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Rogues in Dark and Darker are skilled thieves, assassins, and infiltrators, who rely on cunning, agility and stealth to accomplish their objectives. They are experts at avoiding detection, picking locks, disarming traps, and gathering information. Rogues can also deal lethal damage from a distance or up close, using ranged weapons or sneak attacks. They can also use their sleight of hand to steal from their enemies, making them a valuable asset when it comes to acquiring rare items and treasures.

Class Info

Weapon of choice: Daggers.

  • Pros
    • Very high interaction speed, attack speed and base movement speed.
    • High DPS, with many stacking damage abilities and fast-swinging weapons, as well as Armor-piercing capabilities.
    • Unlimited lockpicking ability through the Lockpick Expert perk.
    • Can detect and disable traps.
    • Hide skill lasts for a long time when Hide Mastery perk is equipped, allowing them to avoid encounters or setup ambushes.
    • Strong Damage Over Time options.
  • Cons
    • Limited melee range if not using the Rapier.
    • Low health requiring good decision making skills.
    • Limited to leather and cloth armor.
    • Low Will and Knowledge means lower Magic Resist, longer debuffs, shorter buffs, and slower Escape Portal opening.
    • Limited ranged options, if not using Hand Crossbow Mastery perk.

You can equip an additional perk every 5 levels. Currently maxed out at Level 15, so a total of 4 perks can be equipped.

Name Description Scaling
Perk Ambush.png
The first attack within 3 seconds after exiting the Hide skill benefits from +50% increased Physical Power Bonus.
Perk Backstab.png
Back Attack
Increases Physical Power Bonus by +30% when attacking from behind a target.
Perk Creep.png
When crouch walking, the volume of the footstep sound is significantly reduced and Movement Speed Bonus is increased by +5%.
Perk Dagger Expert.png
Dagger Expert
Increases Physical Power Bonus by +20% when attacking with a dagger.
Perk Double Jump.png
Double Jump
Unlocks the ability to jump once while mid-air at the cost of -20 Move Speed.
Hand Crossbow Mastery.png
Hand Crossbow Mastery
Allows the Rogue to equip the Hand Crossbow and additionally increases weapon damage by +2 for the hand crossbow only.
Perk Hidden Pockets.png
Hidden Pockets
Items worn in utility slots do not appear on the waist.
Perk Hide Mastery.png
Hide Mastery
Extends the total duration of the hide skill to 40 seconds. (As Hide is a buff, its duration is affected by Starter Rogue's -30% buff duration)
The Rogue lightens the mood, giving theirself and all party members within 4.5 meters a +2 All Attributes buff.
Perk Lockpick Expert.png
Lockpick Expert
Ability to pick locks without a lockpick.
Perk Pickpocket.png
You can steal an enemy's item from the dungeon by using the "interact" key. Bumps no longer break stealth. Items currently equipped by enemies cannot be stolen. Stolen item is random. </td
Perk Poisoned Weapon.png
Poisoned Weapon
A successful attack applies poison that deals 4 Magical Damage over 4 seconds. The poison can stack up to 5 times at once. (Rogue has a -50% Magical Power penalty and Poisoned Weapon does not perform as the tooltip indicates with default stats.) 50%
Perk Shadow Runner.png
Shadow Runner
Move Speed Bonus is increased by +15% for 3 seconds when coming out of the Hide skill.
Perk Stealth.png
When using the Hide skill, you can move 10 steps while crouching or slow walking without breaking invisibility.
Perk Thrust.png
Grants +20% increased Armor Penetration when swinging with Daggers. Does not apply to Short Sword, Rapier, Hand Crossbow, or any other non-Dagger weapon.
Perk Trap Detection.png
Trap Detection
Highlights traps within 4.5 meters. Highlighted traps can be disarmed by the player.

You can equip a total of 2 skills.

Name Description Scaling Cooldown
Skill Caltrops.png
Places caltrops on the ground behind the user. If stepped on, the caltrops deal 10 Physical Damage and will decrease the victim's Move Speed Bonus by -50% for 3 seconds. (4 uses, non-replenishable.) 100% 12s
Skill Cut Throat.png
Cut Throat
If the next attack is successful, it cancels all of the target's current animations and channels of casting Spells/Skills/Songs, refunding the cast to the target and applying a Silence debuff to the victim for 5 seconds. Silence prevents the further use of Spells/Skills/Songs. Additionally Cut Throat removes all Skill-sourced buffs that apply an effect on-hit, like Blow of Corruption, Achilles Strike, and even Blood Exchange. It also silences War Sacrifice, Perfect Block, Adrenaline Rush, Divine Protection, Penetrating Shot, and Hide, which do not fit the previously mentioned criteria. This skill is still being researched for a more fitting description. Specific interactions tested can be found below.
Cutthroat removes the effect buff of the following skills, which were performed after the activation animation had completely finished:

Barbarian: Achilles, Blood Exchange, War Sacrifice, Reckless Attack

Bard: Encore

Cleric: Smite, Divine Protection

Fighter: Adrenaline Rush, Victory Strike, Perfect Block

Rogue: Rupture, Weakpoint, Hide, Cutthroat

Ranger: Penetrating Shot, Forceful Shot

Wizard: Meditation, Intense Focus

Warlock: Blow of Corruption

Cutthroat does not remove: Rage, Warcry, Arcane Shield, Sprint, Second Wind, Taunt, Quick Fire, True Shot, any of Bard's buffs

Weird interactions: Quickshot and Multishot get their cooldown refunded so its effectively a buff. Rations have their animation go off, have the skill go on cooldown but the heal does not go through.

Cant test phantomized (however if rogue ever had a way to hit warlock while in it and proc cutthroat, it would probably cancel the phantomize buff that warlock gets)
Skill Hide.png
Become invisible for 20 seconds. It is possible to change your equipment in this state. You are revealed when you attempt an action, such as moving, attacking, or using a skill. (As Hide is a buff, its duration is affected by Starter Rogue's -30% buff duration) 40s
Skill Rupture.png
The next successful attack causes the target to bleed for 20 Physical Damage over 5 seconds. The buff is consumed when attack hits an object or target. 50% 18s
Skill Smoke Bomb.png
Smoke Pot
A smoke grenade is deployed creating a smoke screen. The smoke screen lasts 30 seconds and covers a 7.5m area. When a hostile target enters the smoke screen, their Move Speed Bonus is decreased by -20%. 24s
Skill Tumbling.png
When used, backtumbles in the opposite direction the player is facing. /
Skill Weakpoint Attack.png
Weakpoint Attack
Applies debuff on the next hit that decreases target's Armor Rating by -40% for 3 seconds. This only affects Armor Rating given by gear's base stats. It will not impact Armor Rating given by buffs or by +Armor Rating enchantments. 24s


Category Weapons
2-Handed Torch
1-Handed Castillon DaggerDagger of RighteousnessDemons GleeDivine DaggerDivine Short SwordKris DaggerRapierRondel DaggerShort Sword of RighteousnessShort SwordSterling DaggerSterling Short SwordStiletto Dagger
Utility Throwing Knife


Slot Armors
Head Leather Cap, Rogue Cowl, Shadow Hood, Shadow Mask
Chest Doublet, Marauder Outfit, Padded Tunic, Regal Gambeson
Legs Cloth Pants, Heavy Leather Leggings, Leather Leggings, Loose Trousers, Padded Leggings
Hands Leather Gloves, Rawhide Gloves, Reinforced Gloves, Riveted Gloves
Feet Adventurer Boots, Heavy Boots, Laced Turnshoe, Lightfoot Boots, Old Shoes, Rugged Boots
Back Adventurers Cloak, Radiant Cloak, Splendid Cloak, Tattered Cloak

These stats do not include the starting armor

Stat Name Base Stats
Strength 8
Agility 30
Will 5
Knowledge 12
Resourcefulness 20
Health 84
Spell Memory 0
Move Speed 315 (105%)
Action Speed 17.5%
Spell Casting Speed -38%
Equip Speed 75%
Regular Interaction Speed 63%
Magical Interaction Speed -15%
Buff Duration -30%
Debuff Duration 42.9%
Armor Penetration 0%
Magic Penetration 0%
Headshot Reduction 0%
Projectile Damage Reduction 0%
Physical Damage Reduction -22%
From Armor Rating 0 (-10%)
From Bonuses 0%
Magic Resist -10%
From Resist Rating 0 (-10%)
From Bonuses 0%
Physical Power Bonus -17%
From Physical Power 8 (-17%)
From Bonuses 0%
Magic Power Bonus -50%
From Magic Power 5 (-50%)
From Bonuses 0%
Primary Weapon 0
Attack 1 (0) + 0(Blunt)
Attack 2 (0) + 0(Blunt)
Secondary Weapon 0
Impact Power 0
Primary Weapon Impact Power 0
Secondary Weapon Impact Power 0

- Armor penetration abilities do not affect negative PDR, which means they have no affect on Monsters except some bosses

- Prioritize bringing bandages instead of potions into a raid, because potions last less time and therefore also heal less on Rogues due to their abysmal Buff Duration stat.

- Use your invisibility skill to ambush enemy players or de-aggro monsters.

- Use your throwing knives, they can do quite a bit of damage. You can even apply your on hit debuff skills and poison with them.

- You are not as durable as a Fighter, don't take big group fights head on, prioritize ambushing their low health or supportive team mates, to quickly turn the tides of battle into your favor. If you are forced to fight head-on, use your superior movement speed to your advantage by spacing yourself out of the enemy's range.

- If you are hiding in the dark, be sure to unequip your potions from your quick-slots, since they glow in the dark and would give your position away. In the same vein, enemies can see your weapons glowing in the dark if you use your buff abilities or Poison Weapon.

- You can use Hide while jumping up in the air if you crouch or shift walk, this will confuse the enemy and make your movements unpredictable.

- You cannot use your Hide skill while holding a light source in your hands.

- Keep in mind that swapping weapons and items makes noise, even if you are invisible.

2023/11/30 Early Access Hotfix #22

- Rogue's ‘Dagger Mastery’ perk’s physical damage bonus has been increased from 10% → 20%.

- Rogue's ‘Thrust' perk’s armor penetration increased from 15% to 20%.

- Rogue's ‘Cut Throat’ skill’s silence time has been increased from 3s → 5s.

2023/11/03 Early Access Hotfix #19

- Rogue's Hand Crossbow Mastery perk also increases crossbow weapon damage by +2.

- Rogue's Double Jump perk no longer confers a landing penalty, but instead grants a -20 movement speed penalty when the perk is equipped.

- Rogue's Weakpoint Attack skill’s debuff duration has been reduced from 4s → 3s, and armor rating reduction on the target has been increased from 30% → 40%.

- Rogue's Cut Throat cooldown changed from 28s → 14s.

2023/09/28 Early Access Hotfix #14

- Rogue's Trap Detection range has been increased from 400 → 450.

- Rogue's Jokester range has been increased from 350 → 450.

- Rogue's Ambush physical damage bonus changed from 30% → 50%.

- Rogue's Weak Point attack armor rating reduction has been changed from 25% → 30%, and the duration has been changed from 3s → 4s.

2023/09/26 Early Access Patch #1

- Rogue will no longer break stealth when bumped if the Pickpocket perk is equipped.

- Rogue's Hide cooldown changed from 45s -> 40s.

- Rogue's CutThroat cooldown changed from 60s -> 28s.

2023/09/21 Early Access Hotfix #13

- Rogue’s base Agility decreased from 35 → 30.

- Rogue’s base Resourcefullness increased from 15 → 20.

- Rogue’s Ambush perk damage bonus decreased from 50% → 30%.

- Rogue’s Hide base duration decreased from 60s → 20s.

- Rogue now has Hide Mastery Perk that increases their hide duration.

- Rogue’s Weakpoint Attack’s 50% Weapon Damage Bonus on the initial attack has been removed.

- Rogue’s Weakpoint Attack’s Armor rating debuff has been reduced from -40% → -25%.

- Rogue’s Weakpoint Attack’s Duration 5s → 3s.

2023/09/12 Early Access Hotfix #11

- Rogue's Double Jump slow on landing duration reduced from 3s -> 2s

2023/08/31 Early Access Hotfix #8

- Rogue’s Caltrops ability cooltime reduced from 24 → 12s,

- Rogue’s Caltrops ability slow duration increased from 2 → 3s,

- Rogue’s Caltrops ability count reduced from 6 → 4.

2023/08/24 Early Access Hotfix #7

- A new Hand Crossbow Mastery perk has been added for the Rogue.

2023/08/22 Early Access Hotfix #6

- Rogue’s double jump has been modified to apply a temporarily movement speed reduction upon landing -30 Move Speed for 3 seconds. The maximum height of the double jump has also been slightly reduced.

- Rogue’s Weakpoint Attack now reduces the target's Armor Rating by 40% instead of reducing the Physical Damage Reduction.

- Rogue can no longer equip the Hand Crossbow.

14/02/2023 Alpha Playtest #4 Hotfix #6

- Rogue’s Hide duration changed from 50 to 60 seconds.

20/12/2022 Alpha Playtest #3 Hotfix #4

- Fixed an issue where Weakpoint Attack could deal less damage depending on the opponent.

17/12/2022 Alpha Playtest #3 Hotfix #2

- Fixed an issue where the Hide state could be broken by another player's corpse.

16/12/2022 Alpha Playtest #3 Changelog

- Added two new Rogue weapons – Stiletto Dagger and Kris Dagger.

31/10/2022 Alpha Playtest #2 Hotfix #2

- Rogue 'Weakpoint' skill: weapon damage bonus 100% -> 50%.

26/09/2022 Bug squashing QA playtest Hotfix #3

- Fixed an issue where an item could be seen when item swapped in Hide state.