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16/12/2022 Alpha Playtest #3 Changelog

Normal Dungeon

- Expected 18 players per session. *** This may change at any time.

- The 3-person portals that appeared in the final ring of the Crypt map have each been split into 3 single-person portals. This aligns the end ring of the Crypt map with the Inferno map.

- Encounter ‘Common’ and ‘Elite’ grade monsters with an extremely low chance of meeting ‘Nightmare’ monsters.

- Low drop rates for Epic items, and extremely low drop rates for Legendary items. No chance for Unique items.

High-Roller Dungeons

- Expected 20 players per session. *** This may change at any time.

- Ante system – All entrants must pay a gold fee to enter the High-Roller Dungeon.

- Very few Blue portals and twice as many Red portals on the starting floor (Crypt). An extra Blue portal has been added to the lower floor (Inferno).

- The 3-person portals have each been split into 3 single-person portals.

- The kill log is hidden in the High-Roller dungeons.

- Encounter up to ‘Nightmare’ grade monsters.

- Better drop rates for high quality gear.

- High-Roller dungeons are the only way to get Unique grade gear – Chance to drop from bosses.

New Magic System

- All spells have a specific memory cost associated with them.

- Magic users can customize which spells they wish to memorize through the spell capacity system.

- Your ‘Knowledge’ determines which spells are at your disposal during the game. The order of the spell memorization is important because if your ‘Knowledge’ or ‘Spell Capacity’ stat dynamically changes during the game, the last memorized spells may become available/unavailable.

- Lots of new spells added to the game including – Ice bolt, Zap, Lightning Strike, Bind, Cleanse, and more.

Map Updates

- New Crypt map tiles added. Overall map size increased.

- More spaced-out starting locations.

- Floor level 3 redesigned.

- More production quality map modules and less “Blockout” modules.

Monster Updates

- New ‘Nightmare’ grade monsters.

- Monster grades now go : Common -> Elite -> Nightmare.

- New mob types added (Demon Centaur mini boss).

- Updated the Lich and Ghost King mechanics.


- Leaderboard only tracks achievements from the High-Roller Dungeons.

- Wanted Murder -> Killer Outlaws - Kills are only counted when you successfully extract.

Major Balance Updates

- The progression speed has been moderately decreased. Higher grade item drops will be much lower than previous playtest.

- New ‘Junk’ grade designation for the starting gear items.

- New ‘Uncommon’ grade items between ‘Common’ and ‘Rare’ items.

- Rebalanced weapon damages including slightly improving the damage of starting weapons.

- Refreshed stats on armors. New armors including the Barbuta Helm.

- Some armors now give Magic Resistance stats and other bonus stats.

- Slightly increased movement penalties when swinging your weapon. Heavy weapons will feel heavier.

- New Headshot damage reduction modifier. Mostly appears on helmets.

- New projectile damage reduction modifier. Mostly appears on plate armors.

- Invisible Potions now have durations based on their rarity grades.

- Campfires now have varying durations based on their rarity grades.

- Several new Perks and Skills including – Multishot, Kinesthesia, Ice Shield, and more.

- Added two new Rogue weapons – Stiletto Dagger and Kris Dagger.

- Improved the feel of daggers so they feel less “sticky” on hit, resulting in slightly improved DPS.

- ALL chests regardless of type now have a small chance of dropping ‘Epic’ grade items, even in ‘Normal Dungeons’.

Quiver system version v0.5

- Bow weapons fire a limited number of arrows before they must reload their quiver.

- The number of arrows in the quiver is based on the type of bow that is equipped.

- The Ranger’s attack-based skills have the added bonus of auto-reloading their quiver upon activation.

Mining and Crafting version v0.3

- New Pickaxe ‘utility’ item. The pickaxe can also be used as a melee weapon by all classes.

- New Rubysilver ore deposits added to the maps.

- Adventurers can mine by equipping a pickaxe item and interacting with an ore deposit.

- The ‘Armourer’, ‘Weaponsmith’, and ‘Alchemist’ can transform Rubysilver ore in their ‘Service’ tab.

- Crafted items can be procured from the ‘Armourer’, ‘Leathersmith’, and ‘Tailor’ in their ‘Service’ tab.

Cosmetic Shop version v0.001

- We are testing out possible cosmetic bonuses and an experimental shop.

- Players acquire ‘Adventure Currency’ similar to earning experience points. The main difference is that ‘Adventure Currency’ is only banked when you successfully extract from a dungeon. Experience point is earned regardless of a successful extraction.

- Players can spend their ‘Adventure Currency’ to unlock various cosmetic upgrades.


Party System Improvements

- Players can change characters without needing to get re-invited to their party.

- Added a leave party button.

- Added the ability to kick and block members.

- Added the ability to turn off party invitations through the ‘Party’ menu.

- You can now chat with party members in the main menu.

Party chat will not appear properly right now if you have ‘Streamer Mode’ enabled.

Christmas Update and Easter Eggs

- A strange new travelling merchant named “Nicholas” has set up shop.

- Festive decorations in the tavern.

- Be sure to check out our friendly new TavernMaster.

- More commemorative easter eggs.