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Welcome traveler! The name is 'Jonah" and I'm the boss around here. Why don't you have a drink?


All merchants restock every 30 minutes. (12:00, 12:30, 01:00, ...)

Tavern Master is a Trader that buys and sells items in the game.


Sells Ales.


Tavern Master

Chapter: Humble Beginnings
Quest Prerequisites *NarrativeBold indicates intentional miss-spellings to replicate the text in game *Task(s)* indicates the item does not need to be looted Rewards
Missing MapGreeting Text
You're becoming quite a familiar face around here. I've got a hunch that you're someone I can count on. I seem to have misplaced something—a map, to be exact. Think you can help me out?

Completion Text
This map, it's got history, takes me back to the good old days. Maybe one day, I'll tell you all about it over a drink.
Explore Crypts Barracks module (1x) (must escape)
50 Unique Gold Coin
3 Uncommon Potion of Protection
3 Uncommon Potion of Healing
25 Experience
Comes With The TerritoryComplete Quest:
"Missing Map"
Greeting Text
I established my tavern by these dungeons to aid adventurers, among other reasons I'll keep to myself for now. Usually, missing adventurers don't raise an eyebrow; it comes with the territory. But lately, even the experienced ones are disappearing. Something's not right. Can you take a look around and should you come across any undead, I trust you'll deal with them.

Completion Text
Find anything odd? You know, this is reminding me of the time... well, let's not get into that right now. Here's your reward.
Kill Skeleton Footman (5x)
Kill Skeleton Guardman (5x)
Kill Skeleton Archer (5x)
50 Unique Gold Coin
1 Uncommon Crossbow
3 Common Bandage
25 Experience
Hidden ReservesComplete Quest:
"Comes With The Territory"
Greeting Text
Funny story, used to give adventurers extra magically preserved mugs of ale to stash in the dungeons for a quick refresh. With the tavern's supply running low – thanks to the free rounds I'm giving out to tolerate the new bard – we could use those hidden reserves. Fetch some to keep our patrons happy until the next shipment arrives.

Completion Text
Praise the ale gods, you found them! This should keep everyone content until we're restocked.
Fetch Ale (5x)
50 Unique Gold Coin
3 Rare Ale
1 Uncommon Adventurer Boots
40 Experience
25 Affinity
Chapter: A Larger Picture
Quest Prerequisites *NarrativeBold indicates intentional miss-spellings to replicate the text in game *Task(s)* indicates the item does not need to be looted Rewards
Building TrustGreeting Text
There are some items I need. Don't ask why; it's a personal matter. Just bring them to me. It's part of a larger picture, connected to my past. Let's just say it's a way for you to build trust.

Completion Text
You've got them, good. I'm beginning to slowly trust you, so I will start to share some of my secrets. You see, long ago I had two close companions... and... I need a drink. Talk more later...
Fetch Golden Teeth (2x)
Fetch Rusty Broken Sword (2x)
Fetch Broken Skull (2x)
Fetch Bone (4x)
75 Unique Gold Coin
1 Rare Loose Trousers
3 Uncommon Bandage
75 Experience
Retracing The PastComplete Quest:
"Building Trust"
Greeting Text
An unspeakable event unfolded, shrouded in darkness that originates from those dungeons, claiming my friends. As you journey, perhaps you'll unravel the hidden clues.

Completion Text
I set up this place as a haven for adventurers like them, like you.
Kill Skeleton Mage (3x)
Kill Skeleton Champion (1x)
Kill Wraith (1x)
75 Unique Gold Coin
1 Rare Riveted Gloves
3 Uncommon Potion of Invisibility
50 Experience
Oh My BardComplete Quest:
"Retracing The Past"
Greeting Text
There's a bit of a situation. Our bard, the one everyone actually likes, has gone missing. It's been over a week. Last heard, he was near the Howling Crypts. Could you take a look? The new bard's awful performance is driving my patrons mad. The sooner we find the old one, the better for everyone's ears.

Completion Text
No sign of him, eh? That's a shame. I've resorted to offering free rounds just to keep folks from leaving during the new bard's ‘performance'. I'd rather listen to a banshee wail.
Survive Crypts dungeon (5x)
75 Unique Gold Coin
3 Uncommon Surgical Kit
6 Uncommon Bandage
75 Experience
10 Affinity
Chapter: Frosty Adventures
Quest Prerequisites *NarrativeBold indicates intentional miss-spellings to replicate the text in game *Task(s)* indicates the item does not need to be looted Rewards
Frozen GazeGreeting Text
Looking to make your mark in the frosty expanse, eh? Well, I've got a task that'll chill you to the bone. I need a Glowing Blue Eye from those sinister frost dwellers.

Completion Text
Oh, you found it! Thanks a lot! I overheard the Fortune Teller mentionin' these, and I thought, maybe if I helped her out, she'd, uh, think I'm not too bad. Perhaps she'd even be more inclined to help me out if I ever needed it in the future, ya know.
Fetch Glowing Blue Ice Eyes (3x)
75 Unique Gold Coin
1 Rare Ring of Resolve
1 Rare Dark Leather Leggings
50 Experience
Frosty EscapesComplete Quest:
"Frozen Gaze"
Greeting Text
Seems like more folks are flocking to Frost Mountain. Since you've got a bit of experience under your belt, mind testing out the escape routes a few times? Just be sure to dress warm, you wouldn't want to catch a cold!

Completion Text
Back already? You look like you should go thaw out by the fire.
Survive Ice Caverns dungeon (5x)
75 Unique Gold Coin
3 Rare Campfire Kit
1 Rare Regal Gambeson
75 Experience
A Giant ProblemComplete Quest:
"Frosty Escapes"
Greeting Text
Hey there, ready for a frosty brawl? Need you to thin out the frosty foes lurking in Frost Mountain. We have a search party heading up there to help look for that missing girl and want to help them out as much as possible.

Completion Text
I will warm up some ale for you, I know how it sounds but trust me.
Kill Frost Giant Berserker (3x)
Kill Frost Giant Shielder (3x)
75 Unique Gold Coin
1 Rare Viking Sword
1 Rare Pavise
50 Experience
20 Affinity
Chapter: Investigating Darkness
Quest Prerequisites *NarrativeBold indicates intentional miss-spellings to replicate the text in game *Task(s)* indicates the item does not need to be looted Rewards
Dark DisappearancesComplete Quest:
"Oh My Bard"
Greeting Text
Monsters in this area are nothing new, but lately, there's been a noticeable increase in their activity. I don't have the time to investigate this myself. I need you to look into it.

Completion Text
So you've noticed it too, the odd behavior of those creatures? No clear clues yet, but we're piecing together something bigger. I can feel it in my beard.
Kill Death Skull (15x)
Kill Mummy (10x)
Kill Giant Dragonfly (5x)
125 Unique Gold Coin
1 Epic Hounskull
1 Epic Dark Leather Leggings
175 Experience
The Elite And Their SecretsComplete Quest:
"Dark Disappearances"
Greeting Text
The lower-level creatures didn't provide the clues we hoped for, so it's time to aim higher. Deal with the elite and who knows, we might uncover something. And hurry, caring is exhausting.

Completion Text
Interesting, I will take this information to one of the few people I trust. They prefer to remain anonymous for now but might be able to make sense of this.
Kill Skeleton Axeman (5x)
Kill Skeleton Spearman (5x)
125 Unique Gold Coin
1 Epic Champion Armor
1 Epic Leather Gloves
175 Experience
Loyal Court WizardComplete Quest:
"The Elite And Their Secrets"
Greeting Text
My place is a haven for those in search of respite, a good mug of ale and answers alike. Seeking clues to the dark mysteries of these lands, uncover the secrets of the Lich within the Forgotten Castle.

Completion Text
The information you found is unsettling to say the least. Perhaps a bit of liquid courage to steel our nerves.
Explore Crypts Dark Ritual Room A module (1x) (must escape)
125 Unique Gold Coin
1 Epic Dark Cuirass
1 Epic Occultist Hood
200 Experience
25 Affinity
Chapter: Reign Of Terror
Quest Prerequisites *NarrativeBold indicates intentional miss-spellings to replicate the text in game *Task(s)* indicates the item does not need to be looted Rewards
Blessings BeComplete Quest:
"Loyal Court Wizard"
Greeting Text
As your efforts progress, clarity begins to emerge, though mysteries remain. To confront the encroaching darkness, we must earn the gods' favor. Invoke their blessings at the shrines.

Completion Text
The protectors' favor is essential in our battle against this darkness. May their blessings fortify us for the challenges that lie ahead.
Interact with Shrine of Health in Crypts dungeon (1x) (must escape) (single session)
Interact with Shrine of Protection in Crypts dungeon (1x) (must escape) (single session)
Interact with Shrine of Power in Crypts dungeon (1x) (must escape) (single session)
Interact with Fountain of Speed in Crypts dungeon (1x) (must escape) (single session)
200 Unique Gold Coin
1 Epic Necklace of Peace
1 Epic Ring of Survival
300 Experience
20 Affinity
Protector's WrathComplete Quest:
"Blessings Be"
Greeting Text
Now that the gods smile upon us, it's time to confront the darker forces. If you need a boost, remember, I'm here with counsel and a pint of ale.

Completion Text
Impressive work on your recent triumph! However, it appears that our victory has unveiled a breadcrumb trail pointing to one of the castle's most nefarious adversaries. Take a breather, for the forthcoming battle will test your courage and strength like never before.
Kill Demon Berserker (2x)
Kill Demon Centaur (3x)
Fetch Centaur Hoof (1x)
200 Unique Gold Coin
1 Legend Fox Pendant
1 Legend Riveted Gloves
350 Experience
Confronting The DarknessComplete Quest:
"Protector's Wrath"
Greeting Text
The crypt holds secrets darker than the night, guarded by an entity and its minions. I need you to face the darkness and confront this evil and its servants.

Completion Text
Tonight, I'll ensure the tavern is filled with joyous revelry! Alas, it seems the lich's reign of terror persists. The time you bought us is valuable; at least we've gained some respite for now.
Kill Lich (1x)
Kill Undead Skeleton in Crypts dungeon (10x)
300 Unique Gold Coin
1 Stash
1000 Experience
50 Affinity

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