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Ho Ho Ho, Adventurer! You may not know me but I know you. My friend here Mookia, the winter Strix, has a sweet tooth. Bring me back candy canes and I will exchange gifts. Be swift!


Appears around December yearly. Follows after Jack' O Lantern and Is followed by Valentine who all serve the same purpose



Available, trade in Candy Canes for epic quality items with random enchantment rolls


Unavailable on this merchant


Santa currently has no quests available in game.

Past Quests

Chapter: Patch #2 Questline: Yultide Adventures
Quest Prerequisites *NarrativeBold indicates intentional miss-spellings to replicate the text in game *Task(s)* indicates the item does not need to be looted Rewards
A Crimson Holiday Reach level 10 Introduction:
Ho ho ho! Normally, it's coal for the naughty, but you, my friend, have a different approach! The realm's warriors need a touch of holiday spirit. A bit of a tussle, a friendly battle, perhaps.

I can tell you've spread some good old holiday cheer. Here's a little something from my sack. Remember, it's all in the spirit of fun!
5 Rangers
5 Warlocks
5 Rouges
5 Wizards
5 Clerics
5 Bards
5 Fighters
5 Barbarians
25 Candy Canes
9 Rare Potions of Healing
9 Rare Potions of Protection
9 Rare Potions of Invisibility

100 XP
50 Affinity
Jolly Survivor Reach level 15
Complete 'A Crimson Holiday'
Next up, we've got a real test of endurance. The dungeons around here are no joke, but I bet they're no match for your festive spirit. How about a merry jaunt through them?

Made it through, did you? That's the holiday spirit! I knew you had it in you. Here's a reward from the North Pole itself.
Goblin Caves: (Normal) 10 times
Ruins: (Normal) 10 times
75 Candy Canes
5 Rare Surgical Kits
300 XP
50 Affinity
Gingerbread Stocking Reach level 20
Complete 'Jolly Survivor'
Now, for a bit of holiday fun! I'm running short on gingerbread cookies – essential for the festive season you know. How about a merry scavenger hunt to gather some up? They're scattered all around, just waiting to be found!

Ho ho ho, what a haul of scrumptious cookies! You've outdone yourself! Here, take this gift. You've brought joy and sweetness to the holidays, and for that, I'm truly grateful.
Collect 100 Gingerbread Cookies 25 Candy Canes
Unique Fox Pendant
Unique Ring of Courage

250 XP
50 Affinity