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27/09/2022 Bug squashing QA playtest Hotfix #4


- Fixed the issue where the treasure chest in the secret room of the Crypt : Dark Magic Library faced the wrong direction.

- Fixed the issue where the secret bookcase of the Crypt : Dark Magic Library was bugged.

- Fixed an issue where you could burn even if you were not in lava in the Inferno : Gate.

- Fixed an issue where Mimic's animation could move and attack while closed.

- Fixed an issue where Campfire's healing state could last forever.

- Fixed an issue where the secondary attack of Zweihander, Halberd, etc. sometimes became impossible to attack.

- Fixed an issue where sometimes it was not possible to get to the lower floor.

- Fixed an issue where trap detection could not display the proper shader.

- Fixed an issue where the Lich's Curse effect could not be dispelled.

- Fixed an issue where portals could appear in strange places.

- For testing, the drop rate of the Skull Key has been increased.

- Adjusted the spawn location of the skull key to be more visible.

- Increased the damage of the crystal sword by 10 physical damage.

- Added more Korean translations.