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Information is up to date! Hover for more details.Monster Data last updated on: Patch:6.5#Hotfix 57.
Dark and Darker is currently on update: Patch:6.5#Hotfix 57.

Difficulty Grades

There are currently 3 types of grades for monsters:

  • Common
  • Elite (red features)
  • Nightmare (dark grey features)

Damage, health, movement speed, action speed all increase with each grade bump, these changes are separated with a "/" in the tables below. Meanwhile, loot table odds will be increased for high rarity items and decreased for low tier items.

Elite monsters have 10% additional action speed and Nightmare monsters have 20% additional action speed.

Furthermore, monsters inherit special attacks or properties on Nightmare grade.

General Information

Flying type monsters can travel through the air and over terrain, while floating type units do not, they basically act as grounded units.

Monsters are subject to the body part damage modifier system, so hitting them in the head does more damage, while hitting their limbs does less.

Unlike player characters, monsters' shields are always active, even during their attack animations.

Monsters have the ability to destroy doors with either melee attacks, arrows or fireballs.



-22% Physical Resistance
5% Magic Resistance
0% Projectile Resistance

Armor Dummy.png

238% Physical Resistance
0% Magic Resistance
0% Projectile Resistance



Information is listed in the order Normal/Elite/Nightmare. Blue indicates that each difficulty grade shares the same information.

Content that is underlined under Damage ReductionsLike this or Statuses' EffectsOr this can be hovered over for additional information.


12 Physical + Poison Dmg

All three difficulties deal 12 Physical damage for this attack, but only the Nightmare applies the Poison Dmg status.

15(4)/25(4)/35(4) Magical Radius + Attack Dmg AoE

All three difficulties have the Magical Radius attack, but each deal different damage, all happen to have the same Impact Power. All three difficulties also apply the Attack Dmg AoE status.






Frost Skeleton Guardsman and Frost Skeleton Footman are missing Elite and Nightmare information, but do exist.



Additional properties

(Note that these descriptions are WIP and still being researched) Unless otherwise specified, status effects have the following properties:

  • Unremovable (via Cleric's Cleanse / Warlock's Spell Predation)
  • Infinite duration while a condition is met (i.e. Cave Troll Regeneration is unconditional so it lasts forever, Skeleton Mage Fire pools are conditional on standing in them)
  • Max Stacks of 1
  • Tick interval of 1 second (see below for definition)
  • Duration is only refreshed if at max stacks of 1 when receiving a new stack

If a status has properties that are not the default, you can hover over for additional information. The following are additional properties that statuses may have:

  • Removable (Rmv): Can be removed (via Cleric's Cleanse / Warlock's Spell Predation) - Note that Cleanse seems to be bugged in that it still can't remove Lich curses or Ghost health drain
  • Stacking Type (AgT): Stack count is aggregated by target
  • Maximum Stacks (1x,2x,3x,etc): Maximum stacks the status can go to
  • Expiration (Exp): Upon expiring, instead of losing all stacks, it removes a single stack and refreshes the duration
  • Tick Interval (0.1, 0.2, 0.5, etc): The tick interval in seconds. For example 20 damage over 2s results in 10 damage every 1s (+ scaling comes in here), with a .1s interval length, this will become 1 damage every .1s. Similarly, if this were for a Zombie Poison Cloud, the player would take damage every .1s of remaining inside the cloud. The total damage remains the same but is dealt in often quicker increments and lower amounts.
  • Refresh (Ref): When getting more stacks, the duration is refreshed
  • bExecutePeriodicEffectOnApplication (Tmp): Description and name WIP
  • Duration (Inf): Duration lasts infinitely until some other condition is met

Unless otherwise specified Physical and Magical reductions are composed entirely from Armor Rating and Magic Resist.