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16/04/2023 Alpha Playtest #5 Hotfix #1

- ‘The Ruins’ has been changed to a single layer dungeon.

- The ‘Normal’ and ‘High-Roller’ dungeons in ‘The Ruins of Forgotten Castle’ are renamed ‘The Howling Crypts’ and return to their previous appearance.

- Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in infinite matchmaking when no server list was selected.

- Fixed an issue where Bard’s Tranquility was not properly healing players.

- Fixed an issue where Arrows and Bolts could not be sold in the shop.

- Fixed an issue where Jokester, Holy Aura, Slayer could stack unintentionally.

- Fixed an issue that could cause the lantern to remain lit while wearing it at the waist.

- Blue light has been changed to yellow light.

- Fog has been removed from dungeons.

- Rest now only restores health that can be recovered by resting.

- Achilles Strike duration changed from 2 seconds to 3 seconds, movement speed reduction changed from -40% to -10%.

- Shield Slam movement speed reduction changed from -10% to -20%.

- Hunting Traps now have increased duration and skill checks are triggered more frequently.

- Japanese can be used again.