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11/02/2023 Alpha Playtest #4 Hotfix #4


- Fixed an issue where Victory Strike could not function properly.

- Second Wind’s skill level 7 -> 6

- Adrenaline Rush's skill level 3 -> 6

- Meditation takes less time and spells charge slightly more than before.

- Increased campfire duration for all grades.

- Pavise installation conditions have been slightly changed.

- Adjusted spawn data for goblin caves.

- Increased the timer for goblin caves.

- Adjusted the geometry for goblin caves.

- The number of people entering the Goblin Cave has changed.

- The number of people entering the Forgotten Castle has been changed.

- Fixed an issue that caused the Ghost King to stop moving under certain conditions.

- Gathering Hall now have a minimum required level.

- Improved minor performance issues.

- Fixed some translation errors.