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0/12/2022 Alpha Playtest #3 Hotfix #4


- Fixed an issue where accepting a trade request did not respond under certain conditions.

- Fixed an issue where items could be lost while spectating after successfully escaping.

- Fixed an issue where Ignite could malfunction.

- Fixed an issue where Lightfoot Boots could have more properties than intended.

- Fixed an issue where Weakpoint Attack could deal less damage depending on the opponent.

- Fixed an issue where pre-input could be repeated when looting an item.

- Fixed an issue where hitboxes spawned from deadbody could block projectiles.

- Fixed several issues that could cause server crashes.

- 1 party down portal has been deleted from B2.

- 1 single escape portal has been deleted from High-Roller B3.

- High-Roller no longer displays Dark Swarm's remain time.

- Decreased health for each grade of Wraith, Skeleton Champion, Centaur.

- Increased health for each grade of Demon Dog.

- Increased magic resistance and projectile damage reduction of Wraith, Skeleton Champion, Centaur.

- Updated the curve data for action speed so low end is a little faster and the high end sweet spot rate is slightly lower.

- Crossbow Mastery now gives an 5% physical damage bonus too when using a crossbow.

- Lesser Heal's spell tier from 4 to 2.

- Values of options that can be added to items have been adjusted. This value is applied from newly created items.