containers.

You can get more loot information in Props and Monsters. Make sure to check their individual pages for their loot tables.

You can also find where an item drops in their own pages. For example, check Golden Key to see where it drops.


High Roller Dungeons are the only way to obtain a spot on the leaderboard. The leaderboards have been changed to a single leaderboard system based on Adventure points. Earn adventure points by doing various actions in the dungeon, killing monsters and players alike and extracting with valuable treasure. Be careful however, because failing to extract will cause you to lose all the Adventure Points you accumulated during your run.

For more detailed information, check Adventure Rank.



The Karma system, located at the bottom-right corner of the main screen, enables players to rate their teammates from past games. This feature serves as a trust indicator, helping players make informed decisions about whom to collaborate with in future games.