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Utilities are single or multiple-use items that can be used during combat or to complete a variety of tasks.

Move Speed -45
Slot Type:
Utility Type:
Action Time:
1 second

All Classes Can use it


Pickaxe is an Utility item used to mine ore deposits. It can be bought at the Woodsman for 25 gold for a Common, 20 gold for a Poor, or obtained as a drop from Goblin Axeman.

You can mine ores and process them with Merchants to craft special items.

  • Ruby Ore - 2-3 ores per ore deposit in normal maps, and 4-6 ores per ore deposit in high roller.
  • Cobalt Ore - 2-3 ores per ore deposit in normal maps, and 4-6 ores per ore deposit in high roller.
  • Gold Ore - 2-3 ores per ore deposit in normal maps, and 4-6 ores per ore deposit in high roller. Gold is only found in the Ruins map.

Base mining time is 15 seconds and can only be modified by your Interaction Speed.

Higher rarity Pickaxes have higher Interaction Speed 0.5% | 1% | 3% | 5% | 10% | 15% | 20% | 25%


  • The Pickaxe can be used by Rogues to break objects such as barrels and crates.

Dropped By

Drop Tables last updated for Patch:6.4#Hotfix 53

Drop Table
Ice Kobold Axeman#NightmareMonster16.0223%
Frost Skeleton Axeman#EliteMonster15.7608%
Goblin Axeman#EliteMonster15.7608%
Ice Kobold Axeman#EliteMonster15.7608%
Frost Skeleton AxemanMonster14.6154%
Goblin AxemanMonster14.6154%
Ice Kobold AxemanMonster14.6154%
Frost Imp#NightmareMonster14.1606%
Goblin Axeman#NightmareMonster13.3654%
Frost ImpMonster13.3333%
Frost Imp#EliteMonster13.3333%
Frost Skeleton Axeman#NightmareMonster12.4%
Royal Coffin-Global#HRContainers12.2222%
Golden Chest-Global#HRContainers12.2222%
Marvelous Chest-Global#HRContainers12.2222%
Lion's Head Chest-Global#HRContainers12.2222%
Heavy Ornate Chest-Global#HRContainers12.2222%
Bronze Ornate Chest-Global#HRContainers12.2222%
Royal Coffin-Crypt#HRContainers12.0556%
Flat Chest-Crypt#HRContainers12.0556%
Flat Chest-Inferno/Ice Abyss#HRContainers12.0556%
Golden Chest-Crypt#HRContainers12.0556%
Marvelous Chest-Crypt#HRContainers12.0556%
Lion's Head Chest-Crypt#HRContainers12.0556%
Heavy Ornate Chest-Crypt#HRContainers12.0556%
Bronze Ornate Chest-Crypt#HRContainers12.0556%
Stone Tomb-Global#HRContainers12.0556%
Stone Tomb-Crypt#HRContainers12.0556%
Stone Tomb-Inferno/Ice Abyss#HRContainers12.0556%
Large Reinforced Chest-Crypt#HRContainers12.0556%
Large Reinforced Chest-Inferno/Ice Abyss#HRContainers12.0556%
Reinforced Chest-Crypt#HRContainers12.0556%
Reinforced Chest-Inferno/Ice Abyss#HRContainers12.0556%
Small Reinforced Chest-Crypt#HRContainers12.0556%
Small Reinforced Chest-Inferno/Ice Abyss#HRContainers12.0556%
Royal Coffin-Inferno/Ice Abyss#HRContainers11.9444%
Lion's Head Chest-Inferno/Ice Abyss#HRContainers11.9444%
Heavy Ornate Chest-Inferno/Ice Abyss#HRContainers11.9444%
Bronze Ornate Chest-Inferno/Ice Abyss#HRContainers11.9444%
Flat Chest-Global#HRContainers11.9167%
Golden Chest-Inferno/Ice Abyss#HRContainers11.7778%
Large Oak Chest-Crypt#HRContainers11.7778%
Large Oak Chest-Inferno/Ice Abyss#HRContainers11.7778%
Oak Chest-Crypt#HRContainers11.7778%
Oak Chest-Inferno/Ice Abyss#HRContainers11.7778%
Small Oak Chest-Crypt#HRContainers11.7778%
Small Oak Chest-Inferno/Ice Abyss#HRContainers11.7778%
Marvelous Chest-Inferno/Ice Abyss#HRContainers11.7222%
Large Reinforced Chest-Global#HRContainers11.6389%
Reinforced Chest-Global#HRContainers11.6389%
Small Reinforced Chest-Global#HRContainers11.6389%
Large Oak Chest-Global#HRContainers11.5%
Oak Chest-Global#HRContainers11.5%
Small Oak Chest-Global#HRContainers11.5%
Royal Coffin-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers10.8889%
Royal Coffin-CryptContainers10.8889%
Royal Coffin-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers10.8889%
Golden Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers10.8889%
Golden Chest-CryptContainers10.8889%
Golden Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers10.8889%
Marvelous Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers10.8889%
Marvelous Chest-CryptContainers10.8889%
Marvelous Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers10.8889%
Lion's Head Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers10.8889%
Lion's Head Chest-CryptContainers10.8889%
Lion's Head Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers10.8889%
Heavy Ornate Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers10.8889%
Heavy Ornate Chest-CryptContainers10.8889%
Heavy Ornate Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers10.8889%
Bronze Ornate Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers10.8889%
Bronze Ornate Chest-CryptContainers10.8889%
Bronze Ornate Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers10.8889%
Stone Tomb-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers10.7222%
Stone Tomb-CryptContainers10.7222%
Stone Tomb-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers10.7222%
Flat Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers10.6667%
Flat Chest-CryptContainers10.6667%
Flat Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers10.6667%
Large Reinforced Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers10.5556%
Large Reinforced Chest-CryptContainers10.5556%
Large Reinforced Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers10.5556%
Reinforced Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers10.5556%
Reinforced Chest-CryptContainers10.5556%
Reinforced Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers10.5556%
Small Reinforced Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers10.5556%
Small Reinforced Chest-CryptContainers10.5556%
Small Reinforced Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers10.5556%
Large Oak Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers10.4444%
Large Oak Chest-CryptContainers10.4444%
Large Oak Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers10.4444%
Oak Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers10.4444%
Oak Chest-CryptContainers10.4444%
Oak Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers10.4444%
Small Oak Chest-Goblin Cave/Ice CaveContainers10.4444%
Small Oak Chest-CryptContainers10.4444%
Small Oak Chest-Inferno/Ice AbyssContainers10.4444%