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Health governs the total amount of Damage that can be received before being killed. Players can Heal, Shield with Protections and increase their Max Health, sometimes temporarily.

Max Health

Max Health can be increased in several ways. Max Health in game is rounded down.


Strength/Vigor: These impact the base Max Health (includes temporary Strength/Vigor)

Max Health Bonus

Max Health Bonus %: Sources include item Enchantments and buffs like Barbarian's War Cry skill or Robust perk.

Max Health Add

Max Health Add: Currently only through Enchantments


The final Max Health can be expressed as:

Max Health = Base * (1 + Max Health Bonus %) + Max Health Add

Recall that Base comes from Strength/Vigor, including temporary sources of these.

Max Health displayed in game will be rounded up.


For example, on a Barbarian with:

  • 20 Strength
  • 25 Vigor
  • Robust perk (15% Max Health Bonus%)
  • War Cry active skill (25% Max Health Bonus%)
  • +3% Max Health Bonus % from Enchants
  • +15 Max Health Add from Enchants

20 Strength and 25 Vigor equates to 117.5 base Health using the graphs found at Max Health stat.

Max Health = 117.5 * (1 + 0.15 + 0.25 + 0.03) + 15 = 183.025

Displaying as 184 in game.

Temporary Max Health

Certain abilities, like Cleric’s Bless or Warlock’s Power of Sacrifice, can boost your strength, raising your maximum HP temporarily. This doesn't mean your current HP increases by the same amount, though. Your proportion of remaining HP remains unchanged, even if the maximum changes. This means your health adjusts to reflect the same percentage as before the strength buff was active.

For instance, if you're at 90% of your max HP and you receive an increase in max HP without taking damage, your health stays at 90%, despite the changing max HP value.


Starting with 100/100 HP. If you receive a temporary 30 max HP and then sustain 30 damage during this period, your HP would initially be 130/130. After the damage, you will drop to 100/130, which is 77%. When the temporary boost ends, your HP reverts to 77 out of 100.

On the other hand, starting at 80/100 HP with an additional 10 Recoverable HP, and then gaining 30 max HP would leave you with 104/130, or 80%. Receiving 30 damage brings you to 74/130 or 57%, and gaining 19.5 Recoverable HP. Once the effect concludes, you will have 57 out of 100 HP, plus your 29.5 total Recoverable HP.

Recoverable Health

Recoverable Health is left behind when the player takes damage, and is represented by a transparent portion of the player's health bar. Most sources of damage will leave behind 65% of their damage as Recoverable Health. As the name suggests, this health can be recovered by various means. All sources of Recoverable healing have 0% Scaling.

See Recoverable Healing for more detailed information on how to convert this to real health.


See Healing for more specific information on all the intracacies of Healing.