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22/12/2022 Alpha Playtest #3 Hotfix #5


- Fixed an issue where a successful escape could result in a rollback or death.

- Fixed an issue with abnormal behavior of the inventory after purchasing silver coins.

- Fixed several issues that could cause crashes.

- Fixed a bug where Lich, Ghost King, and High-Roller Inferno monsters were not giving the correct amount of EXP and Adventure points.

- Fixed an issue whereby monsters could not pass through narrow entrances unintentionally.

- Fixed an issue with Magic Missiles drifting around dead people's spirits.

- Fixed an issue where the Savage Roar's fear effect would not disappear.

- Fixed an issue where excessive input could occur when using the Judgment skill.

- Fixed an issue where the Item Property of Lightfoot Boots was constantly changing. It will change one time after your first match to show the correct stats.

- Fixed an issue where Candy Cane's description was displayed incorrectly.

- There are minor changes to the levels of Normal B3 and High Roller B3.

- Monster AI has been made a little bit smarter.

- Demon Centaur now has a slightly longer delay after attacking.

- Significantly improved the drop rate of the Lich and Ghost King. ‘Normal’ bosses will always drop at least ‘Epic’ grade items. ‘High-Roller’ bosses will always drop at least ‘Legendary’ grade items.

- The number of Death Skulls summoned by the Ghost King has been changed from 4 to 3.

- Added some leeway to the timing of Ghost King's dive attack.

- Ghost King's debuff stacking time has been slightly slower.