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Hotfix 36

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed an issue where a Rogue could dispel the Warlock's Demon Form with Cut Throat.
  • Fixed an issue where the hide status of the spectating target was not displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Soulscraper's description was incorrectly displayed.
  • Improved the performance and stability of Ironshield.
  • Updated the circles for the Crypt and the first circle now encompasses the entire map.

Developer Comments: This hotfix fixes minor bugs and continues our efforts to improve the performance and stability of Dark and Darker. This new update also fixes some of the micro-stutter some players may experience while in the game. We have also fixed the circles for the Crypts so the initial circle now encompasses the entire map. Finally, we’d like to welcome our players from Chafgames to our Blacksmith platform. Now that everyone is on Blacksmith, be on the lookout for the upcoming test environment available to our ‘Hold the Line’ supporters through the Blacksmith launcher. Thanks to all our adventurers!

Hotfix 35

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed an intermittent server crash caused by Ironshield's logic.
  • Fixed an issue where items could sometimes disappear after trading them with a player.
  • Fixed an issue where players could sometimes be unable to open their inventory after being revived.
  • Fixed an issue where Holy Strike could not work.
  • Fixed an issue where the debuff caused by the Giant Bat's ultrasonic attack could not be removed.
  • Temporarily fixed Dungeon selection for Solo/Duo/Trio to The Howling Crypts.
  • Ruins have been temporarily removed for testing and the 5x5 Crypts has returned.
  • A two-week temporary season has begun to test the Normal Adventure Rank.
  • Adventure Point when killing a player has been increased by 3x.
  • Developer Notes:
  • We're rolling out an urgent hotfix to address critical bugs we've uncovered recently.

We have decided to also use this time as an opportunity to run a pre-wipe special event. In a return to the classic we have changed all matching pools to the original Crypts+Inferno dungeons. We have also removed affinity requirements for merchants so all craft items are unlocked for everyone. Finally, we’ve added a brief pre-wipe leaderboard test for the ‘Normal’ dungeons to evaluate the viability of a Normal Adventurer Rank system. We believe this should be a mayhem-filled two weeks as we prepare for the next wipe.

Hotfix 34

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed several issues causing poor server performance.
  • Fixed several issues causing crashes.
  • Fixed some logic that could be exploited as cheats.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple groups of malicious players could easily access the same session.
  • Fixed an issue where the server would become unstable and all items would be lost when returning to the lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where players were not properly matched according to their adventurer level.
  • Fixed an issue where Ranger's Enhanced Hearing would not work properly when the target was barefoot.
  • Fixed an issue where Invisibility did not turn off.
  • Fixed an issue where Soul Hearts on friendly corpses could disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where merchants were improperly sorted.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in an elevator and unable to move.
  • Rogue's Smoke Pot now has 3 uses and cannot be recharged.
  • Rogue's Smoke Pot movement speed penalty changed from -20% → -10%.
  • Warlock Demon Form’s Bolt of Darkness now has a movement speed penalty when cast.
  • The duration of all grades of invisibility potions has been significantly reduced.
  • Added experimental logic to automatically detect pre-teaming.
  • Dungeon rotation has been removed and replaced with the free choice to select any map for any party size.
  • Adjusted walls and platforms in the Ruins.

Developer Notes: Our investments in improving the technical quality of the game have finally started to pay off. This hotfix addresses numerous lingering technical issues and bugs. We have implemented several fixes that should noticeably improve the stability of the servers and overall performance of the game. You should notice a lot less micro-stutter and rubber-banding, even in the infamous Goblin Caves. We have also implemented additional logic to make life a little more difficult for teamers. This is our first integrated salvo against teamers as we start to incorporate more automated features to battle this scourge. After experimenting with the map rotation tests, the community has made their voice loud and clear. Based on your feedback we have decided to allow all party types to choose from any of the map locales. We look forward to a concerted marketing push at the start of the wipe to help fill these additional matchmaking pools.

We have also been working on several backend projects we’d like to announce. First, we plan to open a migration tool to allow players to transfer their Chafgames account to a Blacksmith account. Starting from 5:00 AM (UTC) on March 4th, players with an account on Chafgames will be able to transfer their account to Blacksmith through our official website. Second, we are near completion on the official test environment that we plan to release early next week through the Blacksmith launcher as we promised for our ‘Hold the Line’ supporters. We hope you can join us as we test out the new death cam replay system. Thanks again for your support!

Hotfix 33

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed some logic that could cause rubber banding.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ranger's Quickfire could sometimes not be reused.
  • Fixed an issue where the Wizard's Ice Shield would trigger without actually taking damage.
  • Fixed an issue where some emotes could allow players to see through walls.
  • Fixed an issue where the Giant Centipede's poison had a larger collider than it was visible.
  • Fixed an issue where the character's backface could be exposed when entering the Goblin Caves.
  • Fixed an issue where the portal would not spawn around the final circle in the final phase of Goblin Caves.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being unable to properly escape the Ice Cave Elevator in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where players could become trapped by torches in certain spots in the Ice Cavern.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI was cut off and not displayed accurately at certain resolutions.
  • Fighter's Sword Mastery increases movement speed by 10 instead of increasing impact resistance by 1 in defensive stance.
  • Barbarian receives a Treacherous Lungs.
  • Barbarian's Axe specialization weapon damage increase changed from 3 → 5.
  • Cleric's Divine Protection physical damage reduction changed from 30% → 50% and reducing cooldown from 90s → 45s.
  • Wizard receives an Ice Mastery.
  • Wizard's Staff Mastery's magic weapon damage increase has been changed from 5 → 3.
  • Wizard's Ice Shield now has a 5 second cooldown before it can be activated again.
  • Bard's Melodic Protection physical damage reduction changed from 15% → 30%.
  • Bard's Din of Darkness range has been changed from 450 → 550.
  • Bard's Piercing Shrill range has been changed from 450 → 550.
  • Warlock's Blow of Corruption cooldown changed from 15s → 18s.
  • The magic damage of all grades of Magic Staff has been reduced.
  • Decreased damage of all Francisca Axes, Recurve Bows, and Longbows.
  • Windlass Crossbow's hit slow duration has been changed from 2s → 1.5s and movement speed bonus reduction has been changed from -55% → -45%.
  • You can now more easily exchange items between Gold Coin containers by dragging and dropping them.Containers are now prioritized when acquiring gold coins into Inventory/Stash.
  • The size of the Ice Kobold has been slightly reduced.
  • The Sold by tab has been removed from the Marketplace.
  • In the marketplace, products with quantity are displayed sorted with their individual prices.
  • Improved loading speed when running the game process.
  • Japanese localization readability has been slightly improved.

Unmentioned changes:

  • Some static rolls were changed on gear
  • Weapon Mastery and Staff Mastery new icons

Developer Comments: Hi Adventurers! In this hotfix, we focused on fixing known issues, improving server performance and stability. It will address known balance issues and also include adjustments to less frequently used class abilities. These adjustments will continue to be made in the future.

Due to some disruptions in the previous weeks we've also decided to extend the season by one week to give players ample opportunity to participate in Pre-Season #1. Once Pre-Season #1 ends, a two-week preparatory period for the next wipe will take place. During this period, various trials and drastic balance changes may occur.

Please wait a little longer for the upcoming wipe, we are working very hard on new additions to the game. We think you will enjoy what is to come. See you in the dungeons!

Hotfix 32-1


  • Fixed an issue where items could disappear after purchasing them from the Marketplace.
  • Fixed an issue where already sold listings could not be removed from the Marketplace.
  • Fixed an issue where the selected dungeon could change to None for party members.
  • Slightly optimized the loading time on a black screen when running the game.
  • The list of latest items that appears when entering the Marketplace no longer displays that number of pages.
  • The game will roll back immediately after applying hotfix #32 (11 February 2024 12:00).
  • All players are given 5 Bluestone Shards.

Developer Comments: We have addressed most of the serious issues internally and will now release patches to live servers with rollbacks. Thanks to many of you who reported the issue, we were able to resolve the issue quickly. As a thank you to everyone, we will give you 5 bluestones. Thank you for your patience. See you in the dungeon!

Hotfix 32

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed Marketplace internal logic that could cause severe performance degradation.
  • Fixed an issue where cloaks would sometimes cover the owner's face.
  • Fixed an issue where the Quarterstaff was not given as a starting item for the Wizard.
  • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck in certain areas of Ice Cavern.
  • Fixed an issue where sound could be incorrectly masked in some areas of Ice Cavern.
  • Fighter receives an early version of Sword Mastery.
  • Fighter's Perfect Block cooldown changed from 24s → 18s.
  • Fighter's Shield Slam now knocks back enemies.
  • Wizard receives an early version of Staff Mastery.
  • Wizard's Arcane Feedback spell casting speed and arcane magic damage bonuses per stat has been changed from 1% → 2%.
  • Wizard's Reactive Shield protection amount changed from 10 → 15.
  • A hybrid dungeon selection system has been added, combining fixed dungeon selection and rotation.

Developer Comments: Hi Adventurers, We are currently doing our best to address several known issues. Firstly, we have been working on improving the algorithm of the marketplace to ensure smooth usage. The marketplace will continue to be updated to enhance performance and meet the demands of users even during service. Additionally, considering the actual data on the current dungeon selection system along with all experiment results related to dungeon selection, we have decided to provide a system that is deemed most suitable for the current number of users. We would like to thank everyone for their patience as we work through various issues.

Hotfix 31

  • Fixed several issues that could cause poor client/server performance.
  • Fixed an issue where automatically equipped utility items could become unusable with the autofill feature turned on.
  • Fixed several sound errors.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple Barbarians' Savage Roar could be applied at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where the Warlock's Phantomize could persist indefinitely.
  • Fixed an issue where Warlocks could not be hit by some area-of-effect spells while using Phantomize.
  • Fixed an issue where characters could get stuck in certain spots in the Ice Cavern.
  • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck in the elevator in Ice Cavern.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to escape without boarding the Ice Cavern's Raft.
  • Fixed an issue where too many Marvelous Chest appeared in the Crypts.
  • Fixed an issue where items looted from corpses would sometimes disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where Ice Kobold's Calling would not work.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in a crash while moving items in the stash.
  • The sound effect when frostbitten has been updated.
  • Fighter's Barricade perk now also increases Magic Resistance by 50.
  • Barbarian's base Strength decreased from 25 → 20, and Resourcefulness increased from 7 → 12.
  • Barbarian can now equip the Round Shield.
  • Barbarian's Rage skill Strength gain decreased from 15 → 10, movement speed bonus decreased from 15% → 10%.
  • Barbarian's Potion Chugger potion duration has change from -20% → -50%.
  • Barbarian's Savage Roar duration changed from 8s → 6s.
  • Barbarian's Reckless Attack armor penetration increased from 75% → 85% while the armor rating penalty has also been increased from -35 → -200.
  • The amount of charges for the Wizard’s Ignite spell has increased from 5 → 10.
  • Quarterstaff has been added to the Wizard's basic starting kit.
  • Wizard Meditation skill also gives the benefits of resting (heals recoverable health) when active. The rest is additive when meditating next to a campfire.
  • Cleric's Bless spell bonus effects increased from +3 → +5.
  • Warlock's Torture Mastery attribute bonus ratio has been changed from 25% → 15%.
  • Warlock's Bolt of Darkness health cost in demon form increased from 2 → 3.
  • The duration of all potions has been reduced.
  • Armor penetration for Boneshaper has been reduced from 25% → 15%.
  • Armor penetration for the Club has been reduced from 15% → 10%.
  • War Maul armor penetration has increased from 15% → 20%.
  • The colors of Frost Wolf and Frost Walker's Elite and Nightmare variations have been modified.
  • Valentine has returned to the merchants. Nicholas has gone back to his snowy abode.
  • The Collector now purchases Candy Canes, Gingerbread Cookies and Heart Candies.
  • If you leave a match in the lobby phase, you will be prevented from joining another match for some time.
  • Modified some monster spawns in the Ice Caverns.
  • The match time for the Ice Caverns has been significantly increased from 12m → 18m.
  • Solo, Duos, and Trios now have access to all dungeons.
  • The Marketplace has been added.

Developer Comments: Hi Adventurers, we want to wish everyone a happy Lunar New Years! We’ve worked hard to make some critical improvements so everyone can enjoy the holidays. We have implemented several fixes which improve server performance and should reduce the amount of rubber banding. We have concluded our experiment with the map rotation and now ALL maps will be available for ALL party types. We understand that matches may be less full than usual for the time being, but we decided that it was better to build and learn based on our expected specs rather than force a band-aid solution. We have also made balance changes to the Barbarian class with our hope of increasing the skill ceiling and to allow for more risk vs. reward playstyle. We’ve also slightly upgraded the Wizard to improve their early game experience and assist them in solo play as a starting point. Finally, this update includes our first pass at the Marketplace feature that allows users to sell items to other players through an automated process. We have focused on function over comfort at this stage, but we plan to improve it and make it more convenient in future iterations. The original Trading Post system will remain intact to accommodate direct trades between users, especially for more valuable items. We want to thank everyone for their patience as we worked to fix these pressing issues.

Hotfix 30

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed an issue where matchmaking could not be canceled.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a serious crash on the server when installing Campfire and executing Rest.
  • Fixed an issue where Crush could be applied to all Barbarian one-handed weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where the potion liquid was not displayed properly.
  • Fixed an issue where Life after Death's effect could trigger more than once.
  • Fixed an issue where player position was not properly maintained for some emotes.
  • Fixed an issue where Crossbowman would not recognize enemies behind him.
  • Fixed an issue where Wendigo could display T pose after heat motion.
  • Fixed an issue where Frost Wolf would not drop Wolf type quest/crafting items.
  • Fixed an issue where Ruins Golem could not drop Ores.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hoard could not be interacted with after defeating the Goblin Caves boss.
  • Fixed an issue where some items could not be sold back to the store.
  • The impact power of Warlock's demon form has been changed from 1 → 4.
  • Warlock's base weapon damage when transformed into demon form has been increased by 5.
  • The raft display on the minimap has been updated.

Developer Comments: We regret to inform you that due to a critical issue discovered in Patch #3, we were compelled to roll back the game to January 31, 2024 4:00 AM. Depending on the accuracy of data recovery, the rollback time may be closer to the time Patch #3 is applied. Please note that the rollback specifically impacts items and adventure ranks. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Patch 3


Patch Notes:

  • Fixed an issue where the client could freeze.
  • Fixed an issue where players could detect nearby players when Push to Talk was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the Goblin Mage could fire projectiles through walls.
  • Fixed an issue where clothing could obscure the camera when looking down and attacking.
  • A new Warlock skill has been added: Blood Pact
  • A new Warlock spell has been added: Spell Predation.
  • Warlock's Demon Armor now has a -50% spellcasting speed penalty instead of other penalties.
  • Barbarian's Rage vigor changed from 15 → 10.
  • Barbarian's Reckless Attack's defense rating penalty has been changed from -55 → -35.
  • Barbarian's Savage Roar duration changed from 6 → 8s and physical damage bonus changed from -25% → -50%.
  • Candy Canes and Gingerbread Cookies no longer drop. Nicholas will be leaving soon.
  • The appearance of silver weapons has been updated.
  • The presentation of some artifacts has been improved.
  • A new weapon has been added: Club.
  • The crafting item Boneshaper has been added.
  • New artifacts added: Zirkzi’s Eye, Spellweaver, Illusory, Delirium.
  • Some artifacts have been improved.
  • Herbs can now be stacked.
  • Zweihander's weapon damage has been reduced by -5.
  • Drop rate of Troll Pelts increased.
  • The timing, type, and number of Escape/Down Portals that appear in Solo, Duos, and Trio matches no longer are synchronized while the overall amount of escape portals has also been significantly decreased to nudge players to be more aggressive to survive.
  • The max amount of players for a match has also been slightly decreased for each game type.
  • The pre-lobby time has been decreased from 3min to 2min.
  • The amount of AP earned for PvP kills has been doubled.
  • The Dark Swarm always encompasses the whole map at the start of each floor.
  • A new area has been added to the world map: The Frost Mountain.
  • Ice Caverns, an area of Frost Mountain, has been added.
  • New floor rule added: Blizzard.
  • An early version of the ladder has been added.
  • An extra Dark Swarm phase has been added to the Goblin Caves.
  • Added a special high-value treasure room to the High Roller Goblin Caves.
  • Modified the amount and location of the Sacrificial Altars on the High-Roller Ruins.
  • Updated the monster composition for High-Roller Ruins including switching out skeletons with wisps or wolves in several modules.
  • Modified several areas in the Ruins to make it more difficult for double-jump quick traversal on certain modules.
  • Added usable ladders to the Bandit Forest module on the High-Roller Ruins.
  • A Golem now guards the towers in the Ruins.
  • The drops for the Ruin’s sub bosses have been improved.
  • High Roller Crypts now have more high-quality chests.
  • Season rewards for each adventurer rank have been added.
  • Merchants provides a rarity filter.
  • New emotes Knightly Kneel, Noob, Praying Hands, and Hand Heart have been added.
  • The Player List now only shows the player's status as Online/Offline.
  • Japanese translation has been significantly improved.

Developer Comments: Hi adventurers, thank you for joining us for Early Access Patch #3.

The Ice Caverns introduces the new Frost Mountain locale. Unfortunately, we were unable to finish the new boss encounter for this locale, so we have increased the loot drop from this map including a large treasure hoard in the very center of the map for the most daring adventurers. Please note that this new map is an experimental work-in-progress, and we will be making lots of improvements based on your feedback.

This update was also supposed to include a first pass at the Marketplace, which would allow users to sell items to other players through an automated process, but unfortunately internal testing wasn't completed, leading to some delays. It will be available in the near future.

Finally, we have noticed more teaming in matches, so we’ve tweaked some settings to nudge players to be a little more aggressive. We have altered the number of players per match and reworked some of the maps so early engagements can be done more confidently without interference from 3rd parties. We have also lowered the number of portals so you will need to eliminate the competition to ensure your survival. We will continue monitoring behavior and adjust accordingly. Thank you for your patience and support. See you in the dungeons!