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23/12/2022 Alpha Playtest #3 Hotfix #6


- Fixed the Alchemist not selling Uncommon quality items.

- Fixed an issue where Smite's effect was being calculated twice.

- Fixed an issue where input could continue after an interaction.

- Fixed an issue where Video Settings could accidentally be forced to 'Epic' quality.

- Fixed an issue with magic damage displaying under the training dummy's feet.

- Smaller 4x4 maps added to the High-Roller map pool including the return of ‘The Wheel’ map in a slightly modified form. We now like to refer to that module as ‘The Colosseum’.

- Longbow weapon damage slightly reduced.

- Item's Physical/Magical True Damage property values have been reduced.

- Frost Amulet and Phoenix Choker's Physical/Magical True Damage options have been reduced.

- Monsters now behave a little more aggressively against nearby targets.

- The ‘Wraith, Skeleton Champion, and Centaur can no longer be 'feared.