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28/10/2022 Alpha Playtest #2 Changelog

1. Trader’s Guild. Pay a Trader’s Guild to safely barter high-value items.

2. B2 Crypt map Updates.

- A New B2 Crypt test map intended to collect feedback on larger more open areas.

- Minor modifications to the previous B2 Crypt maps.

- Removal of an older B2 Crypt map.

3. Inferno Map Updates.

- New monsters including a new Boss monster.

4. Weapon and Shield/Parry balance.

- Shields/Parrying are no longer unstoppable forces. Blocking/Parrying item have a blocking rating. Attacking weapons have an impact rating. The blocking player will stagger heavily if the impact power exceeds the blocking power. The blocking player will stagger modestly if the impact power and the blocking power are equal. If the blocking power is greater than the impact power, then the blocking player will simply block the attack like the previous playtest.

- The movement penalty for attacking and being hit has been changed from a set-amount penalty to a percentage-based penalty.

- The movement penalty when attacking has been tuned for each weapon. Please try each weapon to a feel of the change.

- The movement penalty when hit by a weapon has been tuned for each weapon. Heavier weapons generally slow targets by a greater amount.

- Monsters also have an impact endurance rating and reducing it will cause them to stagger.

5. Perk and Skill balance including a few new ones.

6. Starting gear weapons and armor added to the game. The effectiveness of normal ‘poor’ weapons and armor has been slightly improved.

7. Merchant updates. All items can be sold to a merchant. Starting items will return zero gold. Item prices have also been updated.

8. Added more dedicated server regions.

9. Added background music to the main menu.

10. Add a Streamer mode option.

11. Minimal Custom Keybinds. We will continue to improve it in the future.

12. Male characters now have different faces based on their classes.

13. Added Easter eggs in recognition of previous top players.

14. Small Halloween event added for the playtest.

15. Many more bug fixes including crashes, unloaded textures, and buggy item drops.